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ysterslayer e-mail based web mail is designed to be very easy to use, with HTML properties, meaning you can send and recive e-mails with pictuers, hyperlinks and send/recieve your e-mail as a web page, or just compose plain text. You are given 6 megs ov mail space for free. Here at ysterslayer, We are coming up with nice new backgrounds to help give your e-mails a nice Masonic appeal. We welcome everyone to sign up and use this easy service. Your files will upload them selves as your e-mail is being sent. Any questions, please use the help. If this is not informative enough, then please e-mail the Web Master.

Please use this in good faith and not for spamming, threatening and/or pornography! This is a repectful service, and We would like to keep it this way. Please use with repsect. Any notification that a member is abusing this service will be immediatly banned.

Thank you and enjoy Our free ysterslay e-mail and on-line communities.


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