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~*~Info ~*~On ~*~Me ~*~

*This is me at prom (May 2000). It's the ONLY recent pic I have! Sorry!

~*~My Name is Kristin Hoffman
~*~I live in New Hampshire with both my parents
~*~I am 19 years old (12/20/82)
~*~I graduated from High School, Class of 2000
~*~I love to make websites (especially this one)
~*~I am:
~*~I like to stand up for people who are "different" (in any which way)
~*~Religion for now is AGNOSTIC. I believe in something...just dont know what yet! I MIGHT get back into Wicca...not sure.
~*~I LOVE Dragons and Pixies
~*~I have 6 piercings (right eyebrow, 5 in ears)
~*~I have 5 tattoos. (Inner right ankle: Blue rose with red heart over the stem. Anklet of barbed wire on right ankle. Outer left ankle: Dragon. Base of neck: Tribal Dragon. Right breast: an purple ankh with green vine type things around it and a blue star under it.)
~*~I am a music freak!
~*~Fave bands include(in no particular order):
+Insane Clown Posse
+Dark Lotus
+Kottonmouth Kings
+Good Charlotte
+Papa Roach
+Serial Joe
+Static X
+The Bloodhound Gang
+Killing Heidi
+Guano Apes
+3 Doors Down
+Matchbox 20
+Third Eye Blind
+Bif Naked
+Green Day
+Primer 55
+Alanis Morrisette
~*~*~*~*~ If you want to know anything else about me Click here. This takes you to my Info page on my other website.~*~*~*~*~