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~*~Why ~*~Bother ~*~Doing ~*~This? ~*~

LAST UPDATED: March 20, 2002
BEGAN: July 7, 2000

Ok. You are all probably wondering why I decided to make a website like this? Or if you aren't wondering that, then you might be wondering what the point of this website is?

Well, I will sum this part up as best I can. This website is dedicated to the BEAUTY IN DIFFERENCE, UNITY THROUGH DIVERSITY, and STOPPING THE HATE AND IGNORANCE!

This website is here for people to show they AREN'T ignorant. This site was built for people to learn the truth out in the world. The truth of people getting abused, ridiculed, violated, hurt, or murdered. I have put stories of people who were different and suffered for it. The victims of HATE CRIMES!

I mostly started this website for appearance after I heard the story of Brian Deneke, a teenage punk from Amarillo, TX who was brutally murdered for his appearance. People should NOT be judged for their appearance! I think it is COMPLETELY wrong to judge someone else by what they wear. There is a thing out in the world...FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! And EVERYONE has that freedom, so just let others do what they want. All people should worry about is themselves!! Who cares what the person next to you is wearing? It shouldn't be a huge issue. Let others do what they want to do! As my friend once told me people should just "understand the similarites and celebrate the differences."

If everyone dressed the same way, life would be pretty bland. See people as different paintings, each with a different beauty, a different look. If everything was the same, there would be no point right? I believe I am right on this one!

Then I began to think, Why just do this website on appearance? What about all the hate crimes out there about people getting hurt or murdered for being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, a different religion, a different race. I began thinking of the news coverage on Matthew Shepard, a 21 year old who was murdered for being himself, for being gay. And of Cassie Bernall for her religion. And MANY more people! So now I have dedicated this whole website to ALL of these topics. The BEAUTY IN BEING DIFFERENT!
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I think it is wrong to judge anyone ANYWHERE. I love seeing different people in the world. I would hate a world where everyone was exactly the same!!! It is still VERY sad to know that even living in a new millenium where we are the future and that we are all educated, yet we are still hurting others. Whether it be by words or through violence. It should be stopped! It MUST be stopped!

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Also, I would like to THANK every single person who supports this website! It feels great to know that something I did is making an impact, even if it is just a tiny impact, it is an impact all the same! THANK YOU!!