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T-Bone's Doghouse


Hi, I'm T-Bone! I'm a 5.5 year old Black and Tan Coonhound and Lab mix. I'm a cute little mutt, aren't I? My mommy, Kristy, has helped me create this page so that you can see how fast I am growing, how cute I am, and the new things I learn everyday. I'm a very happy dog. My biological mom was a white lab mix. My brothers and sisters all looked different than I did. I had a tan brother and sister, 2 black brothers and 3 multicolored sisters whose coats looked like Picasso paintings in white, tan, and black. I was the only black and tan pup in the litter! I was in pretty bad shape when my mommy took me home on May 11, 1999, but several trips to the vet and lots of kisses and hugs made me grow into a strong puppy in no time! Now I'm a beautiful grown dog who is "bad as hell" (Mommy calls me that....what does that mean? Do I get a treat?). Anyway, since Mommy is a photographer she takes lots of pictures of me! And I am a natural when it comes to pictures! I love to pose for her and do funny things. I am a camera hog! So be sure to look at my pictures while you are here! Mommy also added my favorite links below - there are links to information about my ancestor's breed - The black and tan coonhound! Thanks for visiting, I hope you like my site! **Arf!!**


(APRIL 2001) - I just got a new brother!! Mommy and Daddy adopted a coonhound mix around my age for me to play with! His name is Ernie and he was a CAAWS dog. Sometimes Mommy likes to call him "Ernie-bug" - He's smaller than me (only 70 lbs), but he's a pawful!! He is very energetic and ALWAYS wants to play with me - he is constantly pouncing around me and nipping my ears and legs. He even nipped my Daddy on the butt once! Heehee! I love having someone to play with but I get tired fast. We get along very well (only 2 fights so far!) At first I didn't like sharing my toys and my humans with another dog, but I got used to him fast - I guess since he is a hound like me he's okay. Mommy has pictures of Ernie up on his picture page - but he is brindle/black with white markings. Brindle face, black back and legs and tail, white & brindle chest, "socks", and a white tip on his tail. Ernie has light brown eyes, unlike me - I have dark brown ones. We both know how to get whatever we want just by using our little brown eyes! If any dog out there doesn't know this trick, email us and we'll tell you! Humans always fall for it! Ernie doesn't really know any other tricks yet, but Mommy and I are going to teach him to do all the tricks I do. I'm even teaching him how to make a webpage like mine! Click on Ernie's link. *ARF-ORT-ORT*

T-Bone's Growth Chart

Here are the tricks I can do!
Sit, Speak, Shake, Beg, Lay, Roll, Catch, Stay

on! Give him a 10!

T-Bone's Pictures

T-Bone's Baby Pictures
T-Bone at 12 weeks old
T-Bone's 4th of July Adventure
T-Bone at 4 months old
T-Bone and the Vacuum Monster
T-Bone, the Swimming Pro
T-Bone Playing in the Park
T-Bone and the "Gator"
T-Bone's "Field and Stream" Pose
T-Bone and his new uncle, Happy - March 2001
T-Bone's Friends and Family
Links to Other Cyber Puppies

T-Bone's Favorite Doggie Links

Caring for Your New Puppy
Research Black and Tan Coonhounds on the AKC website.
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Looks like me, huh?

T-Bone, 5 weeks old
"It's me!"
PET OF THE DAY - August 28, 1999

T-Bone, 7 months old
"Me again! All grown up"
PET OF THE DAY - December 9, 1999

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