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In the first part of 2007, the book "Awakened Leadership" will be published. This book, authored by Dr. Joan Marques, will review the single leadership style that is applicable in all situations and with all types of followers.

The meta-leadership style called awakened leadership came about when Joan attempted to describe a leader who would guide him- or herself, as well as his or her organization, in a spiritually inspired way. However, as we all know, the term spirituality is still too often associated with religion, and therefore, still not widely accepted in corporate circles. So, in order to describe this leader, who is very much needed in our increasingly expanding business world, as well as any other environment where conscious guidance is necessary, Joan finally arrived to the term "Awakened Leader," inspired by Buddha's post enlightenment statement that he was not a God, a magician, a wizard, a man, or anything else, but that he was "awake".

In this book, the reader will be introduced to the qualities and strategies of the awakened leader; the easy and hard parts of being an awakened leader, and various other crucial issues.

Interested in becoming an awakened leader or finding out if you already are one? Look for this book early 2007 in bookstores.

Also to be expected by early 2007, the book "Spirituality in the Workplace: What it is; why it matters; how it works" by Joan Marques, Satinder Dhiman, and Richard King.

This book presents an exploration of a relatively new paradigm that is still in emerging stages in business, Spirit @ Work. This new awareness has been stirring in workers' souls for at least 10 years now: a longing for a more humanistic work environment, increased simplicity, more meaning, and a connection to something higher. Although there is diversity in opinions about what spirituality at work really entails, there appear to be a set of common themes that almost all sources seem to agree upon.

The book will be designed to generally accomplish a greater and more synchronized understanding of what spirituality in the workplace entails. It is meant to take away the hesitation among business executives toward this phenomenon, and prepare upcoming practitioners (business and management students in higher education) for a more open-minded approach.
Look for this book in early 2007 in bookstores.

The Business Renaissance Quarterly recently published her first edition. The Business Renaissance Quarterly, ISSN # 1930-7462, is a double blind reviewed journal, set out by the Business Renaissance Institute, and focused on the publication of papers and articles pertaining to improvement of workplace performance, and enhancement of the quality of life for all stakeholders in a business environment.

The Board of Directors of the BRQ consists of Drs. Joan Marques, Satinder Dhiman, and Richard King.

The members of the BRQ's Board of Advisors are: Drs. Ian Mitroff; Lee Bolman; Judi Neal; GertJan Hofstede; Marjo Lipps-Wiersma; and Turan Senguder.

Find out about paper contributions or subscriptions to the BRQ at
The BRQ is a publication of the Business Renaissance Institute, BRI (

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