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Iesous Christos m:.s:.s:.

Arms ov Royal Arch Masonry

Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour


In the Beginning, El created the heavens and the earth... So is thus writen in the ever lasting words from O/our Lord.

As in the Torah, G~d used the letter Beth to begin the Torah, for it is a dual number. It contains. The numerical value for Beth is 2.

Interestingly, The first word of the Torah is Bereshit, and the last word in the last Book of the Torah is Israel. When W/we get the first letter of the first word, Beth, and the last letter of the last word, Lamed, W/we find the number 32, which alludes to the 32 paths of Wisdom, and 32° ov Masonry.

Jesus Christ in the New Testament states that He is found with-in the Law ...! The word Torah means " Law ". The first and last letters, Beth-Lamed become the word Lev, meaning heart. This shows an early sign of Christ, O/our Lord and Saviour showing U/us His almighty presents even in the Bereshit, or " In the Beginning ".

Ιησουσ Χριστοσ , it is shown to U/us now, that He, Kabbalistically is the true way of Light and Wisdom.

The masculine form ov the adjective Χριστοσ or Christ is only found in the LXX, in a few early Jewish documents and in the writings ov the NT. In LXX the term is used in connection with kings, priest and prophets, ( The Hebrew equivalent is Masiah, while in Greek is Messian, which is translated as Christos ).

The corresponding Greek verb Christein means " to rub, anoint with scented unguents ( 0il )" or, "to wash with color; coat"

Ιησουσ or Jesus, is the Greek from ov the Hebrew personal name, Yehosu'a meaning YHVH is help ( salvation ).

In the OT the most famouse and most often metioned bearer ov the name is the successor Moses, Joshua, the son ov Nun. The Hebrew word for the letter Nun means fish.

When taking the first letter ov each word in the verse in the Greek, Iesous CHristos THeou Uios Soter, { Jesus Christ, the Son ov G~d, the Saviour } forms the Greek noun Ichthus which again means fish.

By astrological observation, the time ov the birth ov Jesus Christ is dated around the dawning ov the Picsean Age, were Picses ( the fish ) becomes prominant in the North Hemisphere. Keeping in mind the Sepher Yetzirah denotes Nun to the sign ov scorpio. Scorpio is the lowest rising Sun Sign on the Celestial Equator. The Sign Aquila, The Eagle rises at the same time as scorpio, thus meaning, Scorpio Exhaulted, representing a Symbolic death ov mind and thought, only to rise to a higher truth and meaning. Also, with Nun taken as a proper name, it means prepetuity, eternality, or everlastingness.

Placining the First 4 Evangelist ov the first 4 Books in the NT with their proper symbol representing them make a perfact 90° square on a celestial star chart. As in Revelations, the 4 Beast in Heaven that rest not day nor night full ov eyes within and with out saying, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord G~d Almighty, who has been, and is yet to come". Their faces as the fixed signs with the Evangelist are as follows...

With every Masonic Lodge being dedicated ( Erected to the Name ov G~d ) both Saint John the Baptist, and Saint John the Evangelist, hence forth the Double Headed Eagle looking due East and Due West, the opening and closing ov the days. Or in other words, symboliclly, looking at what was, and what is to be. Also, the symbolic death ov the Sun into the mist ov the nautical twilight, only to again rise to a new dawn.

When placing the Hebrew letter Shin in the center ov the Divine Name ov G~d YHVH, thus comes, YHShVH, or Yeheshuah, translated into English as the name Joshua.

Jesus Christ, as stated, is the stone layed in foundation in Zion. The Hebrew word for stone is ABN Ehben. This is also seen as being comprised ov two Hebrew words, AB meaning Father, and BN Ben, meaning Son. This is interpreted as Jesus Christ is the Father and Son layed as foundation in Zion.

Jesus Christ Our Saviour

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