Welcome to the workshop!
Y'all come on in and
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(We don't all talk like that in Kansas, but I knew you where expecting it, he he.)
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1. Introduction

- A little about the Toolman, a mimi blog about who I am and some of the things I like to do. Welcome to my mind and my world here at the workshop. Just kick back and listen to the ramblings of the Toolman for a while, let's all get to know each other.(Updates on my latest computer tinkerings and upgrades...)

2. Workbench

- Here are the tutorials to get you started with HTML. These are the ones I learned HTML with. No, I won't quiz you on this, ha ha. There is a lot to learn though! These days anyone can post a quick, dull web page using free web page builders, but if you want it to look good you need to learn how to code HTML. After you master HTML in all it's forms, why not try your hand at JAVA Script.

3. Tool box

- Here are some cool resourses to help you along. Animated gif's, Web page elements, How-to's and more. Just a little help about some of the decisions needed to start a web page. A page for every person, (some could have used the time better!) Put some thought into it and plan out your site. Draw it out on paper and get your ideas worked out before you start your page.

4. Tool chat

- Good chat programs to help your page. This is a great way to keep track of your friends, and make new ones. I don't have much time to chat these days, sorry to all my friends, and good wishes to you all. I know there are still a lot of chat rooms and chatters out there, but this may be one thing you don't want to use in your web page. It's better to leave the chat sites to the big dogs, or use an instant messageing program.

5. Cool Links

- My favorite links and cool stuff. Get a Toolman's Workshop link for your web page and have your link poated here, details inside... Friends pages and link exchanges, you can have your own link here. Just send me a request. I added my kids webpages, they are proud of them, I also just did a website for the (MVS)clan_AA, go check it out! Update: 2005, well the clan is no longer together but I saved the web site and moved it here so you can see my early work.

6. Awards page

- Awards Toolman's Workshop has won. How great would it be to have your very own Toolman's workshop award for your web page? Well now you can! Show the world how cool you are! Submit your nominations for the Workshop's new "hammer" awards. Is your site up for the challange? Let me be the judge of that!

7. Games page

- Some java script games, Enjoy! I had to remove the Air Hocky game, it was an .EXE file and Angelfire will not let us distribute those file types any more. Latest news, I'm hooked on the online game America's Army. Look me up there, AKA: (MVS)Toolman See ya on the battle field! Update: 2005 Latest games I'm playing, Doom 3 and Halflife 2.

8. Photo page

- Photos of the Toolman. Look at your own risk!! ha ha Who is the Toolman? Is he some derainged old coot tucked away in a cabin in the hills? No, we are in Kansas Toto, there are no hills to get tucked away in! (ok maybe small ones...) Maybe he's still derainged though, just a little... go look and see for yourself. ;-)

9. Family

- Toolman's family. In Kansas and beyond... I'm trying to get a family photo album going here, then all the family from California, Michigan, Kansas and elsewere can keep better tabs on each other and remember what we all look like (lol) I know we don't get to visit and see each other often enough, maybe this will help.

10. G's Designs

- G's Designs, the best Graphic Artist/Designer in Kansas, also my wife. I don't say she is "the best Graphic Artist/Designer in Kansas" because she is my wife, but because it's true! Just ask her many clients and happy customers who keep coming back for more. (I'll work on getting her to let me post some of her work here on the Workshop soon.)

11. Kansas

- Kansas links and information, sights to see, and history. Kansas life is a lot like other places around the country when you live in the big cities (Kansas city, Wichita or Topeka). But I like the Kansas life away from the cities, it's a slower pace and much more friendly. People still wave to each other when they pass by on the roads. I think it is a great place to raise your kids too.

12. Junction City

- Junction City/ Fort Riley links and information. Welcome to our little ARMY town. JC is growing like crazy now that the Army is bringing back all the troops to Fort Riley. With all the troops and family members we are expecting an increse of aproxamatly one third of our current population. New housing developments and businesses are poping up all over.

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