This isn't a rule so much as advice. When applying, please head over to the Handler Resources Forum, taking especial care to check the Creating a Moveset topic.

1: OLW is basically a family-style efed attempting to do two things - put a new twist on a regional sized fed, and to have fun writing. If you're looking for cutthroat competition on a weekly basis, this isn't the place. If you want to relax, write, and work with other people who also like to write, this is the place for you.

2: OLW runs on a bi-weekly schedule. Results go up Sunday or Monday. The RP period starts as soon as the results go up. The RP period lasts from then until next Thursday at midnight - 9 or 10 days depending on when the results are posted.

3. OLW uses a Trios Tag division instead of a regular tag division for various reasons - see the FAQ.

4. OLW acknowledges the on/off camera rule - that is, when a promo is taking place off camera, it should not be acknowledged. This is to prevent people from trying to sabotage character development. However, hiding behind the rule is not tolerated. Breaking the rule will be dealt with depending on the severity of the break. An offhand mention of a single sentence probably will be let go, while attempted storyline/character sabotage will pretty much result in the sabotager getting squashed by the sabotagee.

5. OLW is a created wrestler only fed. No Rock, no Austin, no Cena. And don't think you can join as "Stan Austin" or "John Seena" either, wrestlers must be fully original.

6. While nothing is flat out forbidden in OLW, you are advised to keep it in good taste and realistic. Beating on cops, for example, gets you arrested in real life, so don't write an RP where you beat cops and think it makes you look cool. And don't ramble on for 2 pages about how 'gay' your opponent is. If writing was food, that stuff would be the grease barrels behind McDonalds.

7. Jeff is the owner of OLW, and he has the final decision in all OLW matters that are not interfed related. Jeff does not control the WfWA, so if you choose to participate in interfed angles, be aware that he cannot overrule the Powers That Be in the WfWA.

8. The goal in running OLW is to create a fed that everyone enjoys. If you are a drama king who enjoys creating controversy and complaining about everything, you will be ditched so fast your head will spin.

9. If you quit, please have the consideration to say so instead of leaving the fed hanging.

10. When it comes to interfed competition, the rules for any event will be stated. If you are making a guest appearance in another fed, you'll abide by its rules, not OLW's. Should interfed competition be coming here, they will be abiding by OLW's rules


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