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Monday, 17 May 2010
When You Stare Into the Face of the Collective
Nietzsche said "

If you stare into the Abyss long enough the Abyss stares back at you.

To me the Abyss is the Collective Statist Mindset. 

It is not only that the Progressive Left (and others) feel that they have the right to make our decisions for us,

Because they know what is best for those who have a more limited mental capacity than the elite.

But there seems to be an attitude that the Rules do not apply to them, because they know the Truth and their Hearts are Pure.

Jack Murtha was a classic example of both attitudes and no scene could more aptly illustrate this better than this video.

Now you may say, "Dan what else could you expect from the Progressive Left?"

I would agree with you but I think neither of us would expect that same Spirit to be alive and thriving in a State Convention of the Republican Party of Iowa.

But that is exactly what happened in the 2008 RPI State Convention.

I was THERE.  I SAW it. I HEARD it.

I ask you who are reading this to NOT take MY word for this.

Whether you believe the tale I am about to unfold or not,

I URGE you, if you were not there to search out someone who WAS,

Someone in whom you have confidence and ask them to relay to you in their own words what they witnessed.

As for me this is what I saw and heard.

There was some displeasure about the delegates to the National

Convention and it was evident an attempt would be made to change the make up of the delegation,

David Chung appeared before the Convention and explained to the Delegates the appropriate Parliamentary Method by which this could be done. 

This process had no sooner started than a frantic motion was made to bring it to a halt.

Now at this point I must stipulate one thing,

Reasonable people could in truth have heard the Yeahs and Nahs differently.
The Yeahs for the most part came from the portion of the floor directly in front of the Chair,

The Nahs came from both of the wings

But there CANNOT be any difference of opinion as to the Chairs responce to Calls for Division,

That under Roberts Rules of Order does NOT have to be recognized by the Chair, can NOT be debated and MUST be acted upon.

That is to say a Count MUST be tallied.

Which the Chair DID NOT DO.

Calls for Division were IGNORED.

Not because they were not heard,

They came from all over the Floor and they came from people who held microphones and thus were on the loud speakers,

Now folks THAT is the way someone like Jack Murtha used to Chair, NOT what I expect to see happen in a  Convention of OUR PARTY.

At the time I swore I would do my best to see that this type of shameful behavior was not repeated during the Next State Convetion,'

I was distracted over the time until just recently because the same group that took control over the last State Convetion a few months later took control over my County Central Committee

And proceeded to operate under the same form of Violation of Rules in our State, County Constitutions ByLaws and Rules of Procedure.

So I spent the last year posting records of exactly which portions of the above were being broken,

I have been accused for my actions of being DIVISIVE.

If insisting that Constituions, ByLaws and Rules of Procedure are to be FOLLOWED and ENFORCED is Divisive


I was recently called to task by our National Committeeman and the President of the Iowa Christian Alliaince, for my activities

Had this been done in a private communication, I could not ethically use it.

But it was done in a public forum, my Facebook Wall before and audience of some 1040 Facebook friends from all over the world.

I come from a kind of folk, who when called out RESPOND.

Here is our Exchange

Steve SchefflerDaniel W Kauffman Jr: My my you spend wasted time name calling and causing division in the party. If you and others who apparently spent one iota of your time working for good candidates as you do this off the wall junk--you would be awarded volunteer of the year. By the way did you see where the FEC said there was NO basis whatsoever to the accusations of people who were spreading malicious lies against ICA? So the lies about people going to jail sinks with all those lies being spread. You and others once again struck out because it is obvious to any intelligent person, you can't win the argument based on concrete facts and truth

Daniel W Kauffman Jr
I can win some arguments on facts I will present them in an upcoming article and the data will be what I myself witnessed not exactly violations of the Law or financial misconduct but flagrant violation of the Rules of procedure of the Republican Party of Iowa, during last years State Convention, which I intend to oppose a repetition of. I have had... See More some part in cleaning up some misconduct here in Linn county by placing it in the bright light of public attention, I plan to do the same thing for State Level misconduct, not Lies but ACTIONS taken in front of the entire State Convention last year that some of the new delegates might not be aware of . I accept that you prefer silence but Fiat justitia ruat caelum
3 hours ago
Daniel W Kauffman Jr
PS my major objections have nothing to do with the FEC investigation, but will be based on concrete facts and truth.
The gentleman's comment on the FEC  case refers to a few news articles I posted in passing a while back here is a link to the basic story.
From the

FEC again denies complaint against Hurd

Some items have no merit, some are out of FEC's jurisdiction.

I am not going to comment one way or the other on that matter,

My main points of contention with the gentleman are his organizations part in the events of the last State Convention and his work towards some form of Purity Tests by the Party Leadership

From the Iowa Independent


Iowa’s Scheffler supports GOP ‘purity test’

Iowa Christian Alliance President and Republican National Committee member Steve Scheffler is among 10 co-sponsors of a resolution being circulated that aims to impose a conservative litmus test on potential GOP candidates.

The resolution, dubbed a “purity test” by the media, became public Monday. It lists 10 positions Republican candidates should support to demonstrate that they “espouse conservative principles and public policies” that are in opposition to “Obama’s socialist agenda.”

Any Republican candidate who breaks with the guidelines of the resolution on three or more of these issues would be penalized by being denied party funds or the party endorsement.

There is a basic difference between my outlook and that of Jack Murtha, the Chair at the Last State Convention and Mr Scheffler.

I may disagree with your choices I may attempt to persuade you that you are mistaken, but I will NOT take it upon myself to make those choices FOR you, because I think I know better than you.

 There is only ONE Litmus Test I uphold, the Will of the Voters as expressed in their Primary.

That for me is IT.

I do NOT accept the concept that the Party Leadership gets to make those decisions FOR us.

In my opinion the Party Leadership should be stricly neutral during the Primary and Partisan during the General Election,

They shoud be our Trusted Servants, they should NOT Govern us.

 I urge you to consider these matters, in particular the events of the Last State Convention,

 Then relay your OWN position whether it be in agreement or opposition to me to other Republcans, those who will be attending this coming State Convtion,


Forward this to the new State Committee Members and ask THEM what THEIR positions are and what THEY intend to do to ensure our Rules of Order are followed in the Future

Here are links to them.


State Central Committee

NamePosition Email Phone
Matt StrawnChairman Email
Jim KurtenbachCo-Chairman Email
Kim LehmanNational Committeewoman Email515-202-2517
Steve SchefflerNational Committeeman Email
Jeremiah JohnsonFirst District Email
John OrtegaFirst District Email
Chelle AdkinsFirst District Email
David ChungSecond District Email
Emily LofgrenSecond District Email
Trudy CavinessSecond District Email
Gopal KrishnaThird District Email
David FischerThird District Email
Wes EnosThird District Email
A.J. SpikerFourth District Email
Drew IversFourth District  Email
Bill SchickelFourth District  Email
Tim MoranFifth District Email
Craig WilliamsFifth District Email
Monte ShawFifth District - Secretary Email 

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 8:05 AM CDT
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Updated: Monday, 17 May 2010 8:23 AM CDT

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