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Webpage Stuff

Angelfire - Coolest Free Home Pages

Free Web Pages - Searchable Directorys

HTML & Webpage help +

HTML Made Real Easy

HTML Laboratory - A good place to Experiment

Page Tutor

Clip art connection - Free gifs - Banner Maker

Cool Text - Logo & Button Maker - Baner Maker

Mediabuilder - Animated Banner Maker

VRL Animate Page - Image or Banner Animator

Imaging Station - Many Imaging sites in one

HVS Gif Cruncher - Reduce gif sizes

Crazy Counter Gallery - Fake Counters

Javascript Net - Cool Javascripts

Website Abstraction - Free Javascripts

Javascript source - Free Javascripts - Meta Tag Help

Add A Free web poll to your site

My Postcards - Add Webcards to your site

Hex Color Chart

Starting Point

Music & Sounds

Cat Stevens Home Page - Entire songs & More

Zoo Majic - Real audio & Request

Veronica net - Real audio songs

Ifni - Midi music

Video Game Music Archive


ICQ - Chat on your desktop

Download mIRC

Web Based Chat for EFnet

Yahoo Chat - I Use to chat here

Talkcity - An ok place for IRC Chat

Free E-Mail

Hotmail - Free e-mail

Yahoo - Free e-mail

Search n' Stuff - A cool search engine - A big search engine

Lycos - good for mp3's & Pictures - A search engine + - Find People - Find People

The Ultimates

Funny Stuff A MUST SEE

J List - Order Odd Japanese stuff A MUST SEE

Not Fooling Anybody A MUST SEE

Bad Japanese Inventions

Download a Dragon

Is your son a computer Hacker?

Aluminum foil deflector beanies

Cheese Racing

Human for sale - How much are you worth?

Muffin Films - Do you like muffins?

Marshmallow peeps research

Send a dead fish!

Build yourself a Llama!!

Optical Illusions - Very Cool eye candy

Crazy Images

Wierdness Test - How wierd are you?

Insanity Test - I guess you can find a page on anything

Death Clock - See how long you have left to live (java) A MUST SEE

Wonka home page

A Virtual Soda Machine

Make an Evil Plan

Worship Sea Monkeys

Strawberry pop tart blow torches

We like the moon

Homestar Runner & Strongbad

Whirl Girl

Muffin Films

Work Nickname Genarator

Intresting Stuff

Binet Simon Test

Hidden DVD Features

The Mojo Discontinuity

The black death & the CCR5 delta32 mutation

The structure of Dantes Inferno

Celestis Home Page

Nuclear Blast Mapper

Earthcam - Links to live cameras

Find a grave - Find grave sites

Usefull Stuff

Universal currency converter

The Positive Press

The Ultimates

Orgins of English sayings

Ad Aware Get rid of spyware

Internet movie database - Lots of movie info

Current Internet Hoaxes

SARC - Virus encyclopedia

The Positive Press - Good News Daily

eBay Home!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

80s Stuff

Easy bake oven recipes

Garbage Pail Kids

Download Old 80s Commericals

Classic Nickelodeon Webpage

Mysterious Cities of Gold


To 11 Spooky 80s toys

In the 80's

Photon - Zap your friends with lazers

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Transload Service
OLD WebTv Gossip

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