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It took a while, indeed, before the new edition of this newsletter finally became a fact. There were various reasons at the foundation of the long absence of this presentation. The most important one was my execution of an extensive study about Spirituality in the Workplace, which has by now, fortunately, been finalized.

Needless to state here that the readers who are highly interested in the main topic of this newsletter will definitely see and read more about the findings of this study in the near future.

The year 2004 is progressing speedily, and hopefully prosperously for all of you. Winter has gradually made place for a soft and gentle spring, and soon enough summer will be here again. Meanwhile, workers throughout the globe are putting forth maximal efforts to perform to their highest abilities.

However, in some parts of the world the trend of work-related evolutions is becoming a cause of concern, while in others it is rather the opposite. In the U.S., for instance, the subject of outsourcing is really starting to turn into a dark cloud in the employment-sky while, understandably, it is an emerging source of optimism in other countries where the cost of qualified labor is multiple levels below the one in the West.

What is happening? Jobs are now transferred overseas with infinitely more ease than ever, due to the Internet. It has increasingly become possible to get work done by workers in other continents, and have their output transferred through email, net meeting,

or other virtual facilitations. Telecommuting has thus become a widely interpretable phenomenon, while job security has shrunk into a very slim one.

In today's insecure, fast evolving global work-environment it is therefore imperative for workers to continue developing their skills, and stay abreast of developments, not just in their area of expertise, but far beyond; and for leaders to continue facilitating workers' personal development in order to hand them the tools for lasting survival.

Joan F. Marques
Editor, Spirit Counts!

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