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The Chartists

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Links to sites of some of our acquaintances during our ten year trip through the folk world.

Cliff Barnes And The Fear Of Winning or in English... 

We supported these guys in Ingolstadt, Germany in 1990.  Bob Giddings told me last year in an email: - "we've been away for awhile - but have just signed a new contract for three CD#s - what a weird business!!! when we needed the deal it was wishfull thinking - now it's a bonus. I've been working in the bicycle business for a few years now. The gig was in Ingolstadt, I believe. Home of Audi."

Melissa Etheridge

She said "I liked the set guys!" as she ran past me to the stage in Stadtpark, Hamburg in 1990. Good gig this 5000 strong crowd outdoors with immense PA! She lasted longer than us too! The Battlefield Band were in front of the stage cheering us on as we kicked off. They were touring Germany about two weeks ahead of us at the time and left us a surprise bottle of Whisky at a venue they knew we were due to gig at.

The Battlefield Band

Well what can you say about these guys that hasn't already been said? Scotland's finest for sure, and we shared many a good night gigging and celebrating each other's performances.

Brian McNeill

Battlefield Band Ex-member Brian McNeill always promised to "guest" on a second album if we made it. We did and he kept his word. If I remember right, it cost us his train fare and a good bottle of Malt! We still try to catch his gigs in South Wales when he's touring. Well worth seeing!! Check out his site for tour dates etc.

Sally Barker

Lohne 1989

We did a one night stand in Germany! Sharing a gig with Sally Barker, who at the time was accompanied by John Strong on guitar and Danny Thompson on double bass.  They graciously offered us the end of night slot as a six piece band was likely to overshadow a three piece performance. NO WAY! They were stunning! But we still did the biz and held up our end! Later we sat and dined on pizza and chips because the restaurant had run out of steak! Danny joined me and a couple of others in a game of darts and few beers to round off the night. The company was great!

I'm looking now for other links and will add these with some comments as soon as I can pull it together. Who will be next????? And maybe a piccie or two if I can manage it!