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Friday, 22 July 2005
It's All
Because of IRAQ

Topic: Islamic Jihad
At least 45 killed in Egypt resort bombing spree

And of course this is
ALL because of Iraq.
If Egypt had not

invaded another Sovereign
Nation and Over threw---

Wait a minute EGYPT has not invaded anyone, Has it?

But aren't these atrocities supposed to be the Arab Streets Outrage at the overthrow of Saddam Husein?

All this is really confusing particularly since almost all the bombing attacks by the FOREIGN rephrased NON IRAQI Jihadists have been killing IRAQIS.

Yes the message of the Jihadists seems to be

"We will fight the Crusader-Infidels to the LAST DROP of IRAQI BLOOD!"

So if Egypt is not the one who invaded Iraq then why?

Saturday, 23 July , 2005, 06:43

Cairo: At least 45 people were killed and around 150 more wounded in a string of bomb attacks overnight in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, medical sources told AFP.

"There were several attacks at around 1:00 am (2200 GMT Friday) in the centre of Sharm el-Sheikh," a police official told AFP.

"For the moment, we don't know whether they were car bombs or bombs planted under parked cars," he said. "We are not ruling out the possibility of suicide bombings."

The blasts rocked the popular Sinai resort at the peak of the summer tourist season and several foreigners were believed to be among the victims.

According to police sources and witnesses, one of the deadliest bombs went off in a car park between the Ghazala and Movenpick hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh's Naama Bay area.

"The side of the Ghazala hotel facing the sea was badly damaged by one of the blasts and part of it even collapsed," Sharm el-Sheikh resident Hossam Osman told AFP on the phone.

"There are lots of bodies covered with blood-stained white sheets around the hotel. Lots of people rushed to the scene to see what was happening but up to 600 policemen are cordoning off the area," added Osman, who owns a photo laboratory.

The attacks came on the 53rd anniversary of the 1952 revolution and scores of Egyptians were also on an extended holiday weekend in Sharm el-Sheikh and other resorts.

According to police sources, there were up to seven almost simultaneous blasts, mainly in Sharm el-Sheikh's old market area.

One went off near the Marriott hotel and another near the Marina Sharm, witnesses said.

According to an AFP reporter in the Sinai, police forces immediately tightened security along the peninsula's coastline road, with sniffer dogs checking vehicles at every checkpoint.

The bombings were the bloodiest such incident since 34 people, including several Israeli tourists were killed in triple bombings against Taba and two other Sinai resorts last October.

Sharm el-Sheikh is Egypt's largest resort and sits at the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula.

The October 7 bombings had targeted the Hilton hotel -- which lies next to the border with Israel at the north of Gulf of Aqaba -- as well as two other resort camps in Nuweiba, further down the coastline.

The October bombings were the first major attack in Egypt since 58 tourists were killed in an attack on the southern town of Luxor in 1997 and sparked a massive crackdown by government troops in the Sinai.

The trial of three men suspected of involvement in the October bombings opened on July 2 at the high state security court in Ismailiya, northeast of Cairo, and was due to resume on Sunday.

One of the men is still at large and being tried in absentia.

Because its less trouble and EASIER to bomb Egypt than to go all the way to the US, Italy, Denmark, the rest of the Coalition of the Willing
(all 30 plus Nations) or UK again?

Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 11:31 PM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:09 AM CDT

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