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Computer Stuff

Tech TV - The Screensavers

AAA Skins - Skins for your Apps

Dll World - Find missing dll files

Acid Fonts - Free Fonts

Skins, Startup Screens, Themes, Screen Savers, etc..

Digital Wallpapers

Visual Paradox - More Digital Backgrounds

Karens Power Tools

Nonsense Software Downloads

RJL Software Very Fun

Ventrilo - Talk over the net using VOIP

Computer Help & Info

Free Online Virus Scan

Unpatched IE Security Holes

How to make animated windows 98 startup & shutdown screens

How to change your windows 98 start button

DVD & VCD Help

How to make a crossover cable

Fireproof Media Safes

Computer Games & Such

My D&D Page - Programs & Links

Playsite - Play cool games (java)

Super Elf Bowling

Press Your Luck

File Sharing Programs



Bit Torrent

Grab it

Free ISPs

NetZero - Free net service & E-mail

Juno - Free net service & E-mail - I dont know about this one

Video Game Stuff

Game Genie Codes

Build your own arcade controlls

Make a CompUSA Trackball

Arcade@Home - Video Game Console Emulators

All Your Base Video

Atari Gaming Site

Discover PC Game Console

Pc FX info

Gamer Base Downloads

All Game Guide

Video Game Bible

Video Game Museum

Classic Gaming Wallpaper

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