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The Jendays and Princess Youthful Sound Library


It's been a while since anything new has been put on this page and there are those of you who have been getting on me about wanting to hear the Jendays. I've been buisy making the music and trying to get it right (see, I'm working all by myself here). Well, finally, here are the long waited for samples from the Jendays new album. They are all still being worked with and are in their final mixing stages. The songs are: smile(copyright 1998; storyline music, mad girls love song (the christmas mix) (copyright 1998; storyline music), and the winter man (copyright 1998; storyline music). All off of the upcoming album, Aviary.

In celebration of the holidays and the new album, the Jendays are going to give away 50 copies of their 1st album and to the first 50 people to send mail to: The first 15 win a Jendays t-shirt or tank top (10 large shirts, 5 medium tank tops available). You will be notified by email on Friday, December 25 1998. Just think, 20 years down the line after the Jendays have aquired stardom, these tapes are going to be very valuable at the jendays convention (we'll see if that event ever really takes place). Hurry!!!

And here we still have Princess Youthful samples. There's one new sample of the cover of the Cure's "Cold" off of the Pornography album. The rest of the samples are of "Charlotte Sometimes" and "All Cats Are Gray" as they were performed at The Stall in Chino Hills, Ca. It was a fun night (from what I remember). Anyways, take a listen and tell me what you think. Would you be interested in coming to see us? Let me know I'm trying to put together another show .

Here's the current track listing for The Jendays-AVIARY:
Next To You
Low Side
Winter Man
Princess Youthful
Silence Speaks (a thousand words)
Mad girls love song

Here's the current track listing for Princess Youthful's Castle In the Eye
Clowns Will Eat
Charlotte Sometimes


Listen to:

(: smile :) (the Jendays)
mad girls love song -christmas mix- (the Jendays)
the winter man (the Jendays)
cold (princess youthful)
all cats are gray -live- (princess youthful)
charlotte sometimes -live- (princess youthful)
charlotte sometimes (princess youthful)
-back to the gate-