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Royal Arch


Bodies/Degrees ov Royal Arch Masonry X With Holy Bible opened to proper Book, for Degree on Altar ::

The Officers ov the Royal Arch ::

The title ov the High Priest is "Excellent". He represents Jeshua ( YeHeshua or Joshua ), the first High Priest ov the Jews after their return from the Babylonian captivity. He is clothed in a robe ov blue, purple, scarlet, and white, and is decorated with a breast plate ov miter. His jewel is a miter.

The King represents Zerubbabel, a Prince ov Judah, and rightful King, but owing to the fact that Judah was a tributary Province, he was not permitted to assume the title, but was styled Governor. He is clothed in a scarlet robe, with a crown on his head and a scepter in his hand. His jewel is the level surmounted by a crown.

The Scribe represents Haggai, the Prophet. He is clothed in a purple robe, and wears a turban ov the same color. His jewel is a plumb surmounted by a turban.

The Captain ov the Host represents the General ov the troops who returned from Babylon. He wears a coat ov mail and a helmet, and is armed with a sword. His jewel is a triangular plate, on which an armed soldier is engraved.

The Principal Sojourner represents the leader ov a small party ov jews, who came up from the Babylonian Captivity to assist in re-building the Temple. He wears a dark or drab colored robe, with rose colored border, and a slouch hat, and carries a pilgrims staff. His jewel is a triangular plate on which a pilgram is engraved.

The Royal Arch Captain represents the Captain ov the Kings Guards. He wears a coat ov mail and helmet, and is armed with a sword, and bears a white banner. His jewel is a sword.

The Masters ov the Veils represent attendants on the Tabernacle. The Master ov the third veil wears a scarlet robe and turban; the Master ov the second veil a purple robe and turban; the Master ov the first veil a blue robe and turban. Each is armed with a sword, and bears a banner ov the same color as his robe. The jewel ov each Officer is a sword.

The Treasurer, Secretary, and Sentinel have no historical referance, nor peculiar dress. The jewel ov the Treasurer is the crossed keys; ,Secretary the crossed pens or quills; Sentinal the crossed swords.

All jewles are ov gold or yellow metal suspended within a triangle ov the same metal.

The Triple Tau

..."The Triple Tau, { See pic above } in a triangle within a circle, is the emblem ov emblems ov a Royal Arch Mason, typifying the Sacred Name, the Author ov Eternal Life. It is worn as a mark ov distinction, separating Us who know and worship the true Name from those who are ignorant ov this august mystery. May you ever wear it as one who, knowing and beliving, may find in it the highest hope and faith ever given to man.

The compasses are used by operative Masons to describe circles, every part ov which is equally near and equally distant from the center. The circle is therefore, a striking emblem ov the relation in which the creature stands to his Creator. As every part ov the circumferance ov the circle is equally near and equally distant from its center, so is every creature whom G~d hath made, to him equally near and distant.

The equilateral or perfect triangle is an emblem ov the essential attributes ov Deity, namely Omnipresents, Omniscience, and Omnipotence; and as the three equal sides or equal angles form but one triangle, so these attributes constitute but the One True and Living G~d."

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