Mungkie Associates Inc.

Better Computing through obfuscation and misapropriation

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Mission Statement

Mungkie Associates mission is to strive for quality empowerment in the netcentric economy. To bring higher performance throught utilisation of least cost efficiency managment systems. We aim to implement nugatory paradigm bombilation etymons


Development has been undertaken for a wide range of applications using varied techniques with a proven track record. We are fully ISO 9002 compliant. Mungkie Associates have been working in the Information technology arena for over two decades. We have over twenty years experience in personal computing system managment. We have wide expertise in Development and Managment of information systems. We also have a great sense of humour and a short temper.


Our consultation division has advised on embeded system utilisation at home and abroad in a number of countries. We have wide experience in managment and advisory capacity of system development.


Our development division have undertaken a large number of projects, and have experience in over twenty development environments. We can provide development from simple system implementation through to cross platform super scalar multidomain network integrated time dependent multiuser applications. We specialise in hard realtime development in the embedded arena.

Specialisation in:
MCDU, SCSI FDDI PMS, ISO 9002, IEEE 197564363/32442 PNC, CVS CH1223, ITU 21332223, RTOS Qp23432 micro kernels, C systems, DDT, FUD, X25