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Single Tops
Out at #2

The SuperPunk single reached a peak last week at #2 on the MP3.com Kansas chart. The first single from Suburban Love Pants CD is currently at #42. Check out the SPJ Forum for feedback on the single and head to the following links to download this hot new track.

KANSAS TOP 100 Chart

MP3 Now Up

The first single from Suburban Love Pants CD is now available on MP3.com. Currently, the SuperPunk MP3 is at the top of the listings for new MP3s on the Kansas chart. Check it out and download often as we hope to jump onto the Kansas chart soon.

SPJ Home Page

For the ultimate Pajama fan, we have redesigned our home page to be your home page. We've added a mediocre search engine and the perfect combination of hockey, Axis & Allies and croquet links. Expect to see regular news mixed in with coverage of the SPJs. Make it your new home page today by going to Tools, Internet Options and pasting in: http://www.spookypajamas.com/ to your home page address window.

Valentine's Day Massacre

The wait is over PajamaHeads. The SPJs will once again explode onto the Kansas City scene with a new CD and soap opera style sub-plot. The venue is Fin's Waldo Bar & Grill on Valentine's Day, Friday, February 14. The band will be hawking their new CD, Suburban Love Pants and saying farewell to long-time bassist, Jay Thornton. How can Thornton walk away from a band on the verge of a world-wide breakthrough? Who knows what happens behind the scenes in the torrid world of rock and roll? Perhaps the band didn't watch enough porn together? The point: Don't worry about it. Grab your favorite sex partner and head out for some abrasive noise and one helluva CD Release Party! Estimated starting time: 9:45 p.m. Address: 7438 Wornall Road, KC, MO. Phone: 816-523-9964.

Bassist Wanted

It ends where it began--Fin's Waldo Bar & Grill. Jay Thornton will play his final Pajamas show on Feb. 14. Citing a life-long desire to pursue a career on Broadway, Thornton will pack his magic bass up and head to New York for fame and chicks. Beware o' the ghost New York city.

The loss of Thornton will not deter the Pajamas as they are already solidifying plans for a live show with the Hiawatha Philharmonic Orchestra.

Get Your Pants On


"Revolutionary, Epic, Super Fly TNT"
The Highlander

The reviews are being fabricated across the world the SPJs new release, Suburban Love Pants. The CD is set to hit the city on January 31 and with the official on February 14. The first single off of the CD will be Superpunk. Check out the complete track listing:

Yellow Station Wagon
Windshield Time
Dr. Pants/Leonard

Pajama Mobilization


The Spooky Pajamas are officially working on a show for mid-February. This will be a 2003 Tour kickoff and CD Release Party as the new CD will hit the streets in February. The CD is titled Suburban Love Pants. Previously unrecorded tracks will include SuperPunk, Windshield Time, Mopeds, Mommy and Lightswitch. A specific date for public consumption of the CD has not yet been released by the band. Stay tuned.

SPJs Live


Hide the women and children, the Spooky Pajamas will attack at 9421 Mackey, Overland Park on Saturday, October 26. The 2002 Wet the Bed/House Party Tour will once again go underground for a basement show. All have been commanded to wear a costume.

Into the Studio


The rumours are true. The local Pajama boys have been holed up in a Kansas City, Kansas studio trying to capture the magic of the SPJ's. With the assistance of Mixmaster Greg, the band is working on a 10-song recording. The CD will include five previously unrecorded tracks and five classics from the SuperPunk demo. The project started on May 17 and is nearing completion. The band is approximately halfway through the mixdown stage. No date has been set for a release.

New Material to Debut April 26


After a long absence from the Waldo area, the SPJ's will once again return to their roots with an April 26 show at Fin's Waldo Bar & Grill. The Pajamas played six shows at Fin's during 1999 and 2000, including their bar debut March 27, 1999. The band plans to make the best of their return by debuting two new originals and a "top secret cover" during two 45-minute sets. There will be no opening act, so it will be all Pajamas, all the time. Fin's Waldo Bar & Grill, 7438 Wornall Road, KC, MO. Phone: 816-523-9964.



It looks like the message board and chat room are back in business for good now. Enjoy.

Message and Chat Down


The provider for our Message Board and Chat Room has been hacked. They've shut everything down and have not given an estimated time for restart. We'll give them a few days before we look for an alternative.

Attention All SPJ Fans:


The SPJs will once again invade the Westport scene with a Saturday night, March 2nd appearance at the Hurricane. The Pajama Queens will be opening for Six Percent and Jeremy's Box at Kansas City's premiere live music venue. The SPJs plan to play rock style music. The Hurricane, 4048 Broadway, KC, MO. Phone: 816-753-0884

In other news, the Pajamas will get a little prepartion for the big Hurricane show by playing a Birthday Party Mystery Gig on February 23. All other details are top secret.

Waldo or Be Killed!


Grab your calendar and mark down this critical date--Friday, April 26. Fin's Waldo Bar & Grill presents "An Evening with The Spooky Pajamas." There will be no opening act and you get two 45-minute sets. YES! Not one, not three, but two 45-minute sets. WAIT! That's not all! Are you serious? You thought that was it. Hey read on, hardcore rock music fan. The band may even unveil some new tunes. They may not either, but that's the chance you take when you enter the mayhem we call Pajamarama. Fin's Waldo Bar & Grill, 7438 Wornall Road, KC, MO. Phone: 816-523-9964

Return of the Elves


You wanted the best, instead you'll get the Pajamas. The Tour that wouldn't die continues on with a special holiday engagement on Saturday, December 15th at Mike's Tavern. The SPJ's will open for the coolest three-piece band in America--Velvet Freeze. To get to this event, drive to Mike's Tavern at 5424 Troost. The Pajamas will start between 9:30 and 10:00. It should be a swell time.

End of the Road 2001


The 2001 Mommy/Elves Tour will grind to an end at the Fifth Annual Halloween Bash in Lenexa, Kansas. This will be the fourth straight appearance at the Bash for the Pajamas who made their debut at the 1998 event. This year a mysterious opening act will be added to the show and will crank up around 9:30 p.m. The SPJs will follow shortly thereafter. The function begins at 8:00 p.m. and everyone is commanded to wear a costume. The address for Halloween Bash V is 13304 W. 104th St., Lenexa, KS. We're all gonna get laid.

Recent Shows


Despite taking a planned two-month hiatus, the SPJs jammed a show into mid-August at Jilly's and also made a somewhat impromptu appearance at the Hootenanny in Brookside, Missouri. The band opened for Eric at the Jilly's show on August 18 in what band members dubbed the loudest show of the SPJ era. The Hootenanny reunited the band after a month off while guitarist Sexy Moves "recovered" at a local clinic. In short, despite the plans for some time off, the band will be playing their third gig in three months when they take the floor at the Bash on October 26. Next up, the band will once again go into the studio to try to get some decent recording of the more popular tunes. Also, a move to a new studio is in the works.

Jilly's Forever


The Pajamas will try to recapture the magic of their last Jilly's show by returning to the downtown venue on August 18. The band will be opening this time around for Eric. The show is likely the final bar gig in 2001for the SPJs as the boys will take a six-week hiatus after this show. You may ask yourself how does this plan differ from any other SPJ show. Only in one aspect--this break is planned. The band will try to reorganize in late September for the Hootenanny in Brookside, then finish out by playing in their Fourth consecutive Halloween Bash in late October. The Bash is moving to a new location in Overland Park.

Jilly's is located at 1744 Broadway. Come for the beer stay for the noise.

Downtown with the SPJ's


The laziest band in America is back at it again. The Pajamas will once again return to the surface with a June 30th performance at Jilly's in downtown Kansas City. Details are still a little scarce, but we do know that Velvet Freeze has agreed to join in on the fun. The SPJ's actually played at the Jilly's location last year when it was called Pauly's. Jilly's is located at 1744 Broadway. Come and enjoy the noise.

Secret Olathe Show


The band will be return to action this Saturday in Olathe, KS. The event is a birthday party for Scott's roommate's boss. The band will be going on at about 10:30 and expects to play a full set. The SPJs are sporting nearly two hours of material now, so it should be a lengthy jam session. The directions we were provided are as follows:

"435 to 10 Highway
then take 7 highway
to 135th, right head west
10 minutes Gardner road take right
go straight on gravel road
mailbox says rodgers on it. take right"

All are welcome, if you can find it.

The Urge Makes
Guest Appearance


Despite going head-to-head with Gladiator and Crouching Pig, Dangerous Badger*, a good-sized crowd turned out to help the Pajamas kick off the spring leg of the 2001 tour last Sunday (3/25) at the Hurricane. It turned out to be a bonus for everyone, as The Urge made an impromptu guest appearance after the SPJs completed their set. Possibly inspired by the Pajamas, The Urge put forth a truly killer set. As for the Spooky boys, they delivered three new tunes as promised: Lightswitch, Mommy and Virus. Lightswitch seemed to get the best reaction.

There are currently no official plans for the next show, but venues are being discussed. As soon as official word is released, we will let you know.

Hurricane Coming


For the truly hardcore fans that make it out to the Hurricane this Sunday (3/25), the rewards will be great. The band will unveil three new originals, pass out free stickers and have another 20-25 free "SuperPunk" demo CDs available. This opening show for the 2001 Searching For Elves Tour will feature the debut of "Mommy," "Lightswitch" and "Virus." The band recently put the finishing touches on the new tunes after eight tough weeks in the studio and is eager to test drive them in front of a live audience. "Mommy" is a definite sing along number.

As for the free merchandise, contact a member of the band before or after the show, and as long as supplies last, we'll set you up. The SPJs will probably take the stage no later than 10:30 p.m. The event is billed as Original Sin Sunday with The Filter. As we understand it, "The Filter" is a DJ. Hope to see you in Westport.

Cyber with the Pajamas


The website's chat room hasn't ever really taken off. To change that, we are setting up a weekly chat time on Tuesday's at 6:00 p.m. CST. We encourage everyone to use the room early and often. Jay gives good cyber.



The SPJ's are back in business and plan to kick off the 2001 Searching For Elves Tour with a Sunday, March 25 show at the Hurricane in Westport. The band returned to the studio in mid-January and has been working up a few new tunes for the new year. The new material should be ready for the Hurricane show. Although details are still a little tentative, the band will probably take the stage at 10:30 p.m. The event is billed as Original Sin Sunday with The Filter.

The band has been looking forward to a Hurricane show since our inception so we definitely would like to see as many of you as possible at the show. Please encourage as many friends as you like to attend and feel free to forward our e-mail to anyone you feel would have an interest. It's been a long hiatus.



The following e-mail came in from bassist Jay Thornton. He did not reveal the source.

"Fin's Waldo Bar will no longer be having live music!  Elly, the owner, has decreed that she no longer wishes musically inclined undesirables to haunt her bar.  Non-musically inclined undesirables are still welcome. This action was in no way supported by Mary, who was a staunch supporter of live music."