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Life after death intrigues us all. The mere question alone is enough to start hundreds of debates: Is there life after death? While this can not be answered for sure, there is evidence to prove that maybe there is. Many incidents in this field of the paranormal have taken place, some proven to be hoaxes, others unable to be proven to be anything but mysterious. One of the most famous hauntings in history that supposedly turned out to be a hoax was the haunting of the Lutz's home, better known as The Amityville Horror. It was in that home that a grisly serial murder took place in 1974. In 1975, the married Lutz's, with their 3 children, moved into the home and claimed such things as a demonic levitating pig, eyes that glowed red staring at them through a window, a pit that led to hell located in their basement, blood and slime that oozed from the walls, and infestations of flies plagued them the entire time they lived in their home. They soon went public with their story, and a book was written by Jay Anson entitled "The Amityville Horror - A True Story". The book was eventually made into a motion picture, which has become a horror movie classic. Eventually, the Lutz's story began to change, and they changed the fact that they lived their for 28 days, instead of their previously stated 10 days. Another detail left out by the media was that many numerous paranormal investigators had been in and out of the house, and not one found any evidence to support claims the home was haunted. One of the investigators, Dr. Stephen Kaplan, was the first to come out with the accusation that it was all a hoax. Eventually the truth came out, and all hope was lost. A family now resides in the actual house, with no haunting to tell of. It is events like this which give skeptics their power, stating that there is no world of the paranormal, and that it is all just a hokie religion. But there are events that take place which give believers their power, the power to prove it is more than a religion, it is reality.

The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall

Probably one of the most infamous haunted locations to this day is Glamis Castle, located in Scotland in the village of Glamis. It is historical for being the location of William Shakespeare's "MacBeth", but to others, it is historical for being the location where the Earl of Crawford played cards with the Devil himself. It is said that in a secret chamber hidden within the castle walls, he was so furious that his servants refused to play cards with him, that he claimed he would play with the Devil himself, had be been there. Lo and behold, there was a knock on the door, and who else but Old Scratch came a knockin'? Rumor has it that every Sabbath, to this very day, the Earl still goes at it with the Devil, trying to beat him at a game of cards in exchange for his mortal soul. The White Lady also supposedly haunts Glamis Castle. The ghost of the Lady of Glamis, who became Lady Campbell after her husbands death, is said to roam the grounds after being burned at the stake for witchcraft. It is events like this that stabilize the foundation for paranormal research. I have never been to Glamis Castle, but have met an individual who has, and who has claimed to have seen The White Lady on one occasion. I believe his claims, as he is a prominent figure in the world of college education, and is one to be taken seriously. I can not say for sure that ghosts exist, but the purpose of this section of the NSPP is to try and shed some light on the age old question: Is there life after death? And hopefully by doing so, we may just help provide an answer.


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