Disclaimer: The characters of Voltron belong to their individual
owners and creators I'm just borrowing them to write a little fanfiction.


(Lance makes a mistake, can he deal with it?)

Leave Me Alone
(Somethings bothering Lance, can anyone help him?)

(Is Keith really dead?)

Fire And Ice
(Prince Lotor has a brother... and it's Lance?)

(A bomb was found in Red Lion, can Pidge disarm it?)

Head Injury
(Is Lance just daydreaming, or is he loosing his mind?)

Lion vs. Lion
(Lance is in the past with a child Allura and King Alfor.)

(Lance can't swim but as the land Floods he can't stay still either.)

Walking on Fire
(Lance is testing Pidge and Hunk's invention
and ends up in the Jungle of Arus.)

Crossing the Line
(Lance's Uncle, The Admiral, is coming to inspect
the troops and he doesn't want Lance to embarass him.)

What the 'Hell!"
(Lance is sent undercover into... Bootcamp?)

Together We Fight
Common Ground
The Wild One

The Academy Days

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