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onedickxwin alpha finally released

Announcement May 17th 2002

After a somewhat early announcement of 1diskxwin and some slight typographical orthography embarassment the 1dickxwin distribution has been announced. features include:


The system only has the most basic components no pppd, ssh, disk utils, security apps, or rdesktop, and the X11 libs have been stripped to the point where compatibility may be compromised.
The system is not a beginners distro and needs some hacking to get it running as it only contains the root filesystem so you will need a linux system to compile a kernel and run the install scripts.
The root filesystem image takes up 1.2Mb so you need to compile a uclinux kernel of less than 500kb then run the install script.

It's basically just a subset of 2dickxwin compiled with uclibc to save a bit of space and put on a 1.7 Mb formatted floppy. Download soundproofing