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What IS Life Now?

Namaste! Life Now is a national network with participants sharing the vision and aim of the Life Now tradition, "finding joy in every moment." While maintaining a primary central organization, the Centre's larger purpose is to support the individual's spiritual development through various environments.

Life Now, dedicated to expansion encounters, supports the interdependence of its participants through a combination of energies to serve others. Support services provided by Life Now include:

Administration of the Centre's affairs

Inspirational and Personal Development Training through





Offering educational material:



sharing new insights

This Centre invites people from around the world to unite in spiritual fellowship and discover a deeper, richer fellowship with one another and with their Creator.

Life Now material is not for entertainment. It is for personal study. Its aim is not for the student to accept what is said but for pondering to find his/her personal statement.

Many people do not offer their purpose of life when asked to do so. Those who do, usually say something such as, "to be happy," or, "to be an honorable citizen." The aim of Life Now is to give opportunity to look within. We can find what our personal attitude toward life signifies. We are also awakening to the necessity of tuning in with universal ambitions.

Our Centre's contribution is educational and spiritual. Our focus is on the awakening of harmony within, which we believe then affects the universe.

We support each person's rights to spiritual, social and political beliefs. This is with the agreement that involvement in these areas be as individuals and not as representatives of Life Now Centre.

Our aim is exercising the growth and development of this Center as boundless. It is a living approach and educational model for mankind to receive a practical and wholesome existence.

Commitment, courage, joy, peace, love, creativity and being true to the inner knowingness of harmony with the universe are continually embraced. Awakening to beliefs and qualities of aspiration are the primary convictions at the heart of Life Now.

The Life Now philosophy has a much wider scope than my limited beliefs. I believe only as much as I am aware. Life Now includes the consciousness of everyone. This eliminates all fences or boundaries. Life Now then becomes personal to each individual to the extent we use it.

You can view Awards Life Now has received through cyberspace.

Life Now

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