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The Rompus Room

updated 11-16-98@10:55am

Hello Club America. This is where you'll want to visit to find out the skinny on what's happening with Club America in the County of San Bernardino. Hello and how do you do? I'm Carl, your regional leader. I figured that since the San Bernardino County is the largest county in the US and nowhere in it's limits is there a reginal leader, I'd take it upon myself. And now here I am. What I would like from you is input on where you like to hangout and what you like to do. Any ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated and encouraged. This is a club for you, so, it will be what WE make it.

The Orgasmo Gathering

Thanks everyone for coming. I was supprised so many people showed up (14... I think you guys should add yourselves to the members area of the Club America page-k-). It was good getting all of the fans together. I personally didn't care too much for the movie, but, at least we got to hear the cut version of "A Sign From God". Now in the works is the coffe house gathering. Send me some mail and give me some ideas of where you would like to meet. Till next time, Carl

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