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Sunday, 11 December 2005
Arbeit Macht Frei
Some of you may recognize the title of this article.
Some of you may have known it in the past but forgotten its meaning.

Some of you have yet to be enlightened.

One of the most dangerous things in the world is a Social Liberal with an idea to enhance the Greater Good.

One bright idea that surfaces from time to time is the concept of Mandatory Federal Service.

It would be good for the Nation, it would benefit the Youth, allow all sorts of needed and beneficial public service.

It would also be in complete violation of the Spirit and the Word of

The XIIIth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

I ask you? What is so complicated about those words?

Now I have a confession to make. I at times have looked upon the Draft as something not entirely negative in its effects on the Republic.

Before you get too excited, let me explain. My thoughts stem in part from my upbringing.

I am a Navy Brat. I spent my childhood on military bases, in many ways isolated and protected from the outside world.

As a small boy I understood the Order of the Universe.

It was ordered in this fashion.

The Navy
The Marine Corps
The Army
The Air force.

Then came


Other assorted Vermin

Then way down at the bottom some very scary things called.


At the time I did not really know what Civilians WERE, but I got the distinct impression that they were not very nice, however I was not worried the Base Marines were between me and whatever they were. ;-)

So part of me approves in principle of a Military composed in large part of temporary members who do not WANT to be in it forever. Prevents Military Coups and such unpleasantness.

All of that may be true, but still does not in my mind over ride that Mandatory Federal Service is in fact,

involuntary servitude, NOT as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted

For me it is that simple. No attempt to rationalize or justify it can negate the simple words in the

XIIIth Amendment.

Some maintain the Constitution is a living document to be reinterpreted and modified as our Society changes.

I say we as a Nation paid too bitter a price for this Amendment to discard it for wishful thinking.
Statistical Summary
America's Major Wars

Combat Other
184,594 373,458
Combat deaths refers to troops killed in action or dead of wounds. Other includes deaths from disease, privation, and accidents, and includes losses among prisoners of war

Some may maintain that this is only the pipe dream of a few Transnational Progressives and no danger of it ever being attempted by the Government is possible.

I commend the following to their contemplation.

John Kerry Outlines Plan to Require Service for High School Students

As part of his 100 day plan to change America, John Kerry will propose a comprehensive service plan that includes requiring mandatory service for high school students and four years of college tuition in exchange for two years of national service.

But what about the Constitution? Well another Democratic Leader who ran for his Party's nomination had some interesting words on his concept of Presidential Power.

"When I'm president, we'll do executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day," Gephardt said.

So much for Separation of Powers and the Rule of Constitutional Law.

These were not obscure and unknown political theorists, but persons who had the potential to be come the Commander in Chief of ALL US Military Forces .

Think about it.

Oh the title I began all this with? Began with that title because it is what comes to my mind whenever I hear a proponent of Mandatory Federal Service?

Arbeit Macht Frei?

It means

Work makes free

It was the sign over the main gate at Dachau.

It was a lie then, it is a lie now.

Make no mistake Mandatory Federal Service is Involuntary Servitude under the meaning of the XIIIth Amendment and is nothing more or less than an attempt to rationalize and justify what is in reality the simple concept called.


In a free Society there may be places the Government can prevent you from going, but when the day comes it prevents you from leaving. You are no longer free.

"Take this Job and Shove it" I'm out of here is the minumum basis for Personal Liberty. That line when crossed is the Demarcation between a Free Society and a Slave State.

What is Mandatory Federal Service but that?

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Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:28 AM CST
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Updated: Tuesday, 13 December 2005 1:05 AM CST

Monday, 12 December 2005 - 7:59 AM CST

Name: David
Home Page:

Gee. Commented last night and it apparently got fried in the aether.


Gist of my comment: Lincoln's Inmperial Decree finally (fraudulently) enacted with the faux amendment (XVI) assures that every American who's not rich or powerful enough to have a few congresscritters *spit* and lawyers *spit, spit* in their pockets is enslaved to the government. Was it not Madison, arguing in the Federalist Papers concerning apportionment of representatives/census of slave v free, who argued that slavery was defined as non-ownership of the fruits of one's labor?

By that standard, most Americans, through Federal taxes, are at least half enslaved to the Feds already. (Unless one buys the disingenuous argument that the end user—you and me—does NOT pay business/corporate income taxes).

And that's not even counting those on massa's welfare plantation... funded through the fraud of the XVI Amendment.

Monday, 12 December 2005 - 8:30 AM CST

Name: Lyn
Home Page:

Wow, some interesting stuff there. Thanks for the background. lgp

Monday, 12 December 2005 - 8:34 AM CST

Name: Dan Kauffman
Home Page:

"slavery was defined as non-ownership of the fruits of one's labor"

In the final analysis slavery is the non-ownership of self.

In a free Society there may be places the Government can prevent you from going, but when the day comes it prevents you from leaving. You are no longer free.

Monday, 12 December 2005 - 6:01 PM CST

Name: greensmile
Home Page:

First let me agree with you: Involuntary national service is justifiable for nations directly threatened by superior numbers of enemy on their immediate borders. Short of such obvious needs for all to pitch in whether or not they have the guts and the inclination, the case gets weak pretty fast.

Now to quibble a bit. Appeal to the 13th is not as simple as it may seem. A few lines above we read in the 2nd that people should be permitted to keep arms BECAUSE THE NATION MAY NEED TO RAISE A MILITIA FROM TIME TO TIME. This cuts two ways with respect to your idea: the govt is expected to need your soldiering efforts some times BUT only for cause. And to further weaken the power of the government to impose any burden on citizens regarding national service we have the 3rd ammendment. Put them all togehter and I think is means not only can the govt only conscript for military service and only when there is clear need, but no one can be obliged to support the conscripting by providing quarters. I think your argument is in safe territory basically and anybody proposing a national service had better make it voluntary.

Now about the tone and the target of your post, I must disagree.

Work never made anyone free. Work is what we do because we are not free of financial need and perhaps the opinions of our neighbors.

What does unemployment make you? The involuntary aspect of the service is irksome, but what of the welfare aspect?

Kerry must not have been pushing the national service thing too hard...I hadn't heard of it actually. Kerry is history, long gone from the slate. It seems kinda desperate to conjure Nazi spectres just to beat an obscure part of a dead horse, er make that dead donkey. Besides, writers paid for their skills and conservative leaning noted back in 2002 that Bush and David Brooks liked the national service idea just fine. [Brooks' piece may be subscribers-only, darn the Times: he invokes the names of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt as spirits friendly to a national service stint...I think he is full of it.] Better make that "beating a dead elephant".

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