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The Chartists

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Platform Folk Club

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A mix of regulars and new performers from Sunday 4th May 2003.

Click on a Pic to see full size... or take a look at Sunday 1st June 2003.

Andy.jpg (47261 bytes)

Andrew Smith of Newport seems to becoming  a regular of late.


Alf_Jones.jpg (61434 bytes)

Alf Jones of Caerphilly. A welcome contributor of many years. Trad. unaccompanied style, delivered with panache.

Dusky.jpg (347748 bytes)

Dusky, Terry, playing a Taylor in the background  is from Fleur de Lys. New band on first showing. Can't wait until next time!

Gareth_Miller.jpg (91553 bytes)

Gareth Miller, young blood with lots of attack.

Promising talent with original material!

Freind_of_Gareth_Miller.jpg (47629 bytes)

A friend of Gareth M's and on the same level. I'll get his name next month!

Ned2.jpg (54943 bytes)

Our most infamous regular Ned, (when he's not gigging with Van!)

Paul_brown.jpg (21397 bytes)

Paul Brown, of Caerphilly, classy  guitars,  a good voice and excellent  performance.

Leila_Glen_Dee.jpg (164713 bytes)

Glen Dee with daughter Leila. The bigger line up is called Folk Da Fino. Must see/hear! Leila's voice sets your hair on end!

Rob_Southall.jpg (41675 bytes)

Rob Southall on classical. He runs the Islwyn Acoustic Guitar club at the same venue on 3rd Sundays of month.

Gary_Trinant.jpg (410759 bytes)

Gary from Trinant. Fabulous guitars and a solid performance.

This space is reserved for Lollo and Wynford, known as Lauford. It was my camera and no-one knew how to use it!

"Stop press"  Lauford appear in September at Gilwern Folk Club. 

Some old Chartists songs will be reprised.

Also in September Lauford will be performing   at Islwyn Acoustic Guitar Club.