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2diskxwin 1.4rc128

August 30th 2002
Strange errors in our release candidate revisioning system have caused us to release another version 1.4rc128. Additions (alpha test) are mahjonng,solitaire, tetris,mines,breakout, sfdisk. bug fixes in usk, rxvt, kernel update to 2.4.19, security updates in ssh.

IPO schedule

August 23th 2002
IPO has been shifted back a month due to investor negotiations and a small accounting problem due to incorrect wording in one of our capital transfer agreements. Unfortunatly when major investors have a vested intrest and tell you to jump the least you must do is start hopping.

Hardware functional overview released

August 13th 2002
Our techies have released the second draft of our PLAGAR system specs, all interested parties should contact us for information on vendor agreements and open licence negotiations for peripherals.

2diskxwin 1.4rc078

July 29th 2002
A pretty much complete rewrite now available for download

Financial forcast

July 25th 2002
The chairman has spoken about financial matters in order to reassure investors.

A review

July 20th 2002
Floorzat has writen us a review local copy here original here of 2diskxwin.

System recovery and codebase reorganization

June 5th 2002
Mungkie have decided that a complete rewrite of the codebase would be advantageous, allowing re-implementation of a more efficient and opimized system, based on the lessons learned from the previous development.

Serious Problems at Mungkie Assoc.

May 25th 2002
Mungkie systems have been in disarray since 20thMay due to a severe fire in the backup tape storage safe, and an employee rampage through the building with shotgun. It seems that one of the senior management could not take the strain of forced redundancy and "went postal"

onedickxwin alpha finally released

Announcement May 17th 2002

After a somewhat early announcement of 1diskxwin and some slight typographical orthography embarassment the 1dickxwin distribution has been announced. features include:
  • uclibc based
  • removal of lots of bloat
  • removal of most security features
  • lot's of segfaults
  • an almost functional X11 system
    It's basically just a subset of 2dickxwin compiled with uclibc to save a bit of space and put on a 1.7 Mb formatted floppy. check out 1sikdxwin.htm

    Company reorganization

    Announcement May 16th 2002

    Mungkie associates CEO Mesherat Ungkie has enforced severe disciplinary measures against development and marketing staff. Forced resignations of head of development: jef sturgeon and head of public relations algy badatituud had to be made as they were damaging public perceptions of the company. Mungkie assoc. paid off the remainder of their five year contracts with a golden handshake of 5.4 million euros and 8.3 million euros respectivly.
    Former head of PR algy badatituud said: "Fuck those fucking mother fucking fuckers they can go fuck themselves, im fucked if i aint fucking gonna fuck them fuckers up bad. they'll regret fuckin with me, im one fucking bad ass fucking mutha fucker"

    Financial News

    Announcement April 25th 2002
    Mungkie associates are pleased to announce further investments from British Telecon. plc. After long talks we have secured another 54.8M in order to cover our CEO's salary and bananna expenses, Mungkie assoc. CEO stated "We seriously needed these funds as the company can go nowhere without paying the CEO, I really need to feed my family"

    In other financial deals Mungkie have made heavy investment into AOL in order to broaden it's portfolio and spread risk Financial Officer said "We need to invest in more strong and stable companies such as Enron"

    Announcement April 10th 2002
    Mungkie associates are a major player in the Linux Media convergence and internet applications arena. We have a strong financial portfolio and strategic partnerships with other industry leaders.

  • The mungkie assoc. VC group has been investing heavily in ITV digital as we envisige HDTV convergence hitting the mainstream real soon now. So you can expect some major reinvestment in 2diskXwin as we pumpback some of the profits from our DT investment.
  • Mungkie increased toxic waste dumping program, in order to cash in on 150% tax relief on contaminated land development.
  • Major further investments are being finalised from BT, UBM, CBM, DIGItWAT
  • Engineering workforce have been cut by 95% and PR and marketing have been increased to 300, in order to rightsize our operation for the market.
  • IPO is sheduled for late August 2002.

    Development News

    We have had our highly qualified workforce of Mungkies randomly hitting terminal keyboards for the last two months, but have not come up with the works of shakespeare. This is partly due to bananna shortages incurred by trade agreements between the U S of A and europe and a severe drought in Zaire, the lack of potasium in mungkies diet led to seratonin and cerebropuslin reduction in neuro fluids causing low code productivity. Unfortunatly the mythical mungkie month has gone out the window, but a new version of Mungkie assoc. 2diskxwin did emerge from the code mills. We hope you find it agreable even if not as highly polished as usual.

    2dskx-1.4.0 changes

    Some twat suggested we implement ssh and ssl and cookies and some form of scripting dialog and sort out the athena scrollbars???. Christ I dunno why we listen to these wankers but we do for some reason!.

    2dskx-1.2.9 changes

    A number of improvements have been made in the XML pipes, the athena abstraction layer has been further integrated into the system as the port to microwindows continues. Browser mem overflows that were causing intermittent segfaults have been fixed, major code size reductions.
    The following new features have been added: