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Wednesday, 14 September 2005
Isolation of the Dodo
Topic: Islamic Jihad
I ran across an interesting dialog on the Internet today.

Shannon Elizabeth comments on a post by Feministe's "Jill" arguing that, because 911 wasn't an act of war (which would come as a surprise to those who declared war on us, then attacked us with our own airliners filled with our own citizens), but was instead a simple act of terrorism, it is not worthy of being commemorated by the inaptly-named "war memorial"

Elizabeth: “Gee. And I thought I was an uninformed bimbo."*

It was responded to Shannon Elizabeth calls me a bimbo

Well ad hominen attacks are non productive. In the realm of ideas, my thoughts were as follows.

"The first military land action by the United States of America, was against a NGO of Muslim Terrorists known at the time as the Barbary Pirates.

The Congress of the day, Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton discussed whether a Formal Declaration of War was required.

They concluded that while a Formal Declaration of War was required to initiate a War, since our Shipping (the merchant marines were civilians I might add) and our Sovereignty had been attacked we were already in a STATE OF WAR
with the Barbary Pirates so no Formal Declaration was required.

Under the International Accords Customs and Laws of Land War at that time and today, A State of War ensues when either an attack occurs or a Declaration of War is issued.

Al Queda has declared Holy War upon the United States of America and has attacked us on our soil, and has attacked us elsewhere in the world.

There is now, and has been for some time, a State of War between us, there is Constitutional Precedent as I stated above for this claim."

On a more general note, during the last generation at the hands a of an Extreme Jihadist Sect, in Bangladesh, Southern Sudan, Dafur, Algeria and numerous other locales on the order of 5 million human beings have been slaughtered and about 50 million displaced.

I cannot think of a single religion that has not been attacked.

This combat has claimed the lives of citizens of almost every nationality on the face of the Earth and attacks have been carried out in North America, Europe, Asia, the MidEast, Oceania. So far I do not recall any attacks in South America or Antarctica, but give them time, they may yet hit those areas.

We are engaged in a Global War with an unprecedented range. What level of Mega Death is required for some people to actually see this?

The Forces arrayed against us divide the World into two portions

Dar Al Islam the House of Peace/Surrender/Submission
and Dar Al Harb the House of War/not-Surrendered/not-Submitted.

We used to think of the War Issue as between Hawks and Doves, then I wondered if it should be Hawks and Ostriches, due to the numbers who seemed to have their heads stuck in the Sand.

Now I think that they are not Ostriches, but Dodos.

The Dodo was just not smart enough to realize that something could be a threat.

The Dodo is now Extinct.

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 5:52 PM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 7:14 AM CDT

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