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On my Mandolins a person can have either chrome ore gold machine heads. the top set shown is actually chrome with white buttons.The bottom set is all gold.

If a person wants one of my solid body electric mando-guitars it will have 6 strings-unless a person choses my 12 string model. But on my 6 string models a person can have chrome, black, or gold machine heads. All of these machine heads are die cast and permanently lubricated.

On my solid body mandolins, I like to use these mini humbuckers. There are too many coil pickups out there for me to try to make mention of or keep in stock. If a person wants pickups other than what I offer then we can talk about it and work out the details.

I use a piezo on the inside of the top of my acoustic instruments. It is located right where the bridge will be sitting on the top. That pickup will be wired to a jack in the tail block.

I apply a finish to the inside of my instruments as well as the outside. I cure my wood down to 5% moisture content. With the finish on the inside there is no moisture gain or loss once I am done. The inside finish also gives better sound bounce.