Damage Control

Hide what you have to hide, & tell what you have to tell

It’s hard to play the game if you don't know the rules.

Damage Control
  1. A good lie is better than a bad truth!
  2. The more of a truth you put into your lie, the more believable it is. (like the truth from the next universe over)
  3. Everyone has their own version of the truth, and everyone’s is different.
  4. Telling people what they want to hear isn't lying.
  5. Have your lie ready before the question is asked.
  6. Be able to "ad lib" or make up good, believable lies on the spot. (If the real thing don't do the trick, you better make up something quick)
  7. Always have facts ready to "back up" your lie.
  8. NEVER admit guilt, you may yet prevail.
  9. Lying is an art, you must practice.
  10. Cover your ass. (If you tell someone you’re going to be with Bob, make sure Bob knows this)
  11. Always make eye contact when lying.
  12. Learn to identify & cover the physical effects of lying.
  13. When in hostile territory, Never tell the truth when a lie will do.
  14. If you don't believe someone else's lie, pretend you do, until the time is right for a counter-strike.**

You'll be amazed what you can accomplish with a bit of practice & discipline... All you need is a method for the madness

Other things to remember
  • I am willing to sacrifice you all
  • Nothing is ever as simple as it seems.
  • Always operate with ulterior motives.
  • Sometimes all the right people are not on the same side, sometimes there are good guys on the bad guys side, & sometimes there are bad guys on the good guys side.
  • Sometimes two wrongs can make a right.
  • When enough money or power is involved, no life is of value.
  • Don't believe all that you hear, or half of what you see.
  • Wonder Why !! Don't be Just another drone!
  • Information is Power. He who knows all is God.
  • Yelling won't get you what you want Bob, You've gotta be smart to get what you want.
  • Nobody ever gets what they really want, but it's good to want things you can't have.
  • **When the time does come for a counter-strike you can bet your ass it's gonna be Cold!

  • I'd rather be paranoid than sorry.
  • Paranoia is just reality on a finer scale.
  • The question isn't if your paranoid, it's if you’re paranoid enough.

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