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Tuesday, 26 July 2005
The World
Turned Upside Down

Topic: Islamic Jihad
According to Legend the Air Played at Yorktown when the troops of Cornwallis laid down their arms. Ironically
Cornwallis opposed nearly all of the British policies that led to the American Revolution.

Indeed the World was Turned Upside Down that Day. One of the Preeminent Military Powers of Europe defeated with the aid of the French by a ragtag collection of Colonials.

In the next few years that New Nation was to engage in its first military land action against of all things a Muslim Terrorist NGO known in those days as the Barbary Pirates. Europe of the Day was content to pay tribute, the answer to that demand by the United States was,
"Millions for Defense, not One Red Cent for Tribute!"

Shortly thereafter as History turns, our former enemy the British and we were at War, During that conflict out Capital was burned and sacked.

History runs in cycle and in 200 years The World has Turned Upside Down once more. Our Former enemy is now our closest ally, in a struggle once more against a Muslim Terrorist NGO this time known as Al-Qaeda.

One personal political front the World has also been
Turned Upside Down. Former Liberals are now called Neo=Cons, what was the Reactionary Conservative Party has become one which supports the advancement of Democracy and Egalitarian Liberty abroad. The Former Radical Liberal Left now supports or trys to support Fascist Dictators in a futile attempt to achieve stability in a chaotic world.

Myself I have found myself in what in the past would be strange company.

My Political Heros today include, Ronald Reagon, Daniel Patrick Moynahan, William F Buckley, George Herbert Walker Bush, George Walker Bush and by the Great Harry has the World Turned Upside Down?

Christopher Hitchens.

I will admit Mr Hitchens would be horrified to be grouped together with some of the above figures and I will admit if you were to go back in the Past and tell my younger self that one day I would avidly read with approval the works of one of the most potent spokesmen for the Left and a Trotskyite, I would have told you that would be insane,

But today we live in an INSANE world and all other differences aside there is one defining concept that Christorpher Hitchens and I agree on TOTALLY and that is the immanent danger of the Jihadists.

So when, reading some of his works, I stumbled upon the following, what he wrote struck a chord of truth to me and I joined him and other strange bedfellows and signed this Petition and I encourage others of like mind to do the same.

Communities United Against Terror

Now I did not need much persuasion, none actually, but had I need it I think these words would have downt ehe trick.

"Why I Signed Christopher Hitchens"

Association with this statement and with many of its fellow-signatories involves two commitments. The first is the elementary duty of solidarity with true and authentic resistance movements within the Muslim world, such as the Kurdish guerrillas in Iraq and the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, who were fighting against Ba'athism and Talibanism (and the latent alliance between the two) long before any American or British government had woken up to the threat. It should go without saying that, though the suffering of their peoples was intense, neither Jalal Talabani nor Ahmed Shah Masoud ever considered letting off explosive devices at random in foreign capitals. I have my political and ideological differences with both groups, but these differences are between me and them, and are not mediated through acts of nihilistic murder.

My second commitment is equally elementary. The foreign policy of a democracy should be determined only at election times or by votes in Congress or Parliament. It is one hundred per cent unacceptable even to imply, let alone to assert, that a suicide-murderer or his apologists can by these means acquire the right to any say in how matters are decided.

Both of these observations, and indeed this very statement, would be redundant if it were not for the widespread cultural presence of a pseudo-Left, and an isolationist Right, both of whom have degenerated to the point where they regard jihadism as some form of "liberation theology". The old slogans are often the best, and "Death to Fascism" is life-affirming in these conditions

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 5:32 AM CDT
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