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This page will contain the latest webtv gossip I have recieved in my e-mail, i must admit some of it is hard to believe, but O well..

áá Saved message From: ***************
Date: Mon, Nov 23, 1998, 7:06pm
Subject: ICQ for WebTv... It's coming!!!

I know that ICQ on a computer is great...so I'm really excited about this!!! Scroll down for the info, and I'm sorry about the loading time!!!

From: áá Web_Tv_Search@webtv.net (WebTvSearch)
Group: áá alt.discuss.advanced.html
Subject: áá ICQ for WebTv... It's coming!!!
Date: áá Wed, Nov 18, 1998, 7:33pm (CST-2)
Organization: áá WebTV Subscriber

First let us all at WebTvSearch thank you for the overwhelming response to our site http://www.webtvsearch.com With 20,000 hits in two weeks and thousands of sites added to our database, we've been happily surprised! Among many new features in the building stages for our Webtv community, we have a team of designers working on a program that will be very similiar to what computer users call ICQ. When finished, WebTv users will be able to chat in real time IRC within a 'small frame' that will allow them to also surf the internet at the same time! Some other features of this new program will include; buddy lists (similiar to AOL), you will know when your Webtv pals are online or offline, and many other features to come! The program will only require users to log in and out of their individual accounts! We will be using all of the most up-to-date technology available to Webtv to make the program work successfully including CGI and Perl scripting, IRC Interface, Javascript and Dynamic HTML! The service will be free of charge and we are looking for any ideas, comments, suggestions etc. that you may have! We are expecting the site to be completed around mid-December so keep checking back at http://www.webtvsearch.com for updates! Keep surfin! WebTvSearch Admin.admin@webtvsearch.com

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Date: áá Sat, Jan 23, 1999, 8:54pm To: áá magikman79@webtv.net,
Subject: áá WEBTV THING

Yessssss the announcement has just been made tonight when TalkCity for the first time allowed 100 users in one single chatroom, the founders of WebTV network came on to chat live with users on TalkCity chat rooms and really good news came up from them. there's a lot of stuff they talked about, I will try to give you the most interesting stuff they said:
1--- really soon WebTV users will be able to have Streaming Video, that means that you will be able to watch for example a live video event on the internet, something that is now possible to PC users.
2----Very soon WebTV users will have Instant Message capabilities, something that is now only possible to AOL users and some other PC users.that means you can see when your friends are on line, as soon as they sign on, and you will be able to send instant messages to them.
3-----WebTV plans to add the BCC feature to e-mail, BCC means Blind Carbon Copy, let's say you wan to send an e mail to all your friends like Im doing now, but you dont want to bother your friends with your long list of people at the top of the e mail, well you can use BBC instead of CC to send an e-mail to all your friends, each person will only see the sender's e mail at the top of the e mail, not the long list like you guys need to do now when you want to send a mass e mail.
4-----WebTV will be implementing the use of a new version of JAVA , that means a lot of webpages that you WebTV users can not visit now, will be available for you to visit in the near feature.
5-----WebTV will be amplifying your mail space, thatmeans more mail storage capabilities for you.
6-----A new version of WebTV might be out this SPRING, it will sell for approximately $450 US . ( I dont really remember the exact price sorry) Classic and Plus version will continue to be in use and will still be upgraded.
7----WebTV will in the near future be using Windows CE, a new version of Windows , but that makes no difference to you the Windows thing will not be visible to the eye, it will just improve the overall performance of the boxes. Well this it , at least what I can remember of all the talked today in the Foundersfurom chat room, I must however say that THEY DID NOT GIVE OUT ANY DATE FOR ANY OF THIS , not at all, but for the way they talked I guess it must not be too late.

on Tue, Jan 26, 1999, 8:13pm

This Page http://digi-one.com/ces/webtv/
Was sent to me, it contains many Possible reasons for crazy things that webtv's do

on Thursday, March 4, 1999

This Page http://net4tv.com/voice/polls/p8/
Was sent to me, it contains The most recent "Upgradephobias" about chat & such... almost the same as the last upgrade

Wed, March 10 1999

I was just kinda surfin arround & ran across This http:// www.net4tv.com/voice/ newsstory1.cfm?storyID=164 Its not a computer & its not a webtv, its somewhere inbetween & it can use JAVA! It looks like it might give WebTv a run for their money, ... BUT im also hearing rumors of a next generation WebTv due to be released sometime this fall...(someone said there might be something about it in the march8th or 9th edition of USA Today)
O Well, we'll see

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