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Ernie, the Plott Coonhound Mix

Hi! I'm Ernie! I'm T-Bone's new adopted brother. Just like T-Bone, I'm learning how to make my very own webpage so you can learn about me, see my cute pictures, and laugh about all the funny things I do. Mommy says she'll help me put up more detailed info later - so for now, here are some pictures of me!

I was sleepy in this picture. I was on the bed and everything, but Mommy insisted on taking a picture of me anyway. That's okay though, because now I can practice my doggie mind-control.....See.....I can make you yawn. Look into my eyes! You are getting sleeeppyyy.....very sleeepyy....yawn yawn yawn!

Another where I am on the bed ready to sleep when Mommy grabs the camera!

T-Bone and I were sharing the waterbed in this picture.

Here's T-Bone with a face full of dust. T-Bone is very smart when it comes to finding cool dusty places under the house on hot summer days.

T-Bone has been pretty stingy with his toys :( He doesn't like me to play with anything, he gets jealous and tries to take it away from me. See, here he was hogging the frisbee that Mommy was throwing around for us.

Here I was thinking about sneaking up and snatching it from him, but he's a lot bigger than me.

He wasn't distracted long enough anyway. Oh well...Maybe next time!

One thing T-Bone doesn't mind sharing is the couch - thank goodness for that because it sure is a comfy place to sleep.
(But not as comfy as Mommy & Daddy's waterbed - which I am slowly taking over....mwahaha!)

This is the sad look that got me adopted! Could you resist this face?

Hey - I heard that. You know you're lying! You can't resist da ErnieBug! Admit it!

That's all for now - Check back soon for my brand new webpage!
And don't forget to finish looking at T-Bone's and Mommy's webpages too!

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