RP Period starts: Immediately
RP Period ends: September 11th, 11:59 pm EDT
Strat Deadline: September 11th , 11:59 pm EDT
Seg Deadline: September 14th, noon
RP Maximum: THREE

[Match 1]
Singles Match
Corinthian Cross vs Jimmy Kort

[Match 2]
Singles Match
Halloween vs Adrien Cochrane

[Match 3]
"Special" Match
Kai Scott vs Gazz Maybury

[Match 4]
Singles Match
Christopher Barton vs Chas Robertson

[Match 5]
Singles Match
Curtis Penn vs C.Bones

[Match 6]
Singles Match
Python vs Khalid Jad

OLW MA/CS Title Defense
Daeriq Damien (c) vs Frank Dylan James

Trios Tag Team Warfare
The Untouchables (Jeff Andrews/Danny Vicious/Ronnie Long)
The Untouchables (Kai Scott/Heidi/Adam Delicious)
The Brotherhood (Big D/Karl Pace/Impact)
Minority Uprising (Monstruo Enmascarado/Lobo Loco/Billy Killjoy)
Stone & Steel Syndicate (Troy Matthews/Saori Kazama/Alex Markham)
The Gathering (Great Milenko/The Wraith/Ringmaster)

Modified Survivor Series Rules
If a person is eliminated, his or her entire team is eliminated


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