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The Chartists

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Here's the Pix from Sunday 1/6/2003.

Click here for Sunday 6/7/2003

I got most performers but I seem to have missed Andy Smith (apologies). I must get someone to snap me and Wynnie next month!

The pix have been cropped but not altered in any other way unless stated.

Terry.jpg (233209 bytes)

Terry is from Fleur de Lys. Singing solo tonight with his new Taylor!

RichardEwington.jpg (166806 bytes)

This is Richard Ewington playing rocky stuff on nylon strung guitar!

fdef1.jpg (193636 bytes)

From the left, Glen, Pete, Leila and Mark. Four fifths of Folk da Fyno in full silky swing!

LeilaPete.jpg (94791 bytes)

More of FDF

Leila.jpg (139430 bytes)


PatandNed.jpg (227892 bytes)

Pat Smith and Ned Clamp sounding very good together.

Paulharp.jpg (94962 bytes)

Paul Brown blowing up a storm...

Paul1.jpg (177833 bytes)

And again!

Petezoom.jpg (118486 bytes)

Just found another of Pete from FDF.

AlanBedwas.jpg (201792 bytes)

Alan is, I think, from Bedwas. A couple of  Irish sing-a-longs this time!