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The Chartists

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Sunday 6th July 2003

Paul_1.jpg (151318 bytes)

Paul Brown on form yet again. In September he'll being doing the finale for us.

Crispin.jpg (186419 bytes)

Crispin hails form Cwmbran I believe. Blues and rag time from him.

David_from_Denmark.jpg (231688 bytes)

David here was born locally, but is back in Wales on holiday from his current home in Demark.

Richard_E.jpg (198738 bytes)

This is Richard's last visit for two years! He's off to Thailand in August.

Lol_and_Wyn.jpg (259492 bytes)

Lol, Wyn and Wyn's knees. Almost as good as spoons for rythm!

Lol_and_Wyn_again.jpg (237207 bytes)

This one's more decent - it crops out the knees.

Lol_solo.jpg (147744 bytes)

Me playing Steve Stills for first time in ages! (Singing Call)

Young_Billy.jpg (147221 bytes)

Young Bill from Newport Folk Club with a lovely hand built Rob Crocker.

Vic.jpg (126268 bytes)

Vic visits from Tredegar (via London). Good gags and sing-a-longs.

I seem to have missed Phil Millichip, Clare and Alan from last night. Ah well! Next time maybe! Huge thanks to everyone who performed or audiented over the last season. Cheers Paul, photo-assistant, part time sound man and guitar technician!!