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This is undoubtedly the most unique case I, or anyone else, have ever seen of residual haunting. A small town in California, Sunnyvale to be exact, seems to have a scary little secret. The local Toys 'R Us is haunted. Who would want to haunt a toy store? Well, as the story goes, back at the turn of the century when Sunnyvale, CA was a small farming community, there lived a young man named Johhny Johnson. You see, out where the Sunnyvale Toys 'R Us sits right now used to be an apple orchard. One hot summer day, Johnny Johnson was chopping wood, when he swung his axe, missed the wood block, and brought it straight down into his leg. Determined to finish cutting the wood, believing his wound was not life threatening, he tied the wound off and bled to death. He had a love interest during the time before his expiration, a young woman named Elizabeth Yuba Murphy Tafee. It is now said he roams the grounds where he died, not knowing he his dead. And wouldn't you know it, the grounds where he died is the exact location of Sunnyvales very own Toys 'R Us.

Employees have complained of stacking shelves neatly, only to return to the locked store in the morning to find the toys scattered across the floor. Box-sealed dolls crying "Momma" over and over, even though they could not be activated through their sealed box. Boxes of toys flying off of shelves and hitting employees, an undeniable coldness, and strange voices. Sylvia Brown, a reknowned psychic and paranormal investigator, was called in to the Toys R Us and granted permission to perform a seance, to summon the spirit within the store. It was quite successful, as an infrared photograph was taken during the seance, showing the poltergeist, although no one could see him physically during the actual performance. Most of the paranormal activity is said to take place on the last aisle to the left of the store.

The Sunnyvale Spook
At the top of this picture, a black figure is noticeable, leaning against a wall. None of the attendees of this seance at the Sunnyvale Toys 'R Us saw the individual standing there, some a mere 2 feet from its location.

The Sunnyvale Toys 'R Us has appeared on numerous television shows chronicling the paranormal, such as Ripley's Believe It Or Not?, That's Incredible!, SIGHTINGS, and various other television specials. Numerous paranormal investigators have visited the store, interviewing witnesses, employees, taking all kinds of scientific data, and even witnessing the phenomenon themselves. There is only one sure way to find out for yourself if this phenomenon does exist: When in Sunnyvale, CA, be sure to drop by Toys 'R Us.

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