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Charter Schools, Character Education & the Eugenics Internationale
Behind the Conservative Curtain:
Pseudo Grassroots Organizations Front
for Corporate/Government Takeover

…having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. I Tim. 3:5

Part II

Good Genes Not Enough
Character Education for Race Betterment


Eugenics: The New Religion

A thesis published by the Rockefeller-founded/funded University of Chicago (where Fredrich von Hayek and free market economist Milton Friedman of the Hoover Institution and the Mont Pelerin Society held professorships) explains the direct relationship between Character Education and Eugenics. We preface this revelatory material from “ A Certain and Reasoned Art: The Rise and Fall of Character Education ,” with the author’s statement that the Character Education movement owes its founding in the United States to a professor of religious education at the Rockefeller-founded Union Theological Seminary:

    “...[T] he Religious Education Association, founded in 1903...more than any other [organization] is most responsible for the surge in publications about character during the teens and twenties. Through its journal, Religious Education, the REA kept attention of character as a way of making up for the secularization of the public schools. The REA’s longtime leader, George Albert Coe, professor of religious education at Northwestern University and later Union Theological Seminary, had practically started the movement with his 1912 ‘Virtue and the Virtues’ and would be one of the first to signal its decline with his 1933 ‘The Present Crisis in Religious Education.’” 1.
It should come as no surprise that Character Education was developed early in this century to fill the spiritual void created by Charles Darwin’s substitution of evolutionary theory for Biblical truth. Of interest, Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species By Means of Natural Selection was subtitled: The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life (1859). In the new paradigm, sans Creator/Redeemer, the human animal must learn character skills through education (rather than receive the righteousness of God by faith, per Romans 3:21, 22):
    “Perhaps the single most important intellectual foundation of the character education movement was Darwin’s doctrine of evolution and natural selection, which built upon Hegel’s concept of history as evolution toward the Absolute. During the late 1800s, the evolutionary doctrine impelled a nearly complete overhaul of our sense of the relationship between humans and nature. Herbert Spencer’s popularization of the concept of natural selection led to a revolution in forms of thinking about society and the individual and the institutions which constitute them both. Evolutionist thinking revolutionized psychology (it became both more concerned with our heredity or animal nature and more intrigued by the social forces which mediate our genetic inheritance); education (where evolutionism led to an increased emphasis on the functional qualities of the curriculum [Kliebard 1988]); sociology (which was practically invented as an evolutionist study of society); and philosophy (many people, Durkheim in his Moral Education ([1925] 1961) for example, began rethinking traditional moral precepts in favor of more functionalist principles).
    “These trends in the various disciplines combined to produce a greater interest in the control of social evolution’ (Cattell 1903, 359), particularly among those who were not disposed towards Spencer’s optimistic sense of inevitable progress. Institutions such as schools were seen in a new light: rather than merely providing the skills or qualities which individuals needed to succeed in society, they became the instruments of social restraint: providing society with both the glue and the boundaries which would keep it from deterioration and collapse. Especially with the perceived breakdown in the influence of the church, the schools would inculcate the habits of thought and body which would ensure the survival not only of the students themselves, but of the race.” 2.
During this period of cultural upheaval, as education was looked to for social salvation, American philosophers like William James imported from Germany “a new scientific pedagogy ” and “were influential in moving their American colleagues to examine issues of character more closely.” James emphasized the role of the will, the “powers of men”-- and described a set of techniques for “unlocking” these “hidden energies and [stirring] men to achieve... The use of ideas to stimulate energies became one of James’ (and John Dewey’s) favorite themes:...”  However, “Character, for Dewey, was the primary influence on the ability of persons to self-realize: to develop their capacities in a manner which led to happiness...”  Self-realization leading to happiness? Hardly a Biblical definition of character.

At this juncture, the real connection between Character Education and the Eugenics Establishment becomes manifest. History shows a direct correlation between these movements, revealing the eugenicists’ objective of eliminating moral and social defectives while inculcating good character in the genetically endowed by means of education. “The Rise and Fall of Character Education” demonstrates the common social and intellectual origins of the Character Education and Eugenics movements and their subsequent interaction:

    “An early critic of Dewey’s naturalistic turn was fellow Johns Hopkins graduate Joseph Jastrow... While he thought educators should focus on ideals for the development of character, Jastrow was also convinced that character could not be infinitely molded: each student’s ‘sensibilities’– their inborn proclivities and capacities of perception–were unchangeable. Jastrow's belief that these sensibilities were widely differentiated in people was evident in his disdain for those ‘in the homelier occupations, the nickers of plates, the bangers of doors, the heavy-stepped, loud-voiced, the skatterns and shufflers--what are these but the tokens of insensibility oozing out through bone and muscle’. Jastrow had a number of suggestions to make for educators interested in developing character. His most strident call was for an end to the practice of allowing students to choose their own classes in favor of a rigorous selection by teachers which would ‘weed out’ those with low sensibilities. ‘To discover sensibilities and deepen them, to discourage the inept, to separate the sheep from the goats, is service to both, for it directs each to more suitable pasture.... Our educational procedure [on the other hand]...seems to favor the impression that all stalks may bear roses’.


    “The elitism that Jastrow displays about the potential characters of persons, and the obsession among psychologists and business men with ‘rating’ characters, reflect the influence of ‘eugenics,’ a widespread social movement of the time trumpeted by Francis Galton. Teachers College's Edward L. Thorndike, who was later to oversee the training of more empirical characterologists than any other American, sung the praises of this movement in a 1913 lecture: ‘Eugenics, With Special Reference to Intellect and Character.’ Claiming that ‘men differ widely’ in their possession of ‘original, inborn characteristics’, he displayed several crude graphs of quasi-normal distributions of various measures of character and morality within a sample of the population, and hypothesized that the distributions could be heavily skewed through say, ‘ten or twenty generations of breeding exclusively from the apparently best tenth of human intellects’. He called for the development of ‘socially innocuous selective breeding [which] will improve...the superiority of the germ plasm’ borne by the population...
   “Thorndike's early involvement in eugenics caused me to look further at this most unusual movement in American intellectual history. Figure 13 and Figure 14, showing citations to eugenics in the Readers Guide for the period 1904 to 1960, provide a graphical portrait. Notice that the shape of the graph (and its critical points) closely resemble those of the graph of ‘character’ citations (Figure 1 and Figure 2). Based on these similarities, I hypothesized that the character education movement itself was intimately connected with the eugenics movement, and did some reading in the eugenics literature to test this view.
   The first thing I noticed was that character and eugenics seem to have similar social and intellectual roots. Massive immigration was the major concern of both eugenicists and early character education advocates. Former President Theodore Roosevelt was one of eugenics’ most eloquent spokesmen, decrying the ‘evil causation which is responsible for New England's dwindling native population’. ‘I wish very much,’ he wrote, ‘that the wrong people could be prevented entirely from breeding; and when the evil nature of these people is sufficiently flagrant, this should be done....But as yet there is no way possible to devise which could prevent all undesirable people from breeding. The emphasis should be laid on getting desirable people to breed...I am speaking of the ordinary every-day Americans, the decent men and women who do make good fathers and mothers, and who ought to have good-sized families.’ 3.

In the 1920s, Rockefeller funded the Character Education Inquiry, a research project under the intellectual and administrative guidance of Edward Thorndike, which set out to disprove that education could inculcate character in those who were genetically indisposed to moral and social improvement.
  “For Roosevelt as for other eugenicists, the most appalling development of their time was the belief that ‘good’ families were having too few children–failing to ‘perform their prime duty’ compared to the large families preferred by many in the lower social classes. For many of these thinkers, character was a matter of heredity; and as such, improvements in the character of the population could only be accomplished by controlling the mix of the population. These sentiments would be supported further by the results of the Character Education Inquiry, which determined that national origin was one of the prime determinants of a students’ character. 4.
The Eugenics Record Office in the Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory, which in 1994 became the headquarters for the Human Genome Project, was also funded by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. during the same period our philanthropist was funding German race science and setting up the industrial power behind the Third Reich via funding and supplying technology to IG Farben.
    “The eugenics movement is probably epitomized by an organization set up by the Carnegie Institute of Washington, with the financial support of Mrs. E. H. Harriman. The Eugenics Record Office, founded in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, on October 1, 1910 and headed by Charles Davenport, sponsored the Committee to Study and Report on the Best Practical Means of Cutting off the Defective Germplasm in the American Population and published a number of reports from 1914 through 1919.” [emphasis added] 5.
Social Salvation through Education
Funded by Rockefeller/Carnegie
Preached by Dr. Dobson

The Character Education movement floundered for most of the twentieth century for lack of cohesion and the anticipated discovery of a ‘scientific’ approach for producing good character in sinful men and women (without repentance and new birth through faith in Jesus Christ). Now the same old failed experiment is being resurrected through the agency of evangelical ministers who are closely collaborating with the myriad of Rockefeller and Carnegie funded foundations and think tanks. The fact that the theology of these ministers seems closer to that of John D. Rockefeller than Scripture makes it difficult to resist the suspicion that those at the top must also endorse Rockefeller’s objective as expressed to the Protestant Council in 1945 – the transformation of the Christian Church to serve the State rather than the Lord Jesus Christ.

     “In an address before the Protestant Council of New York City on January 31, 1945, John D. [Rockefeller] Jr. revealed...that his aims in respect to religion were much more far reaching [than ‘seeking to standardize education and religion through the rationalization of the German school’] In this address, which has been published for distribution by the Council under the title of The Christian Church, What Of Its Future?, he suggests its transformation into the ‘Church of the Living God’, and eliminating or subordinating ‘ordinance, ritual, creed, all non-essential’. In the fostering of Marxism in the churches through such agencies as the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America, by the Rockefeller Foundation, there emerges the idea that the real intent and purpose is the destruction of religion as we know it and its replacement by ancient concepts of religion in which the ‘Living God’ is the ruler of the State,-- in the Roman sense of ‘Rex, Imperator et Deus’ and in the sense that Stalin is the god of the religion of Communism. Can it be that this is one of the objectives of the Rockefeller Empire?” 6.
Many Christian parents feel secure sending their children to charter schools because trusted “Christian” ministries promote them as the preferred alternative to public education. When authorities such as “Christian” psychologist Dr. James Dobson or Basic Youth Conflicts Seminar leader, Bill Gothard, recommend an approach for training children, these parents usually follow their advice without asking questions. Capitalizing on the abysmal failure of the public school system, dramatized by the recent outbreak of serial school shootings, the Dobson and Gothard organizations are promoting, not only Charter Schools, but Character Education as well. Unfortunately, their largely Christian audience, who are desperately awaiting a national revival of traditional values, have no knowledge of the coalition of secular and esoteric organizations behind the Charter School and Character Education movements. To inform Christians as to the special interests masterminding the Charter School / Character Education movement, an extensive and detailed database has been compiled on the various Strategists For Charter Schools .

In February of 1996, Focus on the Family’s Teachers in Focus magazine featured James Dobson's interview of the late Ernest Boyer , who was president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (CFAT) at Princeton University and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Ernest Boyer also served as the Ready to Learn [early childhood] Resource Group Convener for Goals 2000's National Education Goals Panel [1992, 1993, 1994] representing the CFAT. In 1990, CFAT developed a public school curriculum, Living with Our Deepest Differences: Religious Liberty in a Pluralistic Society as a direct result of a document known as the Williamsburg Charter of 1988.

The Williamsburg Charter was “a renewed national compact, in the sense of a solemn mutual agreement between parties...a call to a vision of public life that will allow conflict to lead to consensus...” 7. signed by more than 200 leading representatives of government, academia, religion, business, law, media and other groups. The Williamsburg Charter called for public school reform in the area of teaching values and comparative religion. Signatories of the Charter included such unlikely bedfellows as Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Sen. Strom Thurmond, Norman Lear (founder, People for the American Way), Walter Cronkite, Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Mrs. Coretta Scott King, J. Willard Marriott, Henry Luce III and many evangelical leaders.

Dr. Os Guinness, Executive Director, The Williamsburg Charter Foundation
Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly (CNP), President, Eagle Forum ( Eagle Forum is an NGO with Special Consultative Status at the United Nations)
Dr. Adrian Rogers, President, Southern Baptist Convention (NGO of the UN)
Dr. John H. White, President, National Association of Evangelicals (NGO of the UN)
Dr. James C. Dobson (CNP), President, Focus on the Family
Dr. Robert P. Dugan, Jr. (CNP), Director of Public Affairs, National Association of Evangelicals; Trustee, Williamsburg Charter Foundation
Mr. James Dunn, Jr., Executive Director, Baptist Joint Committee
Mr. Samuel Ericsson, Executive Director, Christian Legal Society
Mr. Jerry P. Regier, President, Family Research Council (NGO of the UN)
Mr. Howard F. Ahmanson (CNP), Jr., President, Fieldstead & Company
Mr. Edwin Feulner (CNP), President, The Heritage Foundation
Mr. Ben Armstrong, Executive Director, National Religious Broadcasters, an affiliate of the National Association of Evangelicals/NAE

Also involved in development of the new social studies curriculum was the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development [ASCD], the curriculum arm for the NEA-teachers' union, working in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education. Their contribution to Character Education is “critical thinking”. Through the U.S. Department of Education laboratories came the Tactics for Thinking curriculum by Robert Marzano and Daisy E. Arredondo [early 90s] which was “reviewed by eight nationally recognized experts in critical thinking.”  Others who helped develop Living with Our Deepest Differences were Os Guiness, the National Education Association, National Association of Evangelicals, Robert Dugan (CNP), the National Council of Churches, Catholic Conference, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, Institute of Buddhist Studies, Paul Vitz, New York University, Johns Hopkins University, Emory University and many more.

The ASCD is also an affiliated organization with Howard Kirschenbaum's National Coalition for Democracy in Education (NCDE) which is sponsored by New Age leader, Marilyn Ferguson. Other organizations affiliated with the ASCD are: the Association for Humanistic Education, Association for Humanistic Education and Development, Connecticut Teacher Centers for Humanistic Education, North Carolina Humanistic Education Association, and the N.W. Ohio Humanistic Education. In Little Known Facts About Focus on the Family , Cathy Burns describes the leading role of the ASCD in educating global citizens:

“In ASCD’s 1962 yearbook, Perceiving, Behaving, Becoming, we find: ‘We need to de-emphasize tradition and the past... Educators can no longer afford to deplore and resist change. Too many teachers are still insisting that things must be done the  ‘right way.’’ At ASCD’s 44th Annual Conference and Exhibit Show (held March 11-14, 1989) the theme was  ‘Educating Global Citizens: Illuminating the Issues.’ Some of the speakers were Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dee Dickinson, Shirley McCune, and Jean Houston. ASCD’s 49th Annual Conference and Exhibit Show (March 1994) also had some interesting speakers. Of course, there was Howard Kirschenbaum, William Spady (father of outcome-based education), Gordon Cawelti [executive director of ASCD], etc. Other speakers were Robert Simonds of Citizens for Excellence in Education and Amy Stephens from...Focus on the Family!”
Also coauthoring the new curriculum was Charles C. Haynes , a senior scholar for religious freedom at The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University. Haynes also serves on the Board of Directors of the Character Education Partnership (CEP), a coalition of Character Education organizations [see below]. The Freedom Forum Board of Trustees includes CFR members, Bette Bao Lord and John Siegenthaler. Bette Bao Lord is former chairman and present member of the Board of Directors of Freedom House, a CFR front founded in 1943 by Wendell Willkie and Eleanor Roosevelt to promote world government and, specifically, for the creation of the United Nations.

More recently, Freedom House collaborated with Hudson Institute to secure passage of the The International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 which created a federal commission to monitor religion in accordance with the UN covenants under the authority of the International Criminal Court. Bette Bao Lord's husband, Winston Lord, was Chairman of the CFR and a member of the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, and the Order of Skull & Bones. John Seigenthaler is founder of the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University, president of the American Society of Newspaper Editors and founding editorial director of USA TODAY.  On the Freedom Forum Newseum Board of Trustees is Louis D. Boccardi, also CFR, president and chief executive officer of the Associated Press (AP).

Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies:
Origin of Character Education Coalitions

Focus on the Family policy analyst, Perry Glanzer, Ph.D., is the author of two resource publications on charter schools and character education: Charting a New Course: A Parent’s Guide to the Charter School Movement 8. and Can Public Schools Teach Character? 9. The latter article concludes with Focus on the Family's list of “Organizations That Promote Character Education.” Among these are four organizations which participated in a 1992 conference at the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies and signed a document known as the Aspen Declaration on Character Education: the Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character, the Center for the 4th and 5th R's, the Character Education Partnership (CEP) and the Ethics Resource Center, Inc.

The Character Education Partnership, a Washington, D.C.-based coalition of Character Ed organizations and another international coalition, Character Counts! International (CCI), were formed by participants of two global ethics conferences in 1992: the Wingspread Conference and the Aspen Institute conference.  The Aspen Institute (for Humanistic Studies) is a global forum whose Board of Trustees is comprised largely of  members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  Honorary Trustees include Henry Kissinger, Paul Volker, Robert McNamara, Paul Nitze, Warren Rudman, Cyrus Vance - all CFR - and Trustee Emeritus, Maurice Strong, Under Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The Character Education Partnership Advisory Council also includes several CFR members and other high level globalists: Zbigniew Brzezinski [CFR] Senior Advisor, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS); William H. Danforth [CFR]; Barbara Bush [Geo. H.W. Bush, CFR]; Rev. Jesse L. Jackson [CFR]; Norman R. Augustine [CFR], National President, 1994-96, Boy Scouts of America; Roy L. Williams, President, Boy Scouts of America, Harold T. Shapiro [CFR]; William H. Webster [CFR]; Rushworth M. Kidder, President of the Institute for Global Ethics and William S. Kanaga, former Chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and member of the Council for National Policy.

Please note for later reference the presence on the CEP Advisory Council of two representatives from the Boy Scouts of America. Signatories of the 1992 Aspen Declaration included John H. Green, National Director, Learning for Life, Boy Scouts of America and Mary Rose Main, National Executive Director, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.

Also on the CEP Advisory Council is Thomas Lickona, Ph.D, president of the Center for the Fourth and Fifth Rs (Respect and Responsibility) which is recommended by Focus on the Family. Dr. Lickona is a developmental psychologist and Professor of Education at the State University of New York at Cortland, NY.  SUNY is the network of New York state colleges funded and controlled by the Rockefeller family.  Nelson A. Rockefeller, Jr. serves on the Board of Trustees of SUNY, which is at the forefront of charter school development.

Organizations in the 100+ member Character Education Partnership include: the American Federation of Teachers, Association for Moral Education [former president, Thomas Lickona], Brigham Young University, Center for the Advancement of Ethics & Character, the Character Education Institute [Robert Simonds, NACE/CEE], Communitarian Network, Community of Caring [Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation], Ethics Resource Center, Focus on the Family, The Institute for Global Ethics , Jefferson Center for Character Education , Josephson Institute of Ethics , the National Association of Evangelicals, National Education Association, Princeton Project 55, Quest International, the United Methodist Church and the YMCA.

[Quest International, founded in 1975 by Rick R. Little with funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, published a curriculum in 1979 that was written by humanists, Howard Kirschenbaum and Barbara Glaser of the NCDC. The Quest curriculum featured a chapter written by James Dobson of FOTF.  Dr. Cathy Burns' Little Known Facts About Focus on the Family, which reveals Dr. Dobson's many New Age connections, includes an informative section on Quest International which we have posted with permission.]

The Character Education Partnership sponsors an annual National Schools of Character Award that is partly funded by the New Age financier, John Templeton of the Templeton Foundation. The Templeton Foundation also funds a high profile award for Progress in Religion which rewards “originality or research in religion or spirituality.”  “Nominations are sought from all major religions of the world.” Recipients of this $1 million prize have included: Mother Teresa, Cardinal Suenens, Billy Graham [33º Mason], Charles Colson [CNP], Bill Bright [CNP], the Dali Lama, Dr. Inamullah Khan, Secretary-General of the World Muslim Congress, Charles Fillmore of the Unity School and the Orthodox Patriarch Demetrios I of Constantinople.  Judges for the Templeton Prize Prize include Richard DeVos [33º Mason], past president and funder of the Council for National Policy and co-founder of Amway Corporation with Jay Van Andel.

Other DeVos/Van Andel ventures are noteworthy. In an undated Amway brochure titled 3 Decades of Caring: AMWAY, Amway announced that it had launched “a new, five year corporate sponsorship: the Aspen Global Change Institute. Amway's partners in this exciting new project include the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the United Nations Environment Programme, and the Windstar (John Denver) Foundation.” 10. Jay Van Andel founded the Van Andel Research Institute [VARI], which is involved in the Human Genome Project, and the Van Andel Education Center [VAEI]. “VAEI has a particular interest in foundational issues, such as the purposes of education, the learning process, leadership, values and character.”

Also on Focus on the Family’s list of recommended Organizations That Promote Character Education is the Medical Institute for Sexual Health (MISH). Thomas Lickona of the Center for the Fourth and Fifth Rs, the Rockefeller-controlled SUNY and the CFR-controlled Character Education Partnership (CEP) also serves on the National Advisory Board of MISH, which publishes the National Guidelines for Sexuality and Character Education.

Another of Focus on the Family’s recommended organizations promoting Character Education is Campus Crusades's Children of the World/ North American School Project which has produced a Character Education curriculum: “Children of the World is a division of Campus Crusade for Christ. They have developed a character education curriculum along with a teacher education program that can be used in public and private Christian schools.” We wonder if Campus Crusade has included Bill Bright's “Four Spiritual Laws” in this “generic” curriculum.

Character Education = Global Ethics

Prominent in the Character Education/Charter School movement is Bill Gothard of the Chicago-based Institute of Basic Life Principles. Gothard operates a “ Charter School of Excellence, which receives some $800,000 in state tax dollars annually... The Character First! curriculum is directly based on Gothard’s teachings - but with overt references to God and Christianity edited out...” (This school is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a pilot state for charter school development under Gov. Jeb Bush.) Bill Gothard’s Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts has established many Character Education training centers worldwide which are available to Christians and non-Christians. According to a Biblical Discernment Ministries evaluation of the Gothard organization, the Institute in Basic Life Principles operates on the theological premise that non-Christians can develop good character without the life changing power of Jesus Christ:

    “In 2000, IBLP purchased the Ramada Plaza Hotel in downtown Flint, Michigan, and is turning it into the Riverfront Character Inn International Convention Center. The purchase was made possible by a multimillion-dollar donation from an anonymous donor. Gothard said he hopes the Character Inn will become a hub for IBLP -- part hotel, part conference center offering character training to individuals and groups. The rooms are being equipped with closed-circuit televisions that will broadcast training videos and other IBLP programs. Yet, Gothard claims the CharacterFirst! program does not involve religion in any way...
    “CharacterFirst! is now being offered in more than 800 schools nationwide. This character training (K-6 children) appears to be quite similar to the unscriptural DARE program, which attempts to teach character to unbelievers. This is all part of the new character education movement in the country -- a mechanism to bring in a set of national core values which we must adhere to in order to be good citizens. True Christians, however, won't fit into their new ‘core values’ because the authorities allow no room for Biblical absolutes..
     “Gothard...does not promote religion or church, but simply deals with ‘non-optional, universal principles of life.’ [This sounds suspiciously like paganism’s ‘universal life principles.’]...Gothard is at the forefront of the character education movement in this country (CharacterFirst!), which at its top is connected with the global ethics people (friends of Planned Parenthood and the World Bank crowd)...” 11. [emphasis added]
Which brings up another thorny issue—the worldwide Character Education movement is being advanced under the umbrella of the New Age Global Ethics movement.  Previously mentioned was the presence of Rushworth Kidder, President of the Institute for Global Ethics, on the CFR-packed Advisory Council of the Character Education Partnership (CEP), which is recommended by Focus on the Family.  Rushworth Kidder is also an “award-winning former columnist for the Christian Science Monitor.” Serving on the Board of Directors of the Institute for Global Ethics are a former managing editor of the Christian Science Monitor, members of the Council on Foreign Relations, Ford Foundation, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a member of the British House of Commons, George D. Moffet, former diplomatic correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor and author of the book, Critical Masses: The Global Population Challenge and Richard A. Goldsby, author of several books on cells, immunology and race.  Predictably, the Institute for Global Ethics is funded by Pew Charitable Trusts and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

The Institute for Global Ethics is listed among the “Ethics and Global Peace” links at the umbrella organization, the Center for Global Ethics. Also recommended as a member of the Center for Global Ethics coalition is Heartland Institute (of the New Group of World Servers) which advocates charter schools/vouchers/school choice. [See Part I ]

“The CENTER FOR GLOBAL ETHICS coordinates the work of thinkers, scholars and activists from around the world, who are working to define, implement and promote policies of responsible global citizenship. As profoundly interconnected members of a global community, we recognize the need to develop and advance the acceptance of a viable and sustainable Global Ethic...
Commissioned by the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions to develop a “Declaration of the Religions for a Global Ethic,” Roman Catholic theologian, Hans Küng, president of the Global Ethic Foundation, drafted such a document for presentation at the 1993 Parliament. Formation of the Global Ethic is said to be a work in progress:
“By its very nature ‘A Universal Declaration of a Global Ethic’ focuses on the basic ethical principles that can be declared common to all major religious and ethical traditions. Hence, unlike the various ‘Ethics Statements of Human Activities and Professions,’ ‘A Universal Declaration of a Global Ethic’ must be broad and general. At present there are available two such drafts, one originally drawn up by Hans Küng (and subsequently endorsed in 1993 by the Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago) and one by Leonard Swidler. The CENTER FOR GLOBAL ETHICS is working to improve, and possibly synthesize them.” 12.

“The most comprehensive attempt to forge a global ethic centers around the effort to arrive at a Universal Declaration of a Global Ethic, a major step toward which was the September 1993 ‘Declaration Toward a Global Ethic’ of the Parliament of the World's Religions, drawn up by Professor Hans Küng and signed by the over one hundred and fifty of the religious leaders who guided the Parliament (which over 6,000 attended). This is a statement of consensus, arrived at in dialogue, on the basic principles of ethics by the religions of the world (including those dealing with business and work), which is also designed to be acceptable to non-religious persons. In fact, a number of other groups and individuals are working on the development of Global Ethic, including the ‘Center for Global Ethics’ and UNESCO.” 13.

The parliament met for the first time in Chicago, Illinois in 1893 and convened once again in Chicago in 1993. Organizers of a 1999 Parliament of World’s Religions said the purpose of a third meeting was twofold: “To facilitate understanding and [inter-religious] dialogue and to call on government institutions to move towards a global ethic” (Reuters, 11-30-99). Discussion of the global ethic—which, according to Küng, consists of “a minimum of common values and attitudes which could be affirmed by all religions and be supported by non-believers”—was continued in August of 2000 when 1,000 of the world's religious leaders gathered at the United Nations Millennium World Peace Summit.

Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary-General of the U.N., was among the signatories of the Universal Declaration of a Global Ethic at the 1993 Parliament of the World Religions. Muller is the author of the World Core Curriculum which is preparing students worldwide to be cooperative planetary citizens. The World Core Curriculum will incorporate Global Ethics as its highest life values with the objective of  preparing a citizenry that complies with the Global Ethic and Earth Charter:

“The Global Ethic, which was signed by Robert Muller and the other interfaith dignitaries present, is emerging as a companion to the Earth Charter... The World Core Curriculum is intended to accommodate both decrees by promoting their ideas through public education.” 14.
The World Core Curriculum magazine states: “Educators seeking a curriculum which lend the highest life values, along with academic excellence, are supporting the use of the World Core Curriculum.” 15.

The World Core Curriculum Manual states: “...the World Core Curriculum ... is combined with the Ageless Wisdom teachings ... set forth in the books of Alice Bailey... [T]he World Core Curriculum process has expanded to include teaching manuals from birth through high school ... including adult education.” 16.

The Masonic authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail foresaw a restoration of pre-Christian ‘values’ under the auspices of the Prieuré de Sion:

“...Sion was anti-materialistic and intent on presiding over a restoration of ‘true values’...of a spiritual, perhaps esoteric character. These values...were ultimately pre-Christian...” 17.

The Protocols of of the Elders of Sion reveal the conspiracy to destroy Christianity and to restore the ancient pagan traditions. This transition is presently being accomplished by unrelenting criticism calculated to cause division and then re-educating the youth in new traditional religions. In other words, by reviving the ancient heresies:

Freedom of conscience has been declared everywhere, so that now only years divide us from them moment of the complete wrecking of that Christian religion... But, in the meantime, while we are re-educating youth in new traditional religions and afterwards in ours, we shall not overtly lay a finger on existing churches, but we shall fight against them by criticism calculated to produce schism... (Protocol 17)

Character Ed Based on Natural Law

“Hans Kung...said to the UN in 1991...[the Global Ethic] must center on both man and universe so that humanistic and religious precepts are included.” 18.

In the aforementioned article, Can Public Schools Teach Character? , Focus on the Family policy analyst Perry Glanzer cited Dr. Thomas Lickona of the Center for the Fourth and Fifth Rs and the Character Education Partnership, who believes that character education will necessarily involve teaching different religious philosophies:

“To be fair, teachers will need either to present the various types of religious and philosophical answers or encourage students to explore these issues with their parents and religious groups. If they do not make these points, the justifications they offer will favor one particular worldview.” 19.
Glanzer had previously quoted Thomas Lickona’s statement that a consensus on “virtue” can be reached by those who acknowledge a natural moral law: “Most character education programs teach uncontroversial virtues such as responsibility and honesty. Such commonality is assured when virtues are drawn from community consensus. This process also demonstrates that almost all people recognize and acknowledge a natural moral law (Lickona 1991, p. 42). 20.

The basis of Character Education, according to the Thomas Jefferson Research Center (TJRC), will be what is referred to in jurisprudence as the Natural Law or Moral Law -- that law which Webster's Dictionary defines as “discernible to reason, as distinguished from law laid down in codes by state, church, etc.” Natural Law is arrived at by consensus, rather than legislative fiat.

“The works of Abraham Maslow are being used to justify Natural Law [as] the basis of a program called Character Education, which is being used in at least 12,000 classrooms across the nation.... Character Education is the epitome of unity-in-diversity. Fifteen world religions were examined in order to derive the common denominator of values which are held in common by all.” 21.
Inspiration for the TJRC came from the writings of Thomas Jefferson, who was a deist . Webster defines deism as “a movement or system of thought advocating natural religions based on human reason rather than revelation, emphasizing morality, and in the 18th century denying the interference of the Creator with the laws of the universe.” The Declaration of Independence which Jefferson authored opens with a statement of rights deriving, not from Holy Scripture, but from the Natural Law:
“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”
Objections have been raised to teaching natural law morality in public schools as being a breach of separation between church and state as mandated in another founding document, the Constitution. The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” To overcome resistance to student  indoctrination in consensus or common sense morality, Frank Gobel, president and founder of the TJRC appeals to psychologist/sociologist Abraham Maslow’s rationalization that teaching a system of morality is not the exclusive prerogative of the Church. Abraham Maslow studied under eugenicist, Edward L. Thorndike, mentioned above, who would “oversee the training of more empirical characterologists than any other American, [and had] sung the praises of this [eugenics] movement in a 1913 lecture: ‘Eugenics, With Special Reference to Intellect and Character.’”
“Abraham Maslow’s position in this controversial aspect of public education is quite explicit. ‘I want to demonstrate that spiritual values have naturalistic meaning, that they are not the exclusive possession of organized churches, that they do not need supernatural concepts to validate them, that they are well within the jurisdiction of a suitably enlarged science, and that, therefore, they are the general responsibility of all mankind. If all of this is so, then we shall have to reevaluate the possible place of spiritual and moral values in education. For, if these values are not exclusively identified with churches, then teaching values in the schools need not breach the wall between church and state.’” 22.
The humanists are now backpeddling on the issue of church and state, having admitted that their philosophy is not really secular, but religious. To the Christians, Character Education is being marketed as a quasi-Christian alternative to the “self-esteem” and values clarification programs that are prevalent in public schools today. Instead of the affective education curriculums which deny right/wrong value judgments while they promote situation ethics, invasive and feeling-based group therapy sessions, role-playing, New Age visualization and other occult techniques, Character Education purportedly inspires pupils to develop Six Pillars of Character : trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.  Proponents of Character Education claim that their program works because it is based on the universal Natural Law, i.e. Moral Law, which is based on human reason.

The various arguments for Character Education are problematic. The aforesaid virtues are unattainable—to the extent envisioned by the global planners — through the exercise of human reasoning and given the limitations of human nature.  For thousands of years, man has aspired to improve his conduct — only to fail miserably as the record of history demonstrates.  There is a reason for this—man is inherently evil and therefore incapable of the consistent practice of virtue. Even man’s perception of virtue (wisdom) is wide of the mark.  Scripture continually contrasts man’s low estate with God’s glory.  Jesus said, “...there is none good but one, that is, God...”

But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him:
neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. I Corinthians 2:14

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8,9

The natural law, by definition, does not inspire the great multitude of unredeemed humanity to develop character traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship. Rather, the natural man, left to his own reasonings, produces what Scripture calls the works of the flesh:
Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these: Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revelings, and such like... Galatians 5:19-21
Since natural man is unable to discover true wisdom through human reasoning, God must reveal it in His Word.
Whence then cometh wisdom? and where is the place of understanding? Seeing it is hid from the eyes of all living...
God understandeth the way thereof, and he knoweth the place thereof...
And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the LORD , that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding. Job 28:20-28
Notwithstanding the abject poverty of human reason, and deistic connotations of the term natural law, James Dobson and other  members of the Council for National Policy have used their considerable influence over Christians to advocate a return to this universal code of ethics as a reasonable alternative to preaching the gospel. Dobson has been a member of this consortium of globalists, pseudo-Christian ministries, cults, secret societies, subversive organizations and corporate enterprise since its inception in 1980-81.  In a 1998 address to the CNP, Dr. Dobson advocated a return to the universal moral law as the solution to the moral degeneration of America. His quasi-Masonic presentation to this august body made eleven references to the “moral law of the universe” and “wisdom” and one reference to “people of faith”, but no direct reference to Jesus Christ, nor even an indirect reference to the issues of sin or salvation.
“The moral law of the universe. What this is saying to me, and I hope to you, is that the universe has a boss. It has a boss! And He has very clear ideas of what is right and what is wrong. It doesn't matter a whole lot what you think or what I think, it's what He thinks because that moral law has been there from eternity and will be there to eternity. And, if it's true, then we have an obligation to understand it and to respect it. Now, I'm not talking today about dogma, I'm not talking about denominations, I'm not talking about churches!  I'm talking about a law that's written on the heart of every human being.” 23. [emphasis added]
Paul Weyrich, a co-founder of the Moral Majority also an early member of the CNP and director of the Free Congress Foundation, is editor of Future 21: Directions for America in the 21st Century, which contains chapters written by various conservatives including Pat Buchanan , Daniel O. Graham [CNP] and Allan Carleson. A chapter written by CNP member, Connaught Marshner , the Roman Catholic National Chairman of the Pro-Family Coalition, appeals to conservatives to turn to natural law as the solution for the moral disintegration of American society.
    “If order is to be restored to society, and the underpinnings of freedom preserved, America must return to non-consequential ethics. What would be the basis for such an ethic? Some say the sole possible basis is revealed religion. This is a mistake. First of all the Bible and other revealed documents do not answer explicitly all the ethical questions that arise...
    “Natural Law Ethics are adequate to the task. The philosophy of natural law has been time honored since the ancient Greeks. Though intellectual fashions change, the objective moral order, knowable by man and within the reach of mankind, can be reasonably seen as the most stable basis of personal, national and international happiness...
    “Natural law is independent of divine revelation, since its first principles are common to mankind as a whole, accessible to reason...
    “Citizens must defend their rights, and they must defend them intellectually, by employing and invoking an objective system of right and wrong. This new traditional ethics is based on philosophical precepts, not on religious precepts, and can be understood and accepted by anyone willing to master the intellectual rigors of it.” 24.
Regeneration: Back to Nature

The mind of the early twentieth century eugenicist was preoccupied with schemes for race betterment. Bereft of the doctines of divine grace and redemption in the wake of Darwin's attack on biblical revelation, the notion became popular that human improvement could be accomplished through “regeneration” via a return to natural law -- which meant the use of natural instinct as the primary determinant of virtue -- and the “cultivation of savage virtues”!  To facilitate the moral advancement of future generations, eugenically-minded social planners founded, not churches, but youth organizations which provided direct contact with nature and a corresponding “primitive religion of the natural man.” James Webb describes this Anglo-Saxon spiritual movement in The Occult Establishment :

    “Just before the war had broken out eugenics had become a topic of great interest in the English-speaking world. In the United States, 1914 had seen a National Conference on Race Betterment, and by the next year a dozen states had passed sterilization laws. In 1910 the Eugenics Record Office had been established to support the work of Charles Davenport, one of whose functions was to advise ‘concerning the eugenical fitness of proposed marriages.’ In England Sir Francis Galton and his successor Karl Pearson pursued similar researches... The Eugnenics Society promoted a campaign to ensure compulsory sterilization of stocks with  ‘bad heredity and inferior capacity.’...
    “[John] Hargrave was in the distinguished company of Julian Huxley when he advocated the improvement of our race. Race betterment meant a return to natural man. Hargrave suggested ‘regeneration’ in ‘the natural way.’ ‘It is the only way we have not tried. Give it a chance. How can you expect the ‘nature’ of man to improve by unnatural means? Our very existence is unnatural. Why not seek to understand the natural law and make use of it?’ The natural law asserted the primacy of instinct, the cultivation of savage virtues. The Scouting or Woodcraft movement, which would provide the means of regeneration, could rely on primitive ceremony, for ‘anything primitive has within it a vital ideal, because primitive man only grapples with Big Ideas.’” 25.
John Hargrave was a Quaker who founded the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift (“Proof of Great Strength”), a British youth organization which was an offshoot of Lord Baden-Powell's Boy Scout organization but more akin to the Anthroposophical Order of Woodcraft Chivalry -- an “illuminated” movement, founded by Quakers Ernest Westlake, who was interested in psychical research, and his son Aubrey, an Anthrosophist. Hargrave served on the Council of Guidance of the Order of Woodcraft Chivalry whose Grand Chieftain was Ernest Thompson Seton, founder of the Woodcraft League of America. Seton was an advocate of the primitive spirituality of neo-pagan cults such as Aleister Crowley's Masonic Order of the Temple of the East (Ordo Templi Orientis) which had aided the Nazi ascent to power.
    “Seton himself had given his doctrine a pronounced Christian twist, but the founders of the Woodcraft Chivalry were in search of the primitive religion of the natural man. ‘In order to become spiritual one must first be natural,’ they declared, and Ernest Westlake appealed for a return to the Dionysiac spirit, invoking pagan deities with the verses of a disciple of Crowley, Victor Neuberg. In the ideal educational system, there would be a ‘Forest School’ in which the recapitulation theory would be applied, and in which the pupils would ‘regain Paradise,’ a state of harmony with all creation...” 26.
The postwar youth movements, which arose from a combination of social Darwinism and new educational ideas, relied on the works of Seton, the American educationalist G. Stanley Hall, and the “fearsomely named ‘Biogenetic Law’” of Ernst Hackel.  “Acceptance of the literal truth of Hackel’s Law meant for educationalists becoming practicing Darwinians. Their charges must be induced to progress from one supposed stage in the evolution of past humanity to the next and higher.” To this end, the leaders of the youth movement became active in the establishment of schools:
    “The Order of Woodcraft Chivalry was the earliest of the youth movements arising out of the war, but not the most effective. Its chief influence was the field of education. It established its own Forest School in the New Forest, and its propaganda resulted in the foundation of other schools, both in Britain and abroad, run on the principles of woodcraft and recapitulation. The movement's initial connection with the Quakers proper was severed soon after it was founded and it maintained contact with the growing number of woodcraft organizations through an ‘International Folkmoot.’ Its leaders were also in communication with a more significant rebel against Society Established and its perversion of youth. This was John Hargrave.” 27.
Hargrave had “advocated a universal religion of the Great Spirit, expounded the law of karma, and written a chapter on yoga meditation with instructions for an exercise teaching that ‘everything is everything.’... For his closest circle he held a ‘Lodge of Initiation’” and called for ‘a new Rosicrucian Brotherhood.’ Most significant of all, Hargrave and Seton paid homage to Rudyard Kipling's ideal of the regeneration of the Anglo-Saxon race. Toward this end, Hargrave established schools which he came to believe were for the purpose of training a powerelite. On the Advisory Council of the Kibbo Kift were leading eugenicists such as Fabian H.G. Wells, Havelock Ellis (paramour of Margaret Sanger) and Julian Huxley:
    “According to Hargrave, the origin of [Ernest Thompson] Seton's Woodcraft Indians did not lie solely in the moral fable which was retailed for public edification. In the whole concept, Rudyard Kipling had a hand. He had summoned Seton to one of his frequently celebrated deathbeds and given him a sacred charge: the regeneration of the Anglo-Saxon race... Hargrave was to lay emphasis on the use of woodcraft for the betterment of the whole race...‘The time has now come when we can control and use that process of natural selection known as Evolution.... We're helping to evolve a New Race of Scout Men -- we're the beginning of a new off-shoot of evolution.’
    “Hargrave’s insistence on primitivism and pageantry were enduring ...[although] the most effective work was done in schools run according to Kibbo Kift principles. But the educational work and training of youth...became gradually subordinated to Hargrave's emerging vision of his group as an elite who were to be ready when the moment came to take over power. He demanded absolute obedience of his followers.”
   “At the outset the Kibbo Kift seemed on the verge of sweeping all before it; but it never mustered more than about a thousand uniformed members. The explanation of this is found in the development of the organization from an educational body into a repository of the elite itself...
    “As circumstances gradually excluded the possibility of the Kibbo Kift developing any broader appeal, there emerged a doctrine of its status as an elite. This concept was undoubtedly influenced the ‘samurai’ of H.G. Wells A Modern Utopia (1905), a cast of highly qualified members of society, reminiscent of Plato's Guardians, who obey a strict rule: vegetarian, teetotal, no smoking, not gambling, and a period of refection each year in the solitude of the wilds. Indeed some part of Well's vision of these shepherds of society may have been with Hargrave from the start. ‘The Active Few,’ Hargrave legislated, ‘always influence the Multitude.’ Universal suffrage gave the direction of government to the least educated section of the people. Whereas it should be in the hands of the experts, coordinated by an efficiency supervisor.
    “To this vision of an elite of fully conscious human beings the concept of a ‘new Rosicrucian Brotherhood’ could easily be fitted. It is evident that Hargrave was aiming at a transformation which others were attempting at the same time--an alteration in the mode of being of men, which would bring about a correct social thought. To his early adherence to the principles of the Biogenetic Law there was accommodated a doctrine of spiritual evolution.. In 1927...the Kibbo Kift transformed itself into a political party proper..”. 28.
According to Webb's Occult Establishment and other sources, the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift became the chief inspiration of the German Youth Movement, Wandervogel, which served as a training ground for future Nazis.  “Hargrave became the leading influence on the Bünde in the 1920s and his books were translated and published by the Weisse Ritter publishing house, the most influential youth movement agency of the period.” 29.

Like Kibbo Kift, the Wandervogel offered youth the opportunity to escape bourgeois German society by retreating back to nature. Molded by Hellenic philosophies, exposed to mystical states through initiation rites, indoctrinated in elitist Aryan race concepts, pressed into blind obedience and unrestrained by Christian morality, members of the German Youth Movement were effectively used and transformed by Hitler into the Nazi Storm Troops, the infamous SA (SturmAbteilung).  Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams state in The Pink Swastika: “Not only did the grown-up former members of the Wandervogel become one of Hitler's main sources of supporters in his rise to power, but the movement itself became a Nazi institution: the Hitler-Jugend (‘Hitler Youth’).”  The Kibbo Kift Foundation describes the unexpected transformation of the Kibbo Kift from a peaceful scouting movement into the Green Shirts -- paramilitary shock troops -- a metamorphosis that paralleled the German youth movement's transformation into the dreaded Brown Shirts or Sturmabteilung (“Storm Troopers”):

“The influence of Hargrave's views and methods on the German youth movement of the twenties has been acknowledged by several authorities... Kibbo Kift, a movement every bit as extraordinary as its founder, a non-political  ‘camping handicraft and world peace movement’... was launched in 1920; but after twelve years underwent an astonishing transformation to become the Green Shirts,  ‘the green clad shock-troopers of the peoples’ fighting front’, one of the uniformed, paramilitary political armies that marched the streets during the '30's.” 30.
Noted earlier in this report was the presence of two representatives from the Boy Scouts of America on the Advisory Council of the Character Education Partnership (CEP) and the fact that the national directors of both the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. were signatories of the 1992 Aspen Declaration. It seems reasonable to assume, therefore, that the Natural Law as a code of ethics is being conveyed to Scouts throughout the U.S in their troop meetings and camping expeditions. Is it possible that the Boy and Girl Scouts of America are being conditioned for future enlistment in a political agenda as were the youth movements of Great Britain and Europe in the early twentieth century?

In our postmodern era, not only youth, but adult men are once again being quietly mobilized through participation in back to nature movements. The popular Men's Movement is based on the perverse theory that American men have been deprived of their masculinity for lack of male-bonding experiences and dissociation from their primal instincts. Robert Bly’s popular novel, Iron John, “urges modern males to rediscover a profound and spiritual masculinity through the ancient tools of mythology, ritual and initiation. Only then, says Bly, can men truly come to find common cause with women and ultimately, with themselves and the universe.”

The movement has also reinvented the phenomenon of wilderness retreats -- called Mythopoetic Men's Weekends -- for which men pay an average of $250 to participate in rituals borrowed from Native American customs, i.e., wear masks, carve spears, walking sticks, and giant phalluses out of tree branches, and imitate various animals. The objective of this reversion to primeval activity is to find ‘the wild man within’-- based on Carl Jung’s “rediscovery” of the ‘primitive archetypes lost’ in men and women.  The archetypal ‘wild man’ is recommended as a model for postmodern man because he is unrestrained by the culture. The wilderness retreat experience symbolizes the crossing of a psychological boundary -- from conformity to the conventions of civilized society to exploration of the uncharted regions of his own uncivilized nature.

The pseudo-Christian counterpart to the Men’s Movement, The Promise Keepers , offers men encounter group experiences to help them attain to true masculinity. According to Robert Hicks,’ author of The Masculine Journey: Understanding the Six Stages of Manhood, Christian men must successfully pass through six stages of life as defined by the Men's Movement. Hicks finds verification of this in the fact the six stages can be described using Hebrew words which are found in the Old Testament!

    “The words...reflect the same seasonal or developmental aspects that have been demonstrated in so many of the recent men's studies. In this sense they provided a map -- as set of directions or stages for men -- a way for defining and detailing the masculine experience...Many men have found themselves lost in this maze called life because they have not had adequate guidance.
    “Understanding these six stages as a journey also suggests that at every new place encountered there is a time of separation from the past, initiation to something new, transition from one place to the other, and temporary confusion.” 31. [bold added]
Hicks' developmental stages sound suspiciously like Haekel's Biogenetic Law which mandated that, if the race is to be improved, educational systems must “induce students to progress from one stage in the evolution of past humanity to the next and higher.” Anthropologist Margaret Mead is cited by Hicks for her discovery that primitive cultures produced noble savages who exhibited uncommon virtue. To attain to this primitive state of virtue, Hicks recommends that Christian men undergo initiation rites and introduce their sons to phallic and/or other rites of passage. Recommending the Promise Keepers Movement are many Evangelical ministries such as Focus on the Family, which also promotes the book, Raising a Modern-Day Knight , subtitled A Father's Role in Guiding His Son to Authentic Manhood.  What  FOTF omits to mention are the pagan rites of initiation required of medieval orders of knights after which Christian men and their sons are advised to model themselves.

High Priests of Eugenics:
The Bohemian Club

Should the reader think that the puerile activities of the Men's Movement are popular only among the intellectually inferior stocks, Newsweek described the participants as: “construction workers, college professors, computer salesmen, media consultants, marketing consultants, media-marketing consultants, Jungian therapists, substance-abuse counselors, Unitarian ministers.”  And there is the very elite Bohemian Club for ‘carefully selected government officials, corporate tycoons... men with power to shape the future.’ The Bohemian Club Fact Sheet states: “The membership list has included every Republican U.S. president (as well as some Democrats) since 1923, many cabinet officials, and director; & CEO's of large corporations, including major financial institutions.” 32.   There is also a large representation from the nuclear weapons industry .

An account of this mysterious high cabal appeared in the 1981 issue of Distant Drums . Author Ron Miller identified as members at that time: President Ronald Reagan; Vice-president George Bush; Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger; Attorney General William French Smith; former Presidents Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon; David Rockefeller; William F. Buckley; Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart; Herbert Hoover III; publisher Jack Howard; Lowell Thomas; rubber tycoon Leonard K. Firestone; John A. McCone - former AEC chairman; and former White House economic advisor, George Schultz.” 33. More recently, 1999 Bohemian Grove attendees included former President George Bush, Texas Gov. George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, retired Gen. Colin Powell, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, U.N negotiator to Iraq, Richard Butler, and journalists David Broder and Walter Cronkite. Bohemian Club members Joseph Coors and William E. Simon served on the first Board of Governors [1982] of the Council for National Policy. Jack Kemp [CNP] is a member of the Bohemian Club and speaker at the Grove.

Herbert Hoover III -- a member of the Bohemian Club -- is also on the Board of Overseers of the Hoover Institution, which was founded by his grandfather, President Herbert Hoover, who once called the Bohemian Club “the greatest men's party on Earth.”.  “Stanford University and the Hoover Institution are well represented in the membership at the Grove.” Herbert Hoover, Jr. was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The Hoover Institution  is a major player in the Charter School movement. [See Part X: The Hoover Institution ]

Other important persona identified as members of the Bohemian Club include: Dr. Edward Teller , who worked on the Manhattan Project, which produced the first atomic bombs; Teller was also the father of the hydrogen bomb. According the Bohemian Grove Fact Sheet, the Manhattan Project was conceived at the Bohemian Grove in 1942. Thomas Watson, Jr., Chairman/CEO of IBM is also a member of the Bohemian Club. Thomas Watson, Sr. , was President of IBM and IBM Germany (Dehomag), which sold and operated tabulating machines to the Third Reich for databasing the Jewish population and concentration camp prisoners.

At the 1999 Bohemian Grove, Charles Murray spoke on “Unraveling the Mystery of Human Accomplishment.” Murray is a Bradley Fellow, scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and the Manhattan Institute and co-author of The Bell Curve, which proposes the genetic inferiority of Blacks,  At the same meeting, anthropologist Lionel Tiger, addressed the Bohemian Club on the subject of “Male Bonding” and Colin Powell (CFR) spoke on “America's Promise: Leading Armies and Leading Kids. 34.

Parents in the U.S. will be encouraged to know that Bohemian Club member, Colin Powell (CFR), has founded an organization called America’s Promise “to mobilize people from every sector of American life to build the character and competence of our nation's youth by fulfilling Five Promises for young people.” Another character development org, Search Institute, has joined forces with America’s Promise “to provide a new survey, The Survey of Student Resources and Assets, to measure the five fundamental resources of America’s Promise and the 40 developmental assets. The Search Institute National Council on the Role of Community in Child and Adolescent Development convened for the first time in Aspen, Colorado.” 35.

The Search Assets are referred to as “Internal” and “External” Developmental Assets. Search Institute believes that American parents are generally incompetent and need professional ‘researchers’ “to advance the well-being of children and adolescents by generating knowledge and promoting its application… The Research unit within Search Institute contributes to this mission in two significant ways.  First, staff conduct applied scientific work on positive child and youth development in order to strengthen and deepen the scientific underpinnings of the developmental assets framework and enhance its application across the first two decades of human life.” 36.

Current funders of Search Institute include Annie E. Casey Foundation and The Lilly Endowment. (Eli Lilly & Co., the maker of Prozac, has been sued for Prozac-related deaths in numerous state and federal courts. 37. ) The major funders of Search Institute are: The Lutheran Brotherhood and the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation -- a national “philanthropic” organization founded in 1954 by the late media entrepreneur, Donald Reynolds, also the founder and principal owner of the Donrey Media Group headquartered in Las Vegas. The Donrey Media Group Internet site provides information on the Las Vegas gaming industry, including “Online Gaming” and tutorials for beginners who want to “Learn To Play.” 38.

“Don't just do something, sit there. Sit back and learn from some of the best gamblers from around the country. Start Casino Gaming 101 .”

On the board of directors of Search Institute is Lauren P. Weck, chief executive officer, Girl Scout Council of Greater Minneapolis.

Ritual Sacrifice

At the Bohemian Grove, 70 miles north of San Francisco, some 2700 Bohemian Club members attend “Lakeside Talks” and conduct public policy meetings from which representatives from the press are barred.  Druidic rituals are also conducted at the Grove, such as the following which was described in Distant Drums:

“Jack Anderson, writing in the Parade Magazine of February 22, 1991, made the following startling remarks: ‘They begin ‘summer camp’... with a somber ritual that featured the Druidic burning of an effigy on an altar, chants from a robed chorus and a Bacchanal (orgy - editor) reminiscent of ancient Greece...!?!... Anderson continued: ...The curtain went up on the 1980 encampment with the lighting of the Lamp of Fellowship and the first ritual campfire. The next night the Bohemians and guests gathered for the Cremation of Care, a pageant that has gone unchanged for more than a century. There was a torchlight procession, an orchestra, a chorus, special lighting effects, and a high priest who condemned ‘Dull Care’ and called the assembly to ‘cast your grief to the fires and be strong with the Holy Trees and the spirit of the Grove’... Then the torches were extinguished. There remained the Lamp of Fellowship, which provided the high priest with the means to immolate Care on an altar. The orchestra struck up ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ ...!?!” 39.
Members of the press are reportedly not admitted to the Bohemian Grove. The foregoing account by investigative journalist, Jack Anderson, may be a piece of disinformation, the essence of disinformation being that it is deliberately designed to be insufficient, i.e, presenting some truth but withholding critical information. The author of America's Secret Establishment, Antony Sutton, wrote of more serious goings on at the Bohemian Club:
    “Recent [O'Brien and Phillips, TRANCE Formation of America (pp 170-1)] information may radically change this perception of Bohemian Grove. Not merely drunkenness, unbounded use of alcohol and drugs with vague homosexual tones (confirmed by our sources) but reported activities much more serious - kidnapping, rape, pedophilia, sodomy, ritual murder. Investigation is blocked under the 1947 National Security Act. (!) And like the Omaha child abuse case, includes illegal detention of children.
    “For decades, there have been vague rumors of weird goings on in Bohemian Grove in more remote parts of its 2200 acres. Reliable reports claim Druidic like rituals, druids in red hooded robes marching in procession and chanting to the Great Owl (Moloch.) A funeral pyre with ‘corpses.’ (Scores of men work in the Bohemian Grove as servants so this party is fairly well established.)
    “An article in a local community newspaper, Santa Rosa Sun (1993, July) reported on the Cult of Canaan and the legend of Moloch in place at Bohemian Grove. The Moloch Pagan Cult of Sacrifice is human sacrifice. About the mid 1980s there were rumors of murders in remote parts of the property. A local police investigation went nowhere. State investigators on related criminal acts went nowhere.
    “According to an observer and near victim, who can describe the Bohemian Grove inner hideaways, the closed sanctum, even the decor at secret locations, places where no outsider goes (or servants according to our sources) there is an UNDERGROUND lounge (sign spelled U.N.derground) a Dark Room, a Leather Room and a Necrophilia Room.
    “Here is one of O'Brien's quote ‘Slaves of advancing age or with failed programming were sacrificially murdered at random in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grove and I felt it was only a matter of time until it would be me.’  This potential victim survived. Others reportedly did not.

The Origin of Moloch, Druid and Canaanite Cult

    “These cults were based on human sacrifice. Why would a 20th century resort reproduce the cult ceremonies? At the minimum, it demonstrates an attraction to the ceremonial practices of the cult, i.e. adoration of destruction, blood, barbarity and sacrifice of children.
    “In brief, the O'Brien charges are consistent with the tenants of Bohemian Grove as played out in ceremony. This is not a resort devoted to, for example, tennis or swimming. It is apparently devoted to blood sacrifices.” 40.

The Bohemian Club always convenes at the Grove near San Francisco during the last two weeks of July -- a period which includes at least two important days on the Druidic calendar: July 25, which is the Druidic New Year or "Day out of Time" and July31/August 1 which is the festival of  Lugnahsah. In The Trojan Horse: How the New Age Infiltrates the Church, Samantha Smith and Brenda Scott devote a chapter to the Druids and their custom of human sacrifice, which practically defines the Celtic religion and over which horrors the Druidic priesthood officiated:
   "'Tacitus alludes to the fact that the Druids of Anglesea 'covered the alters with the blood of captives.' Julius Caesar wrote that human sacrifice was a common and frequent occurrence among the Celts and that the Druids orchestrated the carnage...
    "The Celts celebrated eight religious holidays, all of which were accompanied by sacrifice. (These are identical to the eight sabbats observed by witches and Satanists today.)... The four major feasts were: Imbolc, 1 February, the feast of renewal dedicated to the goddess...Brigit; Beltain, 1 May, honoring the ancient god Belenos; Lughnaza, 1 August, the festival of the god Lugos; and Samhain 1 November, the Celtic new year and feast of the dead, which was celebrated on 31 October.
    "In actuality, the Druids were pantheists who worshipped a myriad of bloodthirsty deities... 41.
The ritual sacrifices of the Ancient Order of Druids, the Celtic priesthood, originated in Galatia in Asia Minor at least c. 276 B.C., and probably earlier.  Hastings’ Encyclopedia of Religion refers to “a council of 300 men who met in a place called ‘Drunemeton’, and judged crimes of murder... this was a council of Druids... Nemeton means ‘a sacred place’ like that in which the Gaulish Druids sat as judges, whether dru is connected with the first term of dru-uidos or not.” 42.

Phillip Schaff's History of the Christian Church states that the Celts, which preceded the the incarnation of Jesus Christ, were the Aryan race that migrated to from Asia Minor (Galatia) to Gaul (France) whence they continued on to Great Britain and the United States:

“The Keltic race, embracing the Gauls, old Britons, the Picts and Scots, the Welsh and Irish with their numerous emigrants in all the large cities of Great Britain and the United States, appear in history several hundred years before Christ, as the first light wave of the vast Aryan migration from the mysterious bowels of Asia, which swept to the borders of the extreme West. [ff. keltoivor Kevltai, Celtae, Galavtai, Galatae or Galati, Galli, Gael...]” 43.
According to Ron Miller, the Druidic priesthood were the lawgivers, judges, nobles, men of public dignity in society.  In their high estate, they ruled with a barbarity that has become legendary. Human sacrifice was performed ritually in the public arena.
“Their worship was carried on in groves with the oak tree being their sacred tree.... According to C.W. Heckethorn the authority of the Druid priesthood, for the most part, far exceeded the monarch - they were the interpreters of religion. They determined all disputes -- including war and peace for their nation. They held the power of life and death over all... ‘The Druids...when there was a scarcity of criminals...made no scruple to supply their place with innocent persons. These dreadful sacrifices were offered by the Druids, for the public, on the eve of war, or in a time of any national calamity; and also for particular person of high rank, when they were afflicted with any dangerous disease.’” 44.
A Wiccan network called “Witches’ Voice” which is “dedicated to correcting misinformation about Witches and Witchcraft” attributes to the Druids a spirituality based on natural law: “Druidry is an indigenous, earth-ancestor spirituality rooted in the islands of Britain and Ireland... Druidry is: a spiritual philosophy based on natural law.” 45.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia credits the founding of Oxford University to certain groups which gathered at Oxford in the 12th century: “Oxford University. The oldest university in Britain, having its origins in informal groups of masters and students gathered in Oxford in the 12th-c...University College 1249.” 46.   Cavendish's Man, Myth and Magic identifies these groups as Druidic and their place of meeting as a grove: “It is said that in 1245 a gathering [of Druids] was held with representatives from many parts and the objectives of the Order were agreed. A grove or group was founded, the Mount Haemus Grove which still exists.” 47.

A History of Pagan Europe identifies the Druids with the Masonic orders and the Mount Haemus Grove: “In 1781...the Ancient Order of Druids was set up in London by Henry Hurle, as an esoteric society patterned on Masonic lines. In 1833, a split between the mystics and those who wanted a friendly society led to the majority forming the United Ancient Order of Druids... The mystical side continued as the Albion Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids of Oxford, claiming descent from the Mount Haemus Grove.” 48.

According to Miller, “The cult was introduced into the United States in 1839 and attained some 40,000 members.” He further notes Lady Queenborough's association of Rudolf Steiner with the Druid Grand Master.  The following excerpt quoted directly from Occult Theocrasy gives particulars showing the relationship between Druidism, Theosophy and Anthroposophy:

    “There is no mystery as to the existence in Berlin of the ‘Druidnorden’  today. It is a branch of Freemasonry and its Sovereign Grand Master, until late, was Dr. Hubbe-Schleiden....
    “The Anthroposophical Society, an offshoot of the Theosophical Society, was founded on Jan 14, 1913, by Rudolf Steiner, who had been secretary of the Theosophical Society of Germany in Berlin since 1902... Soon after its creation [the Anthrophosophical Society] practically merged with the Theosophical Society. Steiner was a friend of Dr. Hubbe-Schleiden, the Secretary General of the German Theosophical Society and President of several German secret societies, the Druidnorden, Black Templars, Rosicrucians, Ygdrasil.
    “The headquarters of the cult and its chief temple The Goethaeneum are at Dornach, Switzerland. The building, a crude Noah's Ark specimen of architecture, flaunts the symbol of the cult above its main portal, while within its precincts the use of the a decorative motif further emphasizes its esoteric phallic dedication.
    “Anyone perusing The East in the Light of the West, by Rudolph Steiner, will find on pages 38 and 119 to 125 a fairly comprehensive sample of the Rosicrucian doctrine of Luciferianism as advocated by this branch of the sect. Its Christ teaching is the same as that of the Theosophical Society and the Hermetic Society.
    “The Anthroposophical Society is developing an extensive educational system for children of all ages. Its principal school, founded in 1919 by Emil Mott, is teaching what is known as the Waldorf System.” 49.

Note: See Waldorf Charter Schools in Part I of this report.

Character Education:
Advance to Barbarism

In researching this subject, it seemed ironic that "character education" is being advocated by those who personally demonstrate few, if any, of the Six Pillars of Character advertised as the ethical code of Character Education curricula. This discovery raises questions as to who is in fact polluting the human gene pool — the genetically “inferior” races and nations of the world or the global warmakers who organize genocidal campaigns against them?  The following is brief but insightful book review by Angie Carlson revealing the motives of a “‘retrograde movement’  within the warmaking spirit of the ‘civilized nations’” -- the same elites who perpetrated World Wars I and II and the grand finale—Hiroshima:

    “In a magnificent work with some of the most devastating revelations one is privileged to understand, English solicitor and prolific writer, F.J.P. Veale, graced the world in 1948, with this masterpiece, ‘Advance to Barbarism: The Development of Total Warfare’.  The book was heavily censored in Britain then.  No British newspaper with a national circulation would review this book.  It was greatly enlarged and republished in the U.S. in 1953.
    “Veale discovers that a ‘retrograde movement’  within the warmaking spirit of the ‘civilized nations’  had started in WWI and progressed hugely with WWII.  He studiously warns that any subsequent war of such magnitude, would end all humanity.  In a page turner that keeps you fully alert, sometimes deeply sad, sometimes totally revolted, Veale's main object is to call attention to the ‘terrible retrogression of civilized humanity towards the worst cruelties of barbarism.’
    “Taken from page 342:
   ‘There is a remarkable similarity between the mass air raid on Dresden and the attack on Hiroshima six months later.  No one protested when in 1967 Lord Boothby described the air raid on Dresden as a ‘dastardly act,’ not because of the number of victims but because it served no military purpose. (See Lord Boothby’s letter to the Sunday Express published on the 15th January 1967) The dropping of the first atomic bomb was also an act of pure terrorism.  It fulfilled no military purpose of any kind.  Belatedly it has been disclosed that seven months before it was dropped, in January 1945, President Roosevelt received via General MacArthur’s headquarters an offer by the Japanese Government to surrender on terms virtually identical to those accepted by the United States after the dropping of the bomb: in July 1945, as we now know, Roosevelt’s successor, President Truman, discussed with Stalin at Bebelsberg the Japanese offer to surrender.....
    ‘It is certain that Truman did not give the order for it to be dropped on the insistence of his military advisers.  Some of the scientists concerned in its construction opposed this step on humanitarian grounds: others, including the famous Jewish physicist, Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, were in favour because, they urged, only by a test in war conditions could it be demonstrated that their long and costly efforts had succeeded in creating a weapon of unique power for taking human life.  (See Oppenheimer reference below)  In short, the Japanese people were to be enlisted as human guinea-pigs for a scientific experiment.
    ‘At the enquiry before the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in the Spring of 1954 to investigate his alleged communist associations, Dr.  Oppenheimer explained, ‘When you see something which is technically sweet, you go ahead and do it....  We always assumed that if the bombs were needed, they would be used... We wanted to have it done before the war was over and nothing more could be done.’  His colleague Dr. Alvarez testified more tersely. ‘We wanted some method of testing the effectiveness of the bomb over enemy territory.’ See the article ‘The Oracles are Dumb’ by Isabel Paterson in the National Review of May 23, 1956, page 12.
    ‘Once the theory of evolution had during the 19th century become generally accepted, a belief in human progress, automatic and ceaseless, naturally followed...... The story of life on this planet was a story of steady improvement, of better adaptation of each species to its environment.  The most fitted survived. The survival of the fittest became popularly interpreted as the survival of the strongest. As applied to mankind this was held to mean that the strongest races survived, their superiority being demonstrated by success in war.  Naturally this view found favour among the leading nations of Europe who since the days of Marathon had repeatedly on the battlefield proved their military superiority to the oriental and coloured peoples.  Down to 1914, White Supremacy by this or any other test seemed indisputable.’  End quote
    “Much related history of warfare follows.  But Veale’s power of thought, his marvelous historical knowledge and his documented examples, come through powerfully as he clearly demonstrates how the ‘civilized nations’  are rapidly reverting to primitive practices in warfare, but with bigger guns and poisons.  He shows how the once accepted Rules of Civilized Warfare are continuously abandoned and both sides tacitly adopt the principle that any act is justifiable at any cost.” 50.
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman were members of the Masonic Lodge. J. Robert Oppenheimer, who developed the atomic bomb and later became director of the Manhattan Project, was a linguist, poet and a scholar of Sanskrit philosophy. In his chapter Satanic Bloodlines, Fritz Springmeier identifies the Oppenheimers as early members of the Bavarian Illuminati:
“The Bund der Gerechten (League of the Just) was an illuminati front run mainly by Jews who were Satanists. This Bund financed in part by the Rothschilds paid the Satanist and Mason Karl Marx to write the Communist Manefesto. The Jew Gumpel Oppenheim was in the inner circle of the Bund. His relative Heinrich Oppenheim masterminded the communist revolution of 1848 in Germany. The Communist Party’s official histories even accept the Bund as the predecessor of Communism. The Oppenheimers apparently are close to the Rothschilds. J. Robert Oppenheimer of the CFR was exposed as a communist.” 51.
It is conceivable, given the occult activity of Oppenheimer and the Druidic warmakers of the Bohemian Club, that atomic warfare as the final solution to the problem of “inferior races” has an esoteric significance beyond mere survival of the superior races.  Justification for acts of barbarity that, by Christian norms, would be considered unthinkable, must be derived from a perverse spirituality that has been masterminded by the Prince of this World. The following theory of the elusive Holy Grail, may help to interpret the senseless acts of demonized Bohemians, who have only the outward appearance of rational beings.
The A-Bomb

     “Many who view the placement of the Great Seal on the dollar bill and the linguistic connection between Stau-ros and Ros-tau evidence with ambivalence, or who find it mundane, will find it interesting to examine the next piece of circumstantial evidence concerning F.D.R.'s potential success in Mongolia. This evidence appeared in 1945, when, coincidental with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls (the lost books of Jesus' associates the Essenes), the first A-bomb lit up the sky in the remote flats of Alamorgordo Air Force Base called Jornade Del Muerto or ‘the Death Tract,’ just below La Luz or ‘the Light’, in the desert lands of New Mexico or ‘New Place of the God of War’.
     “Is the timing of the appearance of these two flashes of light mere coincidence? According to Dead Sea Scroll scholar John Allegro, the word Essene literally translates as ‘Secret of the Pillars’. The Grail symbolizes their ultimate secrets and the oneness or unity of humanity. In her book The Holy Grail, Norma Lorre Goodrich tells of an anonymous French author who recounts his traumatic first viewing of the Grail in his work the Grand-Saint-Graal. In 717 A.D., this Frenchman was paid a visit one morning by a beautiful young Jesus who proceeded to give the Frenchman a tiny Book, no bigger than the palm of his hand. When he looked at the Book he saw that it read: ‘Here Commences the Reading concerning The Holy Grail.’ Then he read: ‘Here Commences Terror.’ As he pondered this title, the Frenchman saw a flash of light. From this point forward, at least in Southern France, Jesus, the Holy Grail, terror and illumination were linked.
     “From the first flash of the A-bomb in 1945 on, a previously innocent humanity recognized it was one, and terror was our shared fate. Historians have glorified the god-like efforts of the scientists who paticipated in the Manhattan Project. But have we heard the whole story? Given that the Grail has the ability to produce flashes of light and to transmute elements, is it possible that this knowledge played a role in America's atomic weapon's program? Was the flash of light produced by the urnanium 235-powered A-bomb the result of the American scientist's use of the ancient alchemical secrets of the Holy Grail sought by F.D.R.?
     “There may be more to this speculation than meets the eye.
     “Interestingly, Time magazine called Oppenheimer a kind of 'intellectual Galahad’. It is more than obvious why. The soft-speaking genius was a master of poetic Grail-speak or innuendo. When asked to comment on the feasibility of building the H-bomb Oppie replied, ‘I am not sure the miserable thing will work, nor that it can be gotten to target except by ox-cart,’ he wrote. An ox-cart was the mode of transport of the Ark of the Covenant, the golden casket which housed the soul of the Jewish god and which is often equated with the Grail.” 52.

In the year 2005 A.D., the Druid high feast of Beltane and the Easter, the feast of Ishtar, coincide. The simultaneous celebration of these major occult feasts is due to global calendar reform which will begin on July  26, 2004. On that date, the Gregorian calendar will be replaced with a Druidic Thirteen Moons Calendar; for one year -- until July 25, 2005, the Druidic new year -- there will be a trial run of the new calendar.   Beltane and Easter are both feasts that honor the rising of Baal (Lucifer) from the underworld.  The worldwide celebration of Beltane and Easter on the same day portends that, by the year 2005, the events of the Tribulation will be well underway and a quantum leap is about to occur with Lucifer's rising from the bottomless pit.  Aleister Crowley, who founded the Ordo Templi Orientis and assisted in Hitler's rise to power, predicted that the "transformation of humanity' would occur on the feast of Beltane:
"Aleister Crowley. . .taught that the Great Work [is] the 'transformation of humanity'. . .we are told that the Great Work 'may only be begun in the spring, under the signs of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. . .it was May 1st when the ancient druids honored their great Sun God and Goddess with an uninhibited festival complete with initiations, sex orgies, drunken revelry, and human sacrifice." - 53.
Authors of The Trojan Horse wrote: "The doctrines of the Druids are incredibly similar to those of the New Age. But perhaps that should not be surprising, since they all come from the same evil source... Druids call themselves 'Creators of the Universe,' a title that indicates their high self-esteem. They clearly see themselves as god incarnate. New Agers echo this prideful boast. They teach that we are all God and as such are co-creators fo the universe."  54.   

Character Education:
The 'Big Lie'

Character Education would appear to be a euphemism to cover the sinister agenda of the Eugenics Internationale with the cloak of respectability. In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler revealed why conspirators typically resort to a “Big Lie” in order to more effectively deceive the masses:

 “ the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily, and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.” 55.
Mao Tse-tung’s Cultural Revolution also relied upon “moral education” and “character development” of the Chinese masses to further the aims of the Communist state. Author of The Rockefeller/ Heritage Connection , Chey Simonton, classifies William Bennett’s Book of Virtues in the Communist tradition of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book:
    “With a state by state interlock of affiliates having a media-hyped public persona of Judeo-Christian morality, Heritage Foundation affiliates have skillfully marketed the specific facets of the socialist agenda of Rockefeller’s International Bureau of Education-UNESCO agenda for education ie. Character Education and Choice/Vouchers or Charter Schools. Character Education was primary to humanist John Dewey's input into the Bolshevik school system and was the heart of Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution in Red China in the 1960s. Both of these systems are designed to condition compliance for the benefit of the collective's Workforce. UNESCO foresees an actual character evolution within the human species in coming generations where mankind will evolve into Homo Moralis. Heritage/ Hudson/ Empower America insider, Dr. William J. Bennett's bestseller, The Book of Virtues correlates as the New Right counterpart of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book.” 56.
William Bennett was former Secretary of Education under Ronald Reagan and is currently a Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation as well as Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute . There Bennett served as Chairman of Hudson’s Modern Red Schoolhouse Design Team for the New American Schools Development Corporation [NASDC] — a private non-profit tax exempt organization established by the National Business Roundtable and the National Association of Business working with the strategists of GOALS 2000. Remember the GOALS 2000 Law: (1) Each state that receives GOALS 2000 funding must promote public charter schools, school choice and privatization of public schools; (2) Charter school students meet the criteria of the GOALS 2000 law. [See Part I]   So much for school choice!  The all-encompassing objective of characterologists such as Chairman Mao and William Bennett, is to produce a compliant workforce. Homo Moralis—the citizenry of the New World Order—will have been thoroughly indoctrinated with the values of the corporate-run global State.
Business leaders urge partnership with schools

    “The business community ‘must become more involved in both the design and delivery of education,’ according to the report of a task force including some of the nation’s top corporate figures. ‘A real emergency is upon us.’
    “The task force on education for economic growth, convened and chaired by James Hunt, governor of North Carolina, included 14 governors and the chief executive officers of Ford, Dow Chemical, Control Data, Texas Instruments, Xerox, RCA and Time, Inc.
    “The group emphasized educational quality ‘beyond the basics’…Its members envisioned partnership between the schools and other institutions: business, labor, the professions and higher education…
    “The findings of the task force, published in June, reflect a growing sense of crisis around American education. Commissions and surveys, newspaper articles and magazine cover stories have emphasized the parallel between declining educational performance and the slow rate of growth in national productivity.
    “‘Common sense compels the conclusion that for any nation, knowledge is power; the trained intelligence is a chief component of individual and national productivity, of a nation’s capacity to innovate and of its general economic health.’
    “Co-Chairman of the task force, which met for several months, were Pierre du Pont , governor of Delaware, and Frank Cary, chairman of IBM's executive committee…”

“Frontiers of Social Transformation,” Leading Edge, July 18, 1983
 [Note: The founder and publisher of Leading Edge is Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy .]

Charter Schools: Bedfellows Revealed


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