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Wednesday, 27 July 2005
We Are Not Alone

Topic: Islamic Jihad
It is nice to find friends.
Our enemies may be Legion,
but our friends are as well.

You may not hear about them
on TV, or read about them in
the Newspapers, or Magazines.
But they ARE out there IF you
LOOK for them.

In an earlier post I mentioned
a website named

Unite Against Terror

After I signed the Petition I found
there I looked at the others who
had done so as well and found
Daisy Miller from Italy, and HER

We should stop by, visit and say
Hello, Thank You or Ciao La Ringrazia
since the site is totally in Italian.

But thanks to the miracle of Modern
technology and websites like


Of COURSE it is not the same as
being fluent. but we CAN understand
many things she has to say.

We can translate text and even the
entire webpage in one click.

Then we can read of her mother telling
her stories as a girl of the GIs
who gave HER and other children
chocolate when she was a girl and what
she thought we she hear of the children
in Iraq who were killed by terrorists
because once again American GIs were
handing candy out to children


My mommy that had 15 years when arrive the
Americans will have told me thirty times of
the chocolates that distributed from the jeep
when arrived at Modena: hearing about those
that demolished twenty children irakeni that
took the candies from a navies yesterday the
other annotated: "to take them and to kill
has been not them enough"

Yes it was nice to find this website. It is
nice to find kindred spirits and allies in
this world we find ourselves in.

But Dan some may say, she is ONLY one person.
Yes she is only one person but on her
website she has THREE Screen fields
of Pro-American Italian Blogs!

Wonderful. The Committees of Correspondence
have gone global they no longer are
confined to their Revolutionary limits
of only our shores.

I will post another time of others I have
chanced upon.

And if you who read these words are from another
part of the Globe, leave a message??

Let us know you were here?

Of course I DO know some from distance places
have paused here. I see the record HERE

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:57 AM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:16 AM CDT

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