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T-Bone's Friends and Family

Pictures of other puppies and dogs in T-Bone's family.

This is T-Bone's new adopted brother - Ernie! He was adopted from CAAWS, a no-kill animal adoption center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. T-Bone's mommy and daddy volunteer at CAAWS every weekend to help the homeless animals. Why don't you take a look at them at the CAAWS website? Maybe you'll find a pup as cute as T-Bone or Ernie for your home!

Happy aka 'CrazyHyperPuppy'

Happy is T-Bone's new uncle, born on November 18, 2000! He lives with Kristy's parents, Lucille and Dean, in Amite, Louisiana! Happy was also adopted from CAAWS.


Rachel is a white labrador retriever pup and is T-Bone's "cousin." She's owned by Kristy's Uncle Bruce and lives in Metairie, Louisiana.

Jacob aka 'Jake'

Jake is a boxer owned by Kristy's in-laws, Dan and Gail. He lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. He is T-Bone's "Uncle in-law."

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