Spirit Counts!


"Spirit Counts!" is the result of a firm decision  to refrain from further ignoring the alarm bell of the global workforce regarding more meaning at work.

Although we're aware that we are still far from establishing an entirely spiritual  workplace, we realize that every effort makes a difference. For just as important as each tiny drop of water is to the ocean, just as important is the spiritual awareness within one person toward the achievement of a worldwide spiritual workforce. By presenting you this e-zine and by getting you interested enough to read it, we are already booking great success!

You, like billions of other workers in multiple work environments around the world, have a need to feel that your input; your efforts; your entire presence matters. You may also have wondered if you will ever see the day that the negative use of workplace-politics and the practice of backstabbing will be eradicated as a way of getting ahead in one's career. And although some of us may have applied exactly these techniques on our way to where we are now, inwardly we are probably not all that proud of them in retrospect. So now it's time to take a careful step in the direction of creating an atmosphere of trust, togetherness, and care between us and our co-workers. It's not too late.

Work is the place where many of us spend a large part of our lives. We may as well start cooperating in making work time equal to quality time!  It's up to you! And to me!

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