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 I offer an acoustic octave mandolin in three different models. This is the Ambassador model. All of my octave mandolins come with a 22 inch string length. There are to many options to mention along with each model. Please see my OPTIONS section. This model starts at $600.




 My more traditional body shape is the Envoy. It sounds every bit as good as the Ambassador. Please see my OPTIONS section for details about choices. This model starts at $600.




 The Herald model is the best that it gets. The shape is different than you'll ever see anywhere else, and a fair number of people will laugh when they see it. The laughing will stop as soon as you start to play. This model gives the best sound that can be had for an octave mandolin. Since there is no waist there are more cubic inches of air space. Since the body is more rounded there is less obstruction to the sound bounce. Please see my OPTIONS section for all of the choices that can be had. My Herald model starts at $600.



 When you get past the acoustic models, I also offer a solid body electric. My Messenger model starts at $600. There are to many choices to mention here. Please see my OPTIONS section.