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T-Bone and his new uncle, Happy

T-Bone met his new uncle, Happy, in March 2001. Happy was adopted by Kristy's mom (Lucille) from CAAWS, a no-kill animal adoption center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. T-Bone's mommy and daddy volunteer at CAAWS every weekend and thought that since T-Bone lives in Baton Rouge now and doesn't get to see his "Grandma & Grandpa from Amite" very often, they should get a new puppy to keep them company. So Kristy brought her mom in to CAAWS one Saturday and helped her pick out a new friend.

Happy turned out to be a handful! He's very hyper and wild and definitely keeps everyone on their toes. He likes to chew on everything, as all puppies do - especially Lucille's tweetybird slippers! I'm sure pictures of that will be coming soon - but for now here are a few shots from T-Bone and Happy's first meeting!

Happy aka

This is Happy sitting on his daddy's head, LOL!

T-Bone and Happy face off!!

T-Bone gives Happy a warning glare!

OOHH! T-Bone gets SMACKED in the face! Happy is one BRAVE LITTLE PUP!!!

A funny look from T-Bone after a long battle with Happy

I think he approves of his new uncle, don't you?

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