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The Chartists

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Platform Folk Club

Steam Pie Records



The Platform Folk Club's new website is here

The Platform Pix

Here a couple of shots from last year.  I'll be adding more as they become available. Click each one for an enlargement.       More PIX here

Alastair.jpg (540295 bytes)

Alastair Brittan, a voice to die for! Plays guitar and drums too!

Andrew.jpg (637196 bytes)

Andrew Eddy, partners Alastair and Gareth in rock band Lliwedrag. Cracking guitarist electric and acoustic.

GarethBass.jpg (250596 bytes)

Gareth Shepherd, bass's electric and upright, a bit of cello too.

GarethCello.jpg (406520 bytes)

Gareth on cello in the band's "unplugged" session for the club.

IanDay.jpg (222051 bytes)

Ian Day, amazing guitarist and sing songwriter. Has his own studio too!

IanDay2.jpg (904651 bytes)

More Ian!

lolandrew.jpg (87309 bytes)

Andrew with block he was chipped from! That's me Laurence Eddy.

lolloclub.jpg (121172 bytes)

Me going solo here!

SantaWyn.jpg (214617 bytes)

Wynford Jones, mine host and MC. Famed songwriter of The Chartists material. Not bad on guitars and mandolin/mandola.(He said grudgingly!)

GeriFolkClub.jpg (397940 bytes)

All right here he is! Geri Thomas. Say no more!