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Thursday, 16 February 2006
The New Dark Ages
Slowly one by one the Lights of Liberty are being Extinguished on the European Continent

Hat Tip Little Green Football

Norway and Sweden Enforce Shari'a

Norway Criminalizes Blasphemy?

Norway had its brief, shining moment of resistance. Not Sweden. Among the European leaders who have insisted firmly in recent days that their nations enjoyed free speech – only to insist even more firmly that that right must be exercised "responsibly" – was Swedish foreign minister Laila Freivalds, who, responding on February 9 to a Muhammed cartoon in the newspaper of the right-wing Swedish Democratic Party, didn’t just call for "responsibility" but enforced it, sending the Security Police to close down the party website. "It is frightful," she sniffed, "that a small group of Swedish extremists can expose Swedes to a clear danger" – as if it were the Swedish Democrats, and not Islamic extremists, who were threatening violence. Lately, many Europeans have sought to explain to enraged Muslims that democratic states cannot silence the free expression of ideas; Freivalds appeared determined to show that in Sweden, at least, this is no longer the case.

And so the Jackboots of Security Forces are heard marching to support of Facism. Free Speech is no more, only approved speech remains.

Islam Online says Norway Criminalizes Blasphemy

Ban Blasphemy

Qaradawi called anew on the United Nations to adopt a resolution banning blasphemy to head off similar incidents in the future.

He also urged the European Union to criminalize blasphemy against any religion, including pagan religions.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is pressing for a ban on religious intolerance to be part of the bedrock of a planned new United Nations human rights body.

Qaradawi pointed out that there is a difference between freedom of expression and freedom of insulting.

"Freedom of expression is all about expressing an opinion. In the cartoons case, there is no opinion or counter-opinion," he said.

The Norwegian delegation assured the renowned scholar that Article 135-A of the Norwegian Penal Code orders a maximum penalty of three years in jail for publishing articles mocking religions or ethnic groups.

So after a hiatus of how many Centuries the Inquisition returns to Europe.

Next I guess Apostasy will be Outlawed?

Will we Stone Heretics in the 21st Century Dark Ages or just Burn them at the Stake?

If Norway's Blasphemy Law is only used to prosecute those defaming Islam, but never Muslims defaming Jews or other Religions does that make Norway an Islamic State by Default?


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 10:20 PM CST
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Updated: Thursday, 16 February 2006 11:26 PM CST

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