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Monday, 20 February 2006
For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind
Hosea 8 VII

There is a voting demographic group that not much attention is paid to.

I speak of the 25 million or so Vets, their families and their close personal friends.

That is a lot of votes folks and there are some things they hold sacred that it is best not to trample on with impunity..

Now Hillary Clinton's award from the Military Order of the Purple Heart "in recognition of her inspirational leadership and dedicated service to America’s military service members and America’s veterans." is a little ridiculous and might raise a few eye brows but the attack upon upon the MidWest Heros
by the Democratic Party of Minnesota may have repercussions in the next two elections.

They just never learn.

Listen to Col. Stephenson and Judge for Yourself

Yesterday, we interviewed Lt. Col. Bob Stephenson on the Northern Alliance Radio Network. You can listen to the interview here.

The Democratic Party has undertaken an organized campaign to drive Col. Stephenson, two fellow servicemen and the families of servicemen who were killed in Iraq off the airways. The Democratic Party has officially pronounced that Col. Stephenson and his ads are "un-American." That such a thing could happen is almost beyond belief--a Marine officer with more than ten years of active duty labeled "un-American" for supporting America's foreign policy--but it is nevertheless true.

Listen to Col. Stephenson and the two ads and judge for yourself whether they are "un-American."
Posted by John at 07:38 PM

Now it's only fair for me to let the other side of the political spectrum speak for themselves.

Posts by Laura Barcella
Laura Barcella is AlterNet's front page editor

'Midwest heroes,' my ass

Posted by Laura Barcella at 12:32 PM on February 10, 2006.

A conservative group's foul video claims 'we're making real progress in Iraq, defending our country from radical Al-Qaeda terrorists.'

Odd I seem to recall Joe Lieberman saying the same thing? Notice the high moral ground established with the title?

Yesterday a savvy AlterNet reader named Dan sent a tip about "this UNBELIEVABLE commercial the Administration is airing in Minnesota?Everybody should see this to understand just how far they're prepared to go with the lies."

I find I agree with that statement but I disagree with the direction that the lies are coming from

So I visited the offending (and laughably-titled) website ( Who are these "Midwest heroes?" Mouthpieces for the Bush regime,disguised as former American soldiers, of course!y explain 'emselves this way: "We're defeating the terrorists and neutralizing the insurgents. Our troops are helping the Iraqi people and their new democracy transition to self-reliance. And in doing so, we're securing America from the threats of radical al Qaeda terrorists?"

Repulsed, I watched the video for myself. And oh my, Dan -- you're right. It's unbelievable.

Merrilee Carlson whose son Sgt. Michael Carlson
fell in battle in Iraq

Clay & M.J. Kesterson whose son Chief Warrant Officer Erik Kesterson fell in battle in Iraq

Pat & Joan Kelly whose son Marine Lance Corporal Bryan P. Kelly fell in battle in Iraq

John Ellsworth whose son John's son Marine Lance Corporal Justin M. Ellsworth, top left, fell on November 13, 2004 as a result of enemy action in Al Anbar Province, Iraq

Does it seem to you that the Absolute Moral Authority of those who have had children die in combat does not extend to these families?

Who are those disguised as former American soldiers, you might ask?

Robert Stephenson After serving with the Marines for over 20 years, both in active and reserve duty, Lieutenant Colonel Robert "Bob" Stephenson volunteered to go to Iraq to fight the war on terror.

Mark Weber, a captain in the U.S. Army Reserves, crossed the border from Kuwait into Iraq in the pre-dawn hours of the war's first day. As part of the Third Corps Support Command out of Fort Des Moines, Iowa, Weber and his troops operated an Assault Command Post that opened up captured enemy air bases on the run and provided close logistical support for infantry and artillery units as they raced across central Iraq towards Baghdad.

Marcellus Wilks
Marcellus Wilks joined the Marine Corps after graduating from West Des Moines Valley High School in 1988. He comes from a family with a strong military tradition***************************
Wilks is proud of his career and particularly of how he performed at a high standard and maintained that standard throughout his 18 months in Iraq.

There you havc the disguised American Soldiers and the UnAmerican Families of Fallen Servicemen, not all of them, just some of them

"The media only reports the bad news," some white dude in a suit informs us while 'patriotic' music surges. "But we're making real progress in Iraq, defending our country from radical Al-Qaeda terrorists who want to destroy America, beginning in Iraq?You'd never know it by the news reports, but our enemy in Iraq is Al-Qaeda, the same terrorists who killed 3000 people on 9/11, the same terrorists from the USS Cole, Madrid, London, and many more?"

Watch for yourself... then feel free to Puke. Rinse. Repeat.

While we watch their video or read you ranting screed?

The website is part of the Progress for America Voter Fund ("PFA-VF", a conservative advocacy group that wants to "reduce the lopsided advertising advantage that liberal 527s have on the campaign trail today."

For an alternate take on "midwestern heroes," visit Al Franken's Midwest Values PAC.

Laura Barcella is AlterNet's front page editor.

Yes do that, it is always of value to hear morality from someone who garnered such a high salary at the expense of the termination of a Charity for the Elderly and the Children of a Community.

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Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 7:33 AM CST
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Updated: Monday, 20 February 2006 9:47 AM CST

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