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I wrote an article, "Waiting for the First Snow Fall," which was published in the December issue of Finally (formerly Senior Citizen's Magazine). We are still awaiting our first snow fall and January is upon us! We have been getting rain but the warm temperatures are unusual for this time of year in Iowa.

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday. We travelled 250 miles to spend four days during Christmas with my Mom, who is nearly approaching 90 years on this plane. She still maintains her own home and enjoys getting out with friends as often as possible. We played cards, I cooked one of our meals, we drove around to see Christmas lights, she fixed our customary oyster stew Christmas Eve and then we opened our packages. Christmas Day we ate a delicious Christmas dinner with some friends at a local restaurant.

Currently I am taking it easy because my back decided to be inflexible just as we were leaving my Mom's. It has given me occasion to take time for reading, including "Conversations With God," and "Friendship With God," both by Neale Walsch. I had read Conversations in the past but it was several years ago. I have to take both books in small doses because there is much to ponder.

As I wrote about last month, I am also continuing with the prescribed reading of the scrolls from "Greatest Salesman in the World," by Og Mandino. Along with that, my daily routine also includes Bible reading. I have read the Bible through (one year for its entirety) twice before and I gain so much joy and new perspective each time I read. I am also meditating daily, which has gotten put aside several times in the past. With my free time available now that I am semi-retired, I can schedule this into my daily routine. I enjoy some routine in my life and these three projects offer that satisfaction.

Updated January 27, 2007
I made a snowman ~ 2 foot tall but he had all 3 parts, stix for arms and pebbles for eyes! I hadn't made a snowman since our son was small… probably at least 15 years ago! It was good to get out and play in our 6 inches of snow! Yes, we finally got a good look at winter! This week has been very warm - in the 40's - but we'll be back to winter temps this next week, so says the weatherman. At least, it will be a short winter compared to some other years.

I began reading through the Mitford series once more (author, Jan Karon) and then was told that Lori Wick has a new book published, "White Chocolate Moments". I started reading it yesterday and it appears to be a very worthwhile read, as are all of her books. I will get back to Mitford as soon as I finish reading this one!

As I have expressed in the past, it is such a delight living out here by the lake. With the snow on the ground and no leaves or underbrush, it is easier to see deer that are back amongst the trees. We often watch bald eagles soaring over our lake, as well. Squirrels romp through the snow from one tree to another. We watched one about a week ago, just after our big snowfall, and it told us quite a story!

One squirrel has a nest in a maple tree in our neighbor's yard. He can access his neighboring squirrel's pine tree in our front yard by travelling through a middle tree to get there.

There have been two metalic balloons, deflated, hanging in the other squirrel's pine tree for a couple of years. About the time of our snowfall, we noticed that the balloons made a "tunnel" over one of the branches… they were frozen in place with snow on top.

The next morning, Mr Maple Squirrel visited Mr Pinetree's squirrel's branches and stole one of the balloons. We saw him leaving with his find, heading down to his own nest… I Guess he decided it would make good insulation - or a roof for his house, with all the snow!

Updated February 26, 2007
What an enlightening month it has been! There is a feeling of re-experiencing my 1980's. That was when I first became acquainted with metaphysical New Thought concepts. In a current chat room with like-minded friends, we have been studying spiritual laws, very similar to what The Secret reveals. As a result, I put out my request to the Universe - that the income from selling some of my art work would purchase the DVD, The Secret. The very next day, two sold which provided more than enough money for this exceptional movie! I ordered it, received it this last week and have watched it every day. I gain new aha's each time I view it. Just as Oprah expressed when she had some of the people from The Secret on her show, I have been living the Secret for many years - I just didn't call it that! And, this is definitely a refresher course providing me with a revitalizing outlook on life.

I continuously share with others to enjoy every moment. Let me confess that there was one moment this week that offered big time opportunity for me to do that. We had been having very warm weather - in the 40's and 50's - during the earlier part of the week. The eight inches of snow that had been on the ground was melting. I travelled to town one morning and when I came home, I headed down our short, shaded driveway to get the mail. Blam! My feet flew out from under me and I landed on my back. What looked like wet cement was a solid sheet of ice. I didn't know if I would be able to get up but, as I turned over and sat up, there was hardly any pain anywhere! It (the pain) did show up in my tail bone some that afternoon and for a few days following but it was bearable and is about gone now. PTL!

And then, this last weekend, we lost power due to an ice storm. We were able to keep the house at about 60* with some small butane heaters but no electricity, no lights, no compute! Power was off about 30 hours. We were grateful to be home, though, without having to be out travelling in such weather.

The regime of projects scheduled on my calendar continue to provide satisfaction. Some are different activities each day and some are continuous. Most of these projects have been active since Thanksgiving and I continue to add others that feel important enough to have a place daily, weekly or monthly in my lists of ToDo's. I am getting more exercise, staying better organized and enjoying free time without concern with what I might be forgetting to do.

My most recent drawing project is calling so will get back to it now.

Update March 24, 2007
Spring is sneaking in. Between and along with rainy days, the temperature climbs into the 60's (and even 70's) so it makes for comfortable walks and yardwork. The ice storm last month left myriad branches of all sizes scattered across our four lots, which means lots of bending now - a healthy exercise!

Hubby is occupied with more indoor improvements. Our stairwell needed a few plaster patches, repainting and he is now putting up some paintable vinyl wallpaper. When it is finished, the walls will serve as our family photo gallery!

I continue watching The Secret almost daily and continue to receive and renew awareness of my goals. I recently ordered the book, as well, so I can hilite, underline and take it with me when we travel.

I've also been enjoying experimenting with new recipes, both main dishes and desserts. So far, my family has not complained so I will continue!

Enjoy every moment!

Updated April 28, 2007
Spring is here! We had snow earlier this month but now it has just been rain and warmer temps! Lovely now for sitting outdoors!

We are working on a plan to build a meditation garden, fenced in for privacy with oodles of flowering plant life surrounding. I will include photos when it is finished.

We have also welcomed two kittles to our household. That name comes from my hubby, who calls more than one cat, "cattle," so therefore, more than one kitten presents "kittles!" We had to have our 16-year old, Ponder, put to sleep a few weeks ago for multiple health reasons. She has been missed and will continue to hold a special place in our hearts.

Last week we visited the animal shelter and picked out two tortoise shell colored kittens. It is taking the two-year old, KC, awhile to get along with Shayna, the four-month old. They are both playful and provide an abundance of joy for us. Shayna gets into more trouble than KC so we have to be a bit on the alert to make sure she's not getting into places she shouldn't!

Here is a photo my husband managed to capture of the two of them.

KC is at the top of the condo and Shayna is in the bottom "room."

I'm looking forward to a delightful spring and summer! Hope you are, too!

Updated May 25, 2007
As the old saying goes, time flies a little faster the older you get. Seems as I was just here but it has been a month! I've been keeping busy posting and selling drawings and photographs. I recently put some of my works at Art By Us, which is an auction site for artwork only. Remembering the various places where I have artwork posted to sell keeps me on my toes!

The God-mind group is meeting in early June at author, Jean Foster's, in Missouri and I will be attending again! This will be my fourth attendance and it is always a grande experience to meet with like-minded friends and enjoy the yummy food! And, as always, I come home with a refreshing new awareness of God's Love!

I have been out enjoying our spring flowers as much as possible. Mosquitos and I do not get along but I attempt to get myself stinky enough to keep them away. Doesn't always work, though… and I am very allergic to them. I still take my chances. We have purple and white Dutch iris, white iris with huge, lovely blooms, purple iris and deep rose-colored peonies in bloom right now. They are all so lovely! And we now have the white lilac bush I have been dreaming about getting for the past two years. We also have an old fashioned purple and a magenta so will be awaiting their blooms later. The Four O'Clocks and Marigolds, started from seed, are in pots and raised beds on the patio and are coming along nicely. Also have some transplated Day Lilies so eagerly awaiting to see if they bloom this year.

Our two new kittens have kept us busy, especially Shayna, the 6-month old. (KC is a bit over 2 years and much calmer.) Shayna wants to investigate everything and often knocks something over as she gets places she should not be! KC entertains herself with a little pom pom, except when it goes under the couch, she asks someone to get it out for her. If she catches it before it gets under too far, she will then carry it in her mouth back out to the middle of the room and begin batting it around again. They are both a delight!

Updated December 2, 2007
Has been quite awhile again since I stopped by. Have been keeping busy with projects: household, drawing, writing, reading and some travels.

I have been enjoying books by Kristen Heitzmann recently. And Jan Karon's most recent, "Home to Holly Springs," which is the first in another small series following Mitford. Many others, too numerous to name!

Christmas is fast approaching. Through December, I am reading the first 3 books of the New Testament, which give the Christmas story.

I am attempting to avoid following any of the political trail at this time. It rankles me that so much money is being spent on campaigning. I read a cute joke recently:
Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards were flying to a convention, Barack looked at Hillary, chuckled and said, 'You know, I could throw a $1,000 bill out of the window right now and make somebody very happy.' Hillary shrugged her shoulders and replied, I could throw ten $100 bills out of the window and make ten people very happy.' John added, 'That being the case, I could throw one hundred $10 bills out of the window and make a hundred people very happy.' Hearing their exchange, the pilot rolled his eyes and said to his co-pilot, 'Such big-shots back there'. I could throw all of them out of the window and make 156 million people very happy.' - Author Unknown

I continue with writing projects. They are fun, challenging and hopefully, acceptable for various publications.

Drawing roses is my relaxing time. I have probably mentioned before that this becomes my meditation time - various people come to mind and I lift them in God's Love as I draw. You can see most of my drawings at Dusty's Rose Garden

Winter is making itself known. We had an ice storm yesterday but didn't lose power, thank goodness!

My prayer is that you have a blessed Christmas holiday and a safe and joyful New Year.

Updated January 26, 2008 We have really had a hard winter this year. First it was ice storms in early December and then the snow began. After that, temps dropped below zero for an extended time so we have, indeed, been hibernating as much as possible. It may be a cliché, but I am ready for spring to arrive!!

I am not wasting time while waiting, though. I have been drawing my roses, reading oodles of Christian romance books, and writing articles for new publishers, as well as my ongoing articles at Finally! Magazine with an article I wrote in the January issue Ebay! Ebay! Ebay! How to shop at Ebay! (Lower on the page)

We have another new cat! She adopted us when our weather was the coldest so we bro't her in. We checked at shelter but no one had called. So, she's had her shots and is in process of becoming friends with our other two kittles (my nickname for them), Shayna and KC. Her name is Juniper. She "officially" belongs to our son but she is up here more than down in his room.

Updated February 23, 2008
And February has continued with over two feet of snow and many nights with below zero temps. Yes, I have confidence… spring will arrive.

With the hiberation still in effect, I have enjoyed continuing with my drawing, writing and reading. Ihave been enjoying reading a couple of series about the Baxter family by Karen Kingsbury. Another author's works I enjoy reading is Robin Jones Gunn. I haven't kept track of the myriad authors I have read, especially in the last two or three years but I am going to do some research and see if I can make a list. Occasionally, I unknowingly get home from the library with books I have already read. This listing will definitely take some time but it will be fun.

Our three kittles (see last month's entry) continue to keep us entertained. Recently, they have been competing to see who can get the best view of the birds who land just outside the window to eat bread crumbs. Shayna ends up balancing on the back of a dining room chair and has been known to occasionally fall off. She's right back up there again the next time, though.

We have not done much travelling recently. We planned to get out for an overnite as our celebration for Valentine's Day and my hubby's birthday but weather didn't permit it at the time. Maybe we will be able to do so this next week, before February ends, since this month is giving us an extra day.

Kittles are asking for their breakfast and I am ready for a fresh cup of coffee so will sign off til next time.

Updated March 22, 2008

Even though the weather has been slow showing us that Spring is in the air, we are getting some warmer days. Snow has melted but that does not mean it will stay that way… yet!

It has been an exciting month, though! Some from my high school class of '62 and classes of '60 and '61 have reunited via email. We are planning a big get-together over Memorial Day weekend near our home town. There were about 60 students in our entire high school and we often combined two grades through grade school so we were a close-knit group. It has been 46 years since I have seen most of them so am really looking forward to our get-together and am thoroughly enjoying our email exchanges!

I continue to listen to record albums before posting them at eBay. (Type in "joybubbles" without the parenthesis, to find my stuff.) Most have been 80's rock music recently, which isn't my listening preference but I do not post them without listening first for any flaws.

I have also added several new rose drawings at Art By Us, at My Rose Garden, and at Hometown Art Gallery.

With all that, along with writing for publication, the winter was enjoyable, even though it was long and cold with lots of snow. I am grateful I could stay snuggled in most of the time.

I am, however, looking forward to a delightful spring and summer! Hope you are, too!

Updated April 25,2008
We are experiencing a big time opportunity this month! Our foundation has a crack and the basement has been flooding. That part of the basement is finished and is carpeted. So, my hubby has been keeping busy using the wet vac for the last few weeks. We have had rain, rain, and more rain. The contractor can't get here for about another three weeks so we will just have to keep the wet vac handy and hope the wood between the wall and foundation isn't getting too wet. We are grateful that we have had no home maintenance problems other than this during the nine years we have lived here.

Spring is stepping forth! Tulip trees, daffodils, and many other flowering plants and trees are strutting their stuff. It is exciting to see what new is blooming each day when I take my walks. I also enjoy hearing birds and squirrels chattering - a good sign of spring's arrival.

We continue to plan our high school reunion with several of us chatting via email. We are all getting eager to see one another!

I continue my reading with about eight library books every couple of weeks. I enjoy series - getting aquainted with the characters.

The weather has slowed down my drawing somewhat. I prefer good daylight to accomplish this and, with all the rain, we have had many dark, overcast days. I did finish one this week so am eager to get another started. You can see most of my current drawings at Hometown Art Gallery.

Happy Spring! Enjoy every moment… to the fullest!

Updated May 30, 2008
Oh, it has been exciting month, especially what's happening currently! My aunt flew in from Seattle to stay with my mom for a couple of weeks so I picked her up at the airport and drove her to Mom's. This was just three days before my class reunion so I stayed over there for 5 days. My hubby came on Friday to be there for the reunion on Saturday and we had to drive our two cars home… with the gas prices!! Yikes! He had planned to go over on his motorcycle but it was rainy on Friday so he decided he didn't want to get wet riding 250 miles.

I had a great time visiting with my aunt and then we all went out for supper one evening with two of my high school friends. We were excited about the reunion that would be happening the next day.

Our school was very small - only 15 in my high school class. Three classes met for lunch at a local restaurant on Saturday and, including spouses, there were about 50 of us there… so had plenty of opportunity to visit with everyone and when we thought they might boost us out of the restaurant, we went to one of our classmates' home and visited several more hours. I hadn't seen most of them for 46 years so it was definitely a thrilling experience. Many of us had gone all the way through grade school together, too, with double classes (3rd & 4th together, etc) so we were with the class ahead of us every other year.

Some of us had made contact via email about two months ago so have been getting reacquainted via cyberspace, exchanging photos and telling what's been happening in our lives. That made it all the more special to get to visit in person!

Heirlooms & Calicos

I bought a darling birdhouse, which one of my classmates sells at craft shows. If you are interested in seeing more, email me and I will have them contact you.

Along with all that, I have been enjoying our flowers. I have planted a variety of colors of iris in the last few years and several of the new ones are in bloom, along with the honeysuckle, bleeding heart, and lilacs. Yet to bloom are the 4-o-clocks, marigolds and roses. The peonies will probably open within the next week. Our weather has been soooo cool and cloudy, they're late this year.

I will be attending a yearly seminar in Missouri next week so I will write about it when I get back here next month.

Enjoy every moment!

update June 26, 2008
Meeting up with school friends at our reunion, I was invited to Sherry's home near where I would be attending the God-mind seminar. Sherry and I went from Kindergarten through high school graduation together. Here is my diary of the entire trip.

Left here Thursday morn and got to Sherry's (Lake of the Ozarks) at 4:15. Lovely area with oodles of trees. Coast line along the lake is covered with homes and high-rise condos. I'd been to the Lake when I was in 2nd grade but not since. All I remember about that long-ago first trip was fishing for crappie. Sherry's hubby is a great fisherman - will even cast off the dock while waiting for boat to lower or raise from water.

When I got there, she showed me thru their house… really nice, high ceilings, loft, very modern. 2-bdrm and small kitchen (granite bar between lvg rm & kitchen). Formal dining room, enclosed sun room facing the lake and huge family room with fireplace and with sliding door out to deck… lake is "right there" (84 stair steps down). Absolutely lovely view! They have a little tram that takes them down to the dock so didn't have to walk those stairs! Most homes are either at the top of the hill or at the bottom with very steep driveways. No way!!

Of course, we talked a mile a minute and she drove me along what is a typical resort town… and runs prob'ly 20 miles in length cuz everything's on the main drag along the lake.

For supper, her husband deep fried a batch of fresh crappie (absolutely yummy) and Sherry grilled a batch of fresh veggies (yummy, too) and we picniced on their deck. THEN we got to go for a boat ride. Boomer, their BIG black (Newfoundland?) dog, rode on the bench on the back… he goes out fishing every day. Loves it!

We didn't head out in the boat til about 6:30… maybe a bit later… and came back in just as it was getting dark. Loved it!! But it REALLY made me homesick for Minnesota (my folks had a cabin at Leech Lake, MN for many years)!!! Temp was in upper 80's during the day so was really nice out there after the sun set!

Then, when we got back, Sherry and I sat out on the deck overlooking the lake, with lights shining across, and gabbed til almost 12:30 a.m.

Anyway, next morning, we had a light breakfast and then she and I sat out on front porch (covered) while it rained. Just a couple of showers so then walked across street to neighbors, who had a lovely landscaped hillside with a rock waterfall and pond with goldfish. Met the neighbor lady, too.

Had fish and veggies for lunch… still tasted yummy! I followed Sherry's car out to tourist center - big log lodge-style down a long lane to overlook the lake. They display some life-size figurines she sculpted. She said that was a good "storage" place for her. They were lovely!

From there, I headed out one direction and she went the other.

On travel from Lake Ozark to Warrensburg, passed an Amish horse-driven buggy. Oh, and listened to Tony Robbins and John Denver c/d's almost all of my driving time.

Arrived at Camel Crossing B&B at 3:15. Took about a half hour to get refreshed and then head to Gathering.

Lotsa hugs, as always, and good visiting as everyone began to arrive. Had a catered light supper and evening discussion and a few of us sharing. Our topic was our personal experiences in our Partnership with God. I shared about my quiet time while drawing.

Got back to B&B about 10:00 - most of us pretty tired after some drove all day to get there. (Several flew in to KC, too - had some from NY, CT, Mass, KY, TX plus 3 of us from IA and 4 or 5 from there in Warrensburg.) Took a shower and drew for a little while.

Had a BIG 8:30 breakfast at B&B: banana/strawberry parfait with crunchies on top, OJ, coffee, 3 slices bacon, 3 slices French toast. She asked how I would like my eggs - I bowed out - too full!

To Gathering by 9:00. Discussion on Partnership - what it means to us. Headed to restaurant for luncheon in party room at restaurant.

Ron led afternoon session at the restaurant on Masters of Greatness… releasing boundaries.

There were only 18 of us attending so a good size (tho't there were going to be 30 of us but several had last-minute emergencies.

Had a couple of hours of free time and some went back to motels to rest awhile. I stayed at Jean's, took my half mile walk (temp was about 92* and very humid). Enjoyed the quiet time!

Had pizza supper at the house and lots of visiting.

Evening session a bit lighter - we received children's God-mind coloring books that had a few blank pages with titles - we drew, colored and then shared, "What has special meaning and gives me joy." Of course, I drew a rose.

Got up Sunday morn, got packed and went downstairs for breakfast. She modified mine as I'd told her the morning before that I couldn't eat everything! Still had bowl of fruit in a thick sweet sauce, pancake, toast, egg, OJ and coffee.

To the Gathering again by 9:00. Four weren't there as they had an all-day drive back to Dallas. We passed around the God jar (prayer requests) during quiet meditation. Then Dean gave presentation on bodily energy flow.

I left there at 10:00 with brownies and a sweet roll. Was cloudy but no rain. Got home at 4:15. My total mileage, round trip, was 654 miles.

So it has definitely been a delightfully rewarding month!

Enjoy every moment!

update July 25, 2008

A beautiful month - but it has flown by so fast! Early on was still quite rainy - and tis rainy today - but has been most comfortable most of the time. I've been sitting outdoors a few times, enjoying the view across the lake, taking care of our flowers, and watching our resident chipmunk and hummingbirds.

I have also been chatting, via messenger, with some high school friends, one I hadn't seen for 46 years until last month. Tis truly a treat to communicate with them once again!

We bought a new television for the changeover and then found out I can still get MY programs on the old one so it will go into the bedroom! My husband and I don't care for the same type of programs so now we can both be satisfied.

I continue drawing roses, writing new articles, doing my home typing job, and of course, household maintenance. Some days are quiet and others provide plenty of opportunity to get everything necessary done.

We haven't travelled very much yet this summer… waiting for contractors to make some improvements on our home. We do plan to take a mini-vacation but it may wait until we can see some color by travelling north in later September.

I am so grateful for my lifestyle, family, and friends! I wish you happiness and joy… every moment!

Updated August 30, 2008

As I mentioned back in April and again last month, we had a foundation problem with a crack. Rather than three weeks for the contractor to get here, it was three months plus! They completed the job in about five days but we were without air-conditioning during that time. The first two days were very warm but then it cooled off nicely and we had delightful fresh air with windows open. Tis a good job to have out of the way!

Can hardly believe that Autumn is almost upon us! It is a lovely time of year if it will last long enough to enjoy.

It has been a relatively quiet month. We have not done much travelling or detailing with other projects. We do have plans to get busy with some special projects this next month, though. Will share about those after the fact.

I've been continuing with a few more rose drawings. You can see most of my drawings at Dusty's Rose Garden.

A reminder: If you'd like to receive my monthly newsletter, "Expansion Encounters," you can send an email to me via "send it" on my home page (Front Door).

Enjoy every moment… to the fullest!

Updated September 26, 2008

What a lovely early autumn! We have stayed mostly in the 80's during the day and just getting down into 50's at night. The corn is turning brown now and the beans are yellow. We see lots of bailed hay as we travel. Most of the trees are still green, although I have enjoyed walking thru a few crunchy leaves this last few days.

Most of our summer flowers are still blooming… marigolds, snap dragons, Four O'Clocks… but that will change before long. We often have snow by the beginning of November. When our son was little, he went trick-or-treating in snow a few times. And that means a frost sometime this next month. I am not eager to have to start wearing a heavy winter coat but I know that time cometh.

In the meantime, we are enjoying our daily autumn weather!

Updated October 24, 2008

We are definitely seeing autumn now. High temperatures this week have only been in the 40's. We have not had a frost yet, though. Some of the trees are bare and some have turned golden and a few are still mostly green. Tis a lovely view going up the hill on the other side of the lake. I am ever grateful that I can now view it from indoors without having to travel to work each day.

I have been doing quite a bit of baking. We received about 2 dozen apples from a neighbor and another of same amount from a friend. I have been making and giving away pies, various coffee cakes, apple sauce, apple butter, and there are still several freezer bags full. I will use them to do more baking for the holidays.

I have also been enjoying holiday inspirational fiction books from the library. Some very worthwhile Christmas stories by such authors as Jan Karon, Donna VanLiere, Lori Copeland, Richard Paul Evans, Philip Gulley, Robin Jones Gunn, and Thomas Kinkade. Delightful reading!

We do not have much Halloween celebration. Children now go to special activities provided by the city so we hardly have any trick-or-treaters. My hubby and son enjoy watching spooky movies on tv but I stay away from that.

We have taken some one-day travels and also gone to my mom's for a couple of days. She is 91 and still maintains her own home. It is good to get out to enjoy the scenery when my hubby is driving!

I continue posting and selling at eBay. (See Dusty's eBay). We are continuing to create a cabin/lodge atmosphere in our home and that requires releasing some items before we have room to purchase others. So far, we have added simulated deer antlers as a bottle holder, table centerpiece, and coffee mug rack. We already have several other nature items so I think the next project will be new everyday dishes, again with a "wild nature" look… deer, wolves, pinecones… still deciding and am in process of selling our old "geese" dishes.

I would be lost without projects to work with and look forward to. I am not a television watcher. I enjoy being here online much of the time. So, if you care to share comments, your notes are welcome. Please identify with "Tho'ts Inn" as the subject.

Enjoy every moment!

Updated November 30, 2008

We're seeing our first "real" snow today! We had about a half inch a couple of weeks ago but so far, this morning we have a good 2 inches. It's always fun to watch the first snow, although this one is quite fine so haven't seen any big flakes drifting down yet.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving! We travelled to my Mom's, about 340 miles from here and were there for 3 days. She still has her own home and she will be 92 this spring. We enjoyed eating out, had a huge buffet dinner Thanksgiving Day… and no dishes to wash or mustgo's (left-over's) to store.

Our 3 kittles are still very entertaining as they play together and with us. We enjoy their company, even though their playing sometimes gets misguided and we have to give one of them a "time out." The rugs constantly need straightening and last year Shayna decided to climb the Christmas tree so we will have to watch for that again.

I am enjoying Instant Messaging with a renewed friend from high school. We chat back and forth daily and are getting to know one another once again. Tis fun!

I'm also keeping quite busy with eBay sales. I enjoy the fun of watching for bids as well as being able to find new homes for items that are no longer necessary in our household. eBay is a grande way of finding those new homes.

We will hopefully start putting up our holiday decorations this week. We still have to buy some eggnog, though, as that goes along with decorating.

As always, I look forward to the holidays… such a festive time! We do not do as much going or entertaining, by choice, as we used to but we enjoy the correspondence thru Christmas cards. It's always great fun to watch Christmas programs on tv, as well, my favorite being The Gift with John Denver.

Do hope you have a delightful holiday season… and that the joy continues every moment throughout this next year!

Updated December 31, 2008

Do hope this new year 2009 brings peace, love and joy to every aspect of your life! My sis-in-spirit pointed out that the numerology for 2009 is 11, which is a spiritual number. I will write numerology charts for my family tomorrow, New Year's Day. Eager to find out what it predicts for each of us!

Our family hasn't felt much like celebrating thru the holidays this year… we've each had flu and/or colds. We didn't get to go to my mom's for Christmas but will head that way as soon as we are feeling better and weather permits.

We've had a cold, icy, snowy December, too, so haven't been out any more than necessary. When it's like this, I begin looking forward to Spring!!

We enjoyed receiving myriad Christmas cards and letters! Always fun to hear from loved ones but who only write once a year.

For New Year's Eve, we'll have a quiet evening at home… as always. I'm fixing mulled cider and several snax so we can enjoy an evening watching specials on PBS television. Many years we watch Fred and Ginger dance in the new year. We always step outdoors, regardless of weather, to welcome in the new year just after midnite.

I have a few goals for 2009… do you? I'd like to hear from you! You can write to me at Please use Tho'ts Inn as Subject!

Enjoy every moment!

Updated January 28, 2009

We had quite an unexpected surprise New Year's Eve! Our son had an emergency appendectomy! He was then in the hospital for nine days. He is fine now and returned to work this week.

January has been a chilly one. Has hardly gotten up to freezing… most days are in the 20's and a few didn't quite make it to the teens. So, our family has been hibernating as much as possible.

I ordered a book thru eBay, A New Earth ~ Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, by Eckhart Tolle. It is definitely offering some awakening and I have been back to journaling more frequently. As Terry Cole Whitaker said, "Life doesn't mean anything… we just have to act as if it does." So, by shrugging our shoulders and laughing at life, we can choose our actions and take action accordingly. The book reminds us to stay in awareness of Being.

I am learning to release "stuff" - household trinkets - some that have had sentimental value and some that just seem to adhere to wherever they land. I am still being particular about what I am willing to release that carries some sentiment but much of it really doesn't hold that much. I even tossed a few rocks I had saved from vacation spots where we've been. I have the memories of those places and that is enough. Old paperwork is getting the most sorting. Both hubby and I have gone through papers that started accumulating 25 or 30 years ago, some business and some of goals, hopes and dreams, that are no longer necessary to keep.

May February hold rich and loving happenings in your life!

Enjoy every moment!

Updated March 25, 2009
Welcome to Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere! Winter's still attempting to show its face but, other than a few nights of near freezing temps, the days have been promising. We have had quite a bit of rain thru March and, so far, no snow!

The milder temps lured us out to begin some yard work. There's always a few branches and other pieces of this and that that have been covered with snow but are now showing themselves and need to be cleared away. We haven't raked the leaves off of the plants yet, though. That will wait until we are sure Jack Frost isn't going to bother them.

And have been posting more of my drawings at Artist and Gallery, both at Fine Arts America.

And I continue having fun at eBay, selling post cards, books, sheet music and nic nacs at My eBay. My philosophy is that I have had enjoyment from these items and now it is time to pass them along to others who can enjoy them now.

I have been reading an absolutely delightful book, "Lightposts for Living, The Art of Choosing a Joyful Life," by Thomas Kinkade. It is one I will keep handy to read bits over and over again. It is very refreshing and can give an uplift with just a few minutes of reading. His artwork is also sprinkled throughout the book. Thomas Kinkade

So, with myriad projects beckoning, I'd better get back to them.

Updated April 29, 2009
Good happenings this month! First of all, I mentioned a book last month by Thomas Kinkade, Lamposts for Living. I have already read through it 3 or 4 times, have highlighted many areas and taken personal notes from those, which I am applying to my daily life. He interweaves ideas for joyful personal living, using the lessons he has learned through his painting, with his family, and interest in personal growth as examples. It is an absolutely delightful read and I highly recommend it for anyone! Another he has written, which I have just ordered, is Simpler Times. I'm looking forward to receiving and reading!

Spring came to us abundantly for about three days when temperatures soared into the 80's. We took full advantage and invested healthy time working in the yard. It feels so good to get my hands dirty, working with soil! I haven't planted anything new yet ~ will do that in the next couple of weeks. I did weed and pull grass from around the iris beds and peony bushes. Bill raked, mulched, and burned sticks and leaves. Now we are waiting for the temps to climb out of the sixties and be able to see sunshine again.

I continue to post at eBay and enjoy seeing someone else make use of what I no longer need in my life.

I have also been posting my roses at a new site, Fine Art America Artist and at Fine Art America Gallery.

Updated May 30, 2009
I think May is one of my favorite months! What a delight to watch the flowers start blooming - honeysuckle, bleeding heart, iris, peonies, hostas… new growth on our evergreen trees. I planted oodles of pots of annuals on the back patio and front deck steps - snap dragons, begonias and various coleus so they are providing some lovely color. Also, the 4-o'clocks are growing. They will be providing more color in the near future!

After 47 years, I finally went to our high school alumni banquet over Memorial Day weekend. I was to give a short speech about the alumni site a fellow classmate and I have set up online. I am from a small town so knew just about all of the 250 people who were there, some I hadn't seen for 50+ years. What a delight! I had helped with set-up so got to visit more with some then, too.

The previous day, we had a smaller get-together with 3 classes and, again, I hadn't seen some of them since graduating so more fun visiting then, too.

And this past week has been busy with adding more information to the alumni site and attempting to get caught up with other projects.

We will be travelling back across state next weekend, too. My aunt from Seattle will be flying in to Des Moines so will take her on over to my mom's for her to spend a couple of weeks. Then we will go get her and take her back to the airport.

My mom will be celebrating her 92nd birthday! She still maintains her own home and does quite well.

So right now I am going to get back outdoors to enjoy some sunshine and "just right" weather.

Enjoy every moment!

Updated June 24, 2009
As my uncle used to say about Oregon, you don't tan in Iowa, you rust! Has surely been that way this month! We have had about 18 inches of rain! No big storms, though, thank goodness! Have just had to clear the yard of a few limbs that come down with the wind.

I am finally reading the last book of Karen Kingsbury's series about the Baxter family. There are three series but I haven't read them in order. Right now I am reading the first book of the first series… so I pretty much know what happens but they have all provided very enjoyable reading.

New drawings have been in the works, too, when there is enough daylight to do so. With the storms, sometimes afternoon hours appear to be almost night time with the heavy cloud cover. Recently, I have completed two that have been added at Dusty Roses at Fine Art America and at Dusty's Art Gallery

I wrote last month about my aunt coming from Seattle to visit my mom. Bill is on his way today to go get her and take her back to airport to head for home. She and Mom have had an enjoyable visit but my aunt says this will probably be her last trip. She is 89 years young.

I have plenty of projects to keep me busy while he is gone so guess I had better get started.

Updated May, 2010
Didn't realize it has been so long since I posted here. I do keep up with my personal journal but have neglected to post what's happening in my now.

Much happening is similar to last year at this time. Enjoying colorful flowers, getting outdoors and enjoying the warmer weather, playing with our kittles, doing my writing, drawing, and general household.

We travel to Mom's (230 miles one way) about once a month. We try to help with some of her personal happenings. She still takes care of her own home and enjoys having company. She will be 93 years in a couple of weeks.

I continue to post new drawings at Dusty's Roses and at Rose Garden. I enjoy drawing when time permits.

Currently, I am rereading Thomas Kinkade's book, Lightposts for Living, which offers many suggestions and contemplations for desirable communication with family and self-satisfaction for self.

Secret Place devotional will be publishing one of my devotionals this Fall. Several articles I send thru Senior Wire, a syndicate, have been printed by various publications. What a delight, after all these years of writing! Goes to say, it's never too late!

I'm also still hired under contract with our Credit Bureau, which requires obtaining information from three court houses and turning in reports monthly.

Instant Messenger allows me to stay in touch with some high school classmates, too. We just found each other again two years ago and have been to one classmate's home a few times, on Lake of the Ozarks.

Emails with family and friends also help keep me occupied. It is good to be able to keep in touch so quickly and easily. I am soooo grateful for internet and email!

Bill keeps busy with yard work, helps with household, enjoys fishing and riding his motorcycle. Shawn, our son, is living here and has downstairs to himself. He is on internet a lot, too, and enjoys traveling with friends. The company he was working for was one who had to close their doors last autumn and he has been unable to obtain new employment. We hope he finds something soon!

Updated August, 2010:

Greetings! And what a summer we are having! We have been able to do very little of our planned outdoor work because of weather.

Iowa has had the wettest summmer in many years. There has been flooding in many parts of the state. We are fortunate here, even though we live next to a small lake, it has not caused any trouble. Many homes here have had water in their basements. We had expensive foundation work done a couple of years ago, which was worth it as it has helped keep us dry.

Our daily routine stays about the same. We enjoy being home bodies and find enjoyable activities that keep us occupied.

Most of my research for my contract typing job can be done via internet now so I only need to travel to town once a week. While there, I usually go to the library and pick up six or eight more books… Christian romance, mostly. I do enjoy reading! One of my favorite recent authors is Debbie Macomber. Maybe you saw a Christmas movie taken from one of her books, Call Me Mrs. Miracle. She has numerous books published. See her site at at Debbie Macomber

We do enjoy an overnight stay at a casino, 60 miles from home, once a month thru the summer. We get delicious free meals with it, too! A nice outing.

With autumn straight ahead, we will be prepping things outdoors for the upcoming seasons. This month I will be outdoors as soon as the weather permits and after my hubby can mow off the iris and prep more soil alongside them with the roto tiller. They need thinning and a few were planted a little too deep so that will keep me busy for a few days. Bill will also be thinning and transplanting the hostas in our front yard.

Tis about time to fix supper for my family so I'll sign off for this month.

So, until next time, "Enjoy every moment… to the fullest!"

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