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Saturday, 1 April 2006
!Este no es su Bario Vato!
This is not your Neighborhood Homeboy.

Lately since all the fuss about illegal aliens and such I have seen a few signs and read a few statements, that I object to.

I am part Cherokee, I AM Indigenous.
As for Aztlan? Here is your Aztlan Vato

Don't get in any big rush to go back there now.

As a matter of fact I don't hear about anyone
risking Death in the Desert to cross over INTO
Mexico do you?

Millions have come to the United States of America to escape oppression and enjoy the opportunity we have here, that does not exist in the United States of Mexico.

Does it make sense to recreate what they are fleeing from, where they have fled to?

Yes the Europeans came and took this land.
Both the Anglos and the Hispanics came and took.
The Aztecs? Raided surrounding Tribes for their massive sacrificial rites to their Gods.
No one's hands were clean.

They say Chutzpah is like a man who murders his parents and asks clemency of the Court because he is an orphan.

Here we have those those who murdered and stole the Land and now whine because someone took what they had taken from them in turn.

I grieve for their plight. NOT

Our land is bounded by two nations both rich in natural resources.

One Canada, is Prosperous, with Opportunity and Justice. The other, abounds with Poverty, Misery, and Oppression.

One wonders why this is so. Both have as I stated a bounty of natural resources and the Mexicans I have met in this country are for the most part hard working industrious people. They prosper when they come to the States.

Do they really wish to duplicate the failed society of the South here in the North?
So anyone who is stupid enough to make the statement that only Hispanics deserve to stay on this continent?

Since the Time of Genocide a New Nation has been born in this region, Many of the First Nations consider themselves part of it and have prospered.

Esto es MI Bario Vato.

Mine and the rest of the First Nations, NOT yours!

If you come to be a part of what we have now built welcome.

If you plan to steal across our borders in the Night and take what is ours and build some pipe dream of a Nation that you call Aztlan?

Bring some help Vato, my ancestors where here before YOU or the Anglos came and none of my ancestors cut out captives hearts with stone knives.

We have NOTHING in common with you.

Go back to your Aztlan and if you want to come after me and mine?

Is your hair clean I hate taking dirty scalps.

!Este no es su Bario Vato
!Esto es NUESTRO Bario!
This is not your Neighborhood Homeboy.
This is OUR Neighborhood!


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 12:29 AM CST
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Updated: Saturday, 1 April 2006 6:31 AM CST

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