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The Library

This is basically what the walls looked like at last years Cure Convention. It was lot's of fun. For those of you who aren't sure about going to the next one , take a look at these photos. You should go! I'll be there. I have to keep my title as first place sing-alike (I tied first place last year with Jeran, but, he's singing in his band "Lovesick" for the upcoming convention, so, if he doesn't enter the sing-alike again, then it doesn't look like I'll be having much competition this year if we do the sing-alike contest) You can take a look at my other pics from the convention and find out how the Cure Convention 1997 went. I'll add my convention story soon, but, for now here's some pics to keep you occupied. Here's pictures from the sing-alike contest... it's ME!!!

the fans at the convention

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