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~*~Cassie ~*~Bernall ~*~

You probably havent heard the name Cassie Bernall a lot or at all for that matter, but you might already know her story.

Cassie Bernall was the girl who said YES. When asked by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two Colmbine Shooters, if she beleived in God, she answered truthfully and honestly. She said she did believe.
For believing in her religion and in God, Cassie was brutally murdered. She was shot for answering a simple question that MANY people throughout the world would have answered yes to.

There was a report on Cassie in an old issue of Teen PeopleŽ(November 1999 issue). This is some information I got from the article (Remember this is *MY* Summary):

Cassie's mother was in Cassie's room and found a stack of letters that showed drawings of knives, vampire teeth and caricatures. Cassie's mom wasn't to pleased to find this and asked her daughter about them. Cassie stated they didn't mean anything bad. Then Cassie got mad at the fact that her mom was rumaging around her room. She stated it was a violation of her privacy.

Later on, there was another letter. Cassie wrote about how her parents blew things out of proportion. She also staed she wasn;t addicted to alocohol or cigarettes and that she wasn't a pothead. She was just lonley and depressed. She also "hated" her parents.

After that, Cassie started threatening her parents by screaming "I'm going to kill myself! Do you want to watch me? I'll put a knife right through my chest!" Her parents then came across a notebook that Cassie wrote in. She talked about how she was physically hurting herself because she couldn't verbally say how she hurt. She wrote about locking herself in the bathroom and banging her head on the counters and the walls.

After reading all of this, Cassie's parents decided to transfer her to a private Christian school. After a while, Cassie made friends with a christian girl named Jaime. Jaime said when she first met Cassie, Cassie was really bitter and hopeless. Jaime tried to talk to Cassie about God, but Cassie stated she had given her soul to Satan.

One day in Spring of 1997, Jaime invited Cassie to her church-sponsored youth retreat. There is where Cassie asked for her forgiveness from God. Cassie wrote an essay and said that the youth retreat turned her life around. People even started calling Cassie "the martyr of Littleton."

On April 20, 1999, Cassie Bernall was murdered at the hands of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. Her bravery will never be forgotten.


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