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The Aviary

UPDATED 11-16-98; 11:00AM

Welcome to Princess Youthful's aviary. There are Jendays flying around, so, if you keep your eyes pealed you just might be able to catch one flying around. Speaking of, here you can find out information about the two bands, Princess Youthful and The Jendays.

New!!! The Jendays and Princess Youthful Sound Library
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Royalty first. The name Princess Youthful came from a girl I had a crush on once. My old drummer looked up her name in some name meaning book and said "Hey Jentree! S___h G___s is also Princess Youthful in this name book" The crush died (not the girl, the feeling), but I still really liked the name Princess Youthful, so, I decided to go with it. It's an old side/solo project of mine. My first PY tune was a cover of the Cure's "Charlotte Sometimes". Princess Youthful is a strictly darkwave/goth/industrial(not much) band who's influences are mainly bands like Switchblade Symphony and Collide.

PY has been around for two years, but, has never done anything BIG. It's mainly been my outlet for my most sombre of moods. Members of Princess Youthful were, first, myself (it was a solo project), then Mike Cappuciama came on drums... I didn't keep him for long, and then Mr Mark Ferrara was the guitarist for a little while. He's the one in the photos with me who's playing guitar.

Now it's just me again. I would like to bring Princess Youthful to life and perform. I need the following:
(preferably one who is able to fill in one of the musician vacancies also)

Just send me some mail to let me know.

What just flew by?! The Jendays. The Jendays comes from a petstore I work in. There's a beautiful bird called a Jenday conure. It had quite a bite, though. This is another solo project of mine. I'm working on putting audio samples of The Jendays on this site. Right now the current lineup is myself, Jentree Tapia, songwrite/lyricist/performer/recorder, Bob Chun on live guitars, and Lasaida Galvan on backing vocals and other instruments. OPENINGS IN THE JENDAYS!!! AT PRESENT, THE JENDAYS NEED:

n, entertainment, and just the enjoyment of playing music. You may have seen the Jendays musician advertisement around your town. It looks like this... just not as blurry...

A while back the Jendays were asked to put a set together to perform covers at this year's Cure Convention, but, due to unaccomodating circumstances I had to turn down the offer. But there WILL be live music!!! Playing live at the Palace in Hollywood for this year's convention will be "Lovesick". I'm sure this will be a great show! The lead singer, Jeran, will do a great Rob Smith. All who say otherwise are just wrong. We tied for first place at for the sing-alike contest at last year's convention. Well, that's pretty much it for now. Send me some mail to get onto my mail list. Bye, Carl

Current tracks for the new Jendays tape

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The Jendays and Princess Youthful Sound Library